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No Boundaries, No Hierarchies

The Glasgow Music and Film Festival is in full swing and tonight, when Lucky Dragons roll into town, promises to be one of the highlights of the 11 day extravaganza.

“Independent promoters Cry Parrot and Glasgow Music & Film Festival are proud to present a special one-off conceptual event. Breaking down the traditional boundaries and hierarchies between performance and audience members, the event encourages full participation by audience members: You control the music. You control the film.

Lucky Dragons are an experimental music act from Los Angeles, California. Hailed for their original brand of mediative, world-infused, glitchy electronica, they are described as having the ability to make “everyday sounds become alluringly other”. In a live setting, they encourage ‘equal power-sharing relationships’ between audience members and themselves. By passing out touch sensitive wires and instrumentation, everyone is encouraged to participate and manipulate the sounds feeding from the speakers.

This event also invites YOU to submit films. During Lucky Dragon’s performance, numerous projectors will screen all the received submissions throughout the performance space. With no thematic, stylistic, narrative or picture quality requirements: the films can be about anything. The only requirements are that they are silent and no more than 10 minutes long.”

MP3: Lucky Dragons – Givers

A 5 minute documentary on Luke Fishbeck’s “make a baby” project. The project uses a rug, audio converters, and a laptop to produce sounds/music through skin contact.

Also on the bill is Wounded Knee. Who wants you to sing along with him and be a “collaborative choir”.

MP3: Wounded Knee – Even The Dogs

Here’s his “Tones of the Universe” idea in full..

Tones of the Universe

“I thought it would be useful to say a wee bit about what I’m hoping for with this collaborative choir, so that you have an idea in advance and I’m not just springing something on you on the night.  In short I would like to invite everyone attending the Lucky Dragons show to perform with me during my set as a big choir.  In this way it won’t be a Wounded Knee set at all, it will be our set.  It will be an acoustic affair, no mics and no PA necessary.

I want to try and keep this invitation as loose and open as possible so that we can all get involved in some way.  Therefore I just want to propose a couple of basic principles:

  • For the duration of the performance the group tries to maintain a constant tone
  • We don’t worry about words or set songs and focus instead on making sounds

We can all sing, as surely as we can all speak.  We all have our own voice.  The key thing is to feel relaxed and enjoy the experience of singing.  Here’s a wee exercise each of you can practice to help you warm up and find your tone.

  • Take some deep breaths at a natural comfortable rhythm
  • After a while, when exhaling, think about the way that you yawn and try to replicate this.  This should warm up your soft palate.
  • After a while when exhaling start to make an “mmmmmm” sound naturally and comfortably
  • When you feel ready start to open your mouth so that the “mmmmmm” changes into a “mmmmmuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh” or something like that
  • After a while experiment with the different vowel sounds as you exhale, either on their own or in combinations

I think it would be great to use this exercise as the foundation of the performance on the night.  Group singing is a powerful thing.  My own experience of it is very limited but as a solo singer I can tell you it’s a whole other level.  And the more of us are doing it the more powerful I think it’ll be.  Imagine all these tones coming together in one space all the microtonal variations, the natural harmonies and dissonances all merging together.  Let’s create the tones of the universe!”

All attendees at the gig have also been invited to bring along their own vinyl records which will be played by Wavy Graves inbetween acts. This really is all set to be a night not to forget.

S.I.T Wolf X

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Talking ‘Bout A Revolution

Over the next fortnight, one of Glasgows most respected and well known music venues, King Tuts Wah Wah Hut is holding a series of gigs known as the “New Years Revolution”. Basically it’s the cream of Scottish music talent crammed into 14 nights. It begins tonight…

MP3: Dead Sea Souls – My Problem

MP3: Penguins Kills Polar Bears – In Everything

MP3: Tango In The Attic – Sketch By Quentin Blake

MP3: GoGoBot – The Bulldog And The Wasp

If you want a nice little zip file with all those tracks and a few more included then head on over to King Tuts NYR and give ’em your e-mail address and it’s yours.





I’d recommend trying to take in a few of the New Years Rev gigs if you can BUT if i was to pick out one that i’m gonna make sure i’m at it then it would have to be tomorrow nights show featuring the excellent, fresh, noisy and criminally underrated “Suplex The Kid”…


S.I.T Wolf  X

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Christmas Presents!

The kind people over at Winning Sperm Party gave away 5 free EPs for our listening pleasure on Christmas Day.

They’re all gloriously noisy and chaotic in their own little ways. Have a listen…

MP3: Blue Sabbath Black Fiji – An Open Skull Is The Devil’s Breakfast

To download the full BSBF EP for free go here.

MP3: Pro Life – Scene Stealers

To get a free zip file of the Pro Life EP go here

MP3: North American War – Me & My GI Joes

You can grab the full North American War EP by going here.

MP3: Triple School – Sniffing Glue

Treat yourself to Triple School’s wee collection of tracks here.

MP3: Gropetown – Production Vomit

MP3: Phat Trophies – Foothump

To download more tracks from the Gropetown n Phat Trophies split click here.

All that’s left to say is….


Winning Sperm Party weren’t the only ones in the festive spirit though.

On Christmas Eve, Glasgow pop stalwarts, Mitchell Museum released their brand new EP “The Closer We Got The Harder We Fell”.

MP3: Mitchell Museum – Dirtknife

For full tracklisting and info check out the guys’ bandcamp. All they ask for is your email address in exchange for their music. Fair trade. Go on.

The Klaxons were also feeling charitable this Christmas. Remember all the recordings they done with James Ford two years back? Which they then decided to scrap and start work all over again on what was to be second album “Surfing The Void”. Yeah? Well they decided Christmas was the perfect time to reveal all from the James Ford sessions. How lovely.

Head on over to their website for their reasons and download instructions.

The tracklisting is…

1. The Pale Blue Dot
2. Silver Forest
3. Ivy Leaves
4. Wildeflowers
5. Marble Fields

They only slight downside is that the files are in wav form and therefore the tracks are huge in size but we mustn’t complain when it’s free! I took the liberty of converting “Pale Blue Dot” to MP3 form for any like minded WAV haters out there.

Hope everyone had a brilliant Christmas.

S.I.T Wolf  X

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All Yesterdays Parties

The last week or so has been absolutely sensational for gigs in Glasgow. Some i did make, some i didn’t make and one got cancelled altogether. Over the course of 6 days from the Tuesday (14th December) to Sunday (the 19th) there were some pretty amazing shows performed and played throughout Glasgow and it’s various musical locations. Below i’ve compiled a list of the best gigs and included MP3’s (where available), videos and links.

The week should have began with Civil Civic but they sadly had to cancel their gig at The 13th Note last Monday. But since they’re so good we’ll include them anyway and just imagine in our heads and ears that they blew the roof off of The Note!

Venue: The 13th Note

MP3: Civil Civic – Run Overdrive

Venue: The Captains Rest

MP3: Viking Moses – Sandstorm

MP3: Withered Hand – Providence

MP3: The Japanese War Effort – Usain Bolt

TUESDAY 14th DECEMBER (yes, there was TWO good gigs on the 14th!)
Venue: The 13th Note

MP3: Sleepy Eyes Nelson – Black Rum Blues (my friend’s band, check them out! it’s noisy. you’ve been warned!)

Venue: The Captains Rest

MP3: Drum Eyes – 50/50

MP3: Ultimate Thrush – Ladyfingers

MP3: Prayer Rug – A Ritual

Prayer Rug (Live @ The Arches, November 2010)

Venue: The Flying Duck

MP3: Streets Of Rage – Paris

MP3: Eternal Fags – Street Juice

MP3: Blue Sabbath Black Fiji – Contact High

MP3: Kylie Minoise – Neck Brace Art Appreciation Club

MP3: Gropetown – German and Blue

Grimalkin555 – The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Venue: Nice N Sleazy

MP3: Runners – Starting Line

MP3: Gummy Stumps – Gumbo

Venue: The Arches

MP3: Zombie Nation – Worth It (Part 1)

MP3: Burns – Turbo

MP3: Unicorn Kid – Wild Life

Venue: Nice N Sleazy

The Electra French Christmas Party line up was Mitchell Museum, The Seventeenth Century and Behold….The Old Bear. The Electra French site is well worth checking out. It’s full of cool t-shirts and an amazing array of artists.

MP3: Mitchell Museum – Mission 1

MP3: The Seventeenth Century – Roses In The Park

Mitchell Museum – Tiger Heartbeat

That’s a lot of good live music and artists right there. Feel free to download the tracks (just right click and save as)

S.I.T Wolf X

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I Mixed My Drinks and I Lost My Way

I won’t be getting do much posting, well none actually, this weekend.

I’m off to Dundee again for birthday celebrations. It shall be a no doubt liver damaging but  good memory enhancing weekend.

Here’s some stuff to keep the page ticking over while i’m gone.

This is still one of the most beautiful tracks i’ve ever heard. I heard it for the first time exactly a year ago today and it still gives me butterflies.

A beautiful Scottish alternative lullaby.

MP3: Meursault – Crank Resolutions

Meursaults album “All Creatures Make Merry” will be another that is a shoe in for a place in most, if not all, end of year Best Of Lists.

This live version at Glastonbury take the hairs on the neck to a new level of standing.


I remember letting my flat mate hear this a few months back when this track got leaked. A strange concoction that works so well (like a White Russian cocktail) was my description at the time i believe. You may or may not be aware that this song is a cover of a band called Platinum Blonde……yeah, i didn’t really care either. This version’s waaaaaaay better. The “Not In Love” EP was released officially on 6th December. Go buy.

MP3: Crystal Castles – Not In Love feat Robert Smith

I also remember wanting to post about it at the time but not finding the time or energy to do so and then kinda forgetting about it.  So what better time than now? It also reminded me about a subject i’ve been wanting to post about for ages. Collaborations. Good and bad!

I’ll look into that in the New Year.


Finally, Intelligencia uploaded a track to the interwebnetworldvideothingy….or YouTube.

This crazy Glasgow 4 piece (my bro in law included) couldn’t and shouldn’t have stayed quiet that long!  The jam session lovers have hit the nail on the head with the cut and paste video for “Howl”.  As amazing as the live version is, i’d still really love to hear a recorded studio version. Please Gary!


Lastly, some good news for all you big kids out there……

Yes, i know he’s a busy man, but i’ve managed to book Santa in to do an interview for the “Are Friends Eclectic?” section. He’s gonna take a break from his chaotic wrapping schedule and pop in next weekend. Be sure to check it out.

That’s all for now. I’m off to Dundee…… get thrown out of a nightclub. My friends will know what i mean.

S.I.T Wolf  X

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Latha Naomh Anndra

Yesterday was St Andrews Day.

Yesterday i was too busy getting drunk to do this post. Today i’m too hungover to make a serious attempt at one and do it justice so instead i’ll just post some random stuff.

Some really good Scottish music of all varieties and sounds will do for a start.

Some famous ones, some semi famous ones, some lesser known ones…..

MP3: Frightened Rabbit – The Loneliness

MP3: The Beta Band – She’s The One

MP3: De Rosa – Prelude To Entropic Doom

MP3: Galoshins – Sprayed with Blood

MP3: Bwani Junction – Two Bridges

MP3: Sons and Daughters – Taste The Last Girl

MP3: Eagleowl – This Is Not Your Lucky Day

MP3: Adam Stafford – Shot Down You Summer Wannabes

MP3: Divorce – Bloody Horn

MP3: Camembert – The Taste

Oh and the never forgotten ones…

Which reminds me, i’m off to see Song of Return on saturday night..

MP3: Song Of Return – Shackles

Song Of Return free show at Flat 0/1
An amazing band and a cool venue. What more could i want for a Saturday nights entertainment?

Bonus stuff
Anyone fancy a free download of a concept album all about Glasgow?
Sings Of A Dear Green Place

Or what about a song from Manchester via London but all about Glasgow..
MP3: Sparky Deathcap – Glasgow Is A Punk Rock Town

Remember these guys!? I was like 8 or 9 when this came out!

There are so so many amazing Scottish artists out there and i’m going to get a post up before the end of the year (yes, i said this aaages ago but i’ll do it this time!) with a massive list of Scottish bands old and new. I’m going to sit down, roll a few and dedicate a night to it but right now i’m away for a pint of my favourite hangover cure and some Rab C.

S.I.T Wolf  X

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Buckfest 2010 – The Redux

This afternoon i’m off to the The 13th Note (oh, how i’ve missed you these last 2 months!) in Glasgow for the now annual activity of Buckfest. Starting as the brainchild of cult Glasgow band The Bucky Rage it has morphed into a gritty two day noise-fest.  It showcases some of the best underground talent in Scotland and also includes a few guests from elsewhere.

Unfortunately this year i can only make it along today as tomorrow i have some other plans…..basically, i get to catch up with my dad and we’ll get drunk and moan about how bad TV is.

Here’s the full line up with some links…(where possible)

Buckfest 2010 – The Redux

A fantastic weekend of music lined up:


4.30 The Part Time Martyrs
“odd and interesting indie-rock” from Helensburgh

5.15 Inteligencia
Psychedelic Stooges inspired rock n roll from Clydebank

6.00 Poison Sisters
Sandy Poison, playing some of the Poison Sisters greatest hits!

6.45 The Wan Affs
Stripped down 2 man Rockabilly/Psychobilly from Italy/Glasgow

7.30 The No-Brainers
Dumb 3 piece garage punk from Leicester

8.30 The Bucky Rage
Shambolic zombie surf from Glasgow’s masters of disasters.

9.30 The Handsome Dicks
Ex-Coyotemen rock n roll from Newcastle/London.

10.30 Charles Randolph Rivers’ Slim Rhythm Revue
Scotland’s premier purveyor of one man band vintage rock n roll.

DJ’s ‘Wild Ben’, ‘Jim Shit’ and ‘Joe Eruption’ spinning choice vinyl throughout the day to keep your toes tapping and your ears ringing til midnight.


4.30 Dala Lami
Jonestownsian rock n roll from the Dali Lammy

5.30 XMRV
Glasgow’s no.1 spazz-core punk metalists.

6.30 Acid Fascists
Edinburgh based Lysergic Punks on a mission to melt your minds

7.30 The Jackhammers
Sledgehammer punk from Glasgow

8.30 Eddy and The T-Bolts
Hi octane rock from Eddy and the Boys

9.30 Ghosts Of Progress
Montrose’s favourite sons, 2 piece blues/noise explosion

10.30 Filthy Little Secret
Sleazy shabaret rock from Glasgow

DJ’s ‘Jim Shit’ and ‘Joe Eruption’ spinning choice vinyl throughout the day to keep your toes tapping and your ears ringing til midnight.

“Inteligencia” is my brother in laws new band. It consists of ex members of You Can’t Eat The Word Food and the guitarist from Da Gramsci and my mate Symey, the bassist, from Filthy Little Secret.  So they’re a bit of a Glasgow supergroup if you like. Buckfest is their first show. Gary (my bro in law) always puts everything into his shows so i’m really looking forward to a raw performance today. Since the split of his old band Gary has continued recording (as he always does) under various guises but will be the first time in a while he’s set foot on stage with the band/gang mentality. I’m excited.

Also, Gary recently started a blog. It’s sure to be worth checking out for random musings and jolly banter. He’s over at Chairman Cow.

Filthy Little Secret themselves are headlining the Sunday night. Symey is just being greedy! And a little warning to all the ladies out there who like their tall ginger men…..prepare to swoon! Josh Homme has nothing on Symey!

Here’s some videos and tracks of what to expect from a few of the artists…..

MP3: The Bucky Rage – One Eyed Girl

MP3: Filthy Little Secret – My Kinda Girl

MP3: Acid Fascists – Acid Twist

And just for old times sake here’s one of Gary’s older solo tracks under the Lazy Bones moniker.

S.I.T Wolf  X


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Delayed Dreams

I mentioned a while back that i was using a little custom playlist to help me get to sleep at night.

Here’s a few select tracks from said playlist…

MP3: Cotton Jones – Somehow Keep It Going

MP3: recoveryUnit – Naming The Causeway

MP3: Panda Bear – Ponytail

MP3: Zero 7 – In The Waiting Line

MP3: Sufjan Stevens – John Wayne Gacy Jr

MP3: Fleet Foxes – Tiger Mountain Peasant Song

I created these tracks under my Fragile X pseudonym about a year or so ago for a short film a friend was doing for her University course. I now also use them to help get me to sleep. It’s just me and my guitar. They’re merely a short 3 or 4 minutes of noodling with the amp down low. Helps me relax though and puts me on the road to slumberland.

MP3: Fragile X – Summer ’05

MP3: Fragile X – Tree Road

S.I.T Wolf  X

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I Am Stop. You Are Go.

I’m in a bit of a rush tonight, i’m unexpectedly off to see Call Me Ishmael at King Tuts. I got a text at lunch time today from Richie and Lucy telling me that “WE DON’T CARE WHAT YOU SAY, YOU’RE COMING ALONG” to this gig tonight. That’s right, i wasn’t asked, i was told. Sometimes it’s messages like those that make my day! Got a free pass into the gig and the promise of free booze (i am pretty penniless for the next few days afterall).

What more could a bored boy with nothing to do on a Friday night want?

I’ve seen Call Me Ishmael live before (as a support act) and they’re definitely ones to watch. The Glasgow sextet reminded me musically of a poppier At The Drive In (Casino and Vaya era). It has that lo-fi feel but infused with different little elements of Alkaline Trio, Thursday and Thrice and is lyrically/vocally reminiscent of a certain Glasgow cult band by the name of De Rosa. You get the picture/idea? No, ok, here’s a wee snifter…

MP3: Call Me Ishmael – The Beast That Screamed At The Heart Of The World

Check out some more of their songs at their myspace

My favourite song of theirs at the moment is “Blood and Ashes”. To me it sounds like it belongs in 2002. It has that kinda crossover punky feel. By the way that’s a good thing not bad. It takes me back to the sounds of that era. Call Me Ishmael could fit snugly on a playlist next to Taking Back Sunday, The Used etc.

Anyways, my lift is due in 10 minutes. I best finish getting ready and look out my old school ATD-I t-shirt. I’m even dressing like 2002!

Ps. I’m playing a warehouse party this weekend, i’ll be sure to leave a post here on Sunday about how it goes. It very possibly will be my last DJ set under the Someone’s In The Wolf moniker for a good while so i’m hoping to go out with a bang. No, wait, i’m going out with a howl.

S.I.T Wolf  X

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Tapes and Vinyl

Last weekend i acquired some more EPs. Although this time there were no CDs or DVDs. Nope, i indulged in some different formats.

I ordered the Civil Civic EP, simply titled “1”. It’s on a limited edition reel to reel tape. There aren’t many, if any at all left but if you fancy one then head on over to

When you buy the cassette you get a download of the album as well so you can have it in MP3 form as well. I’d highly recommend giving these guys a listen. It’s instrumental music at it’s best. Buzzy, warm and experimental. My favourite song is “Less Unless”, the guitars and drums make me want to air strum and drum. At the same time. I posted a video of theirs for at the end of last month. Be sure to give it a listen if you haven’t already.

MP3: Civil Civic – Stacks On

The “1” EP was initially released in March. But the guys have been busy since then. Last month they released a Double B side of Run Overdrive/Fuck Youth. It’s here If you wanna be really cheap you can download the digital version for literally nothing but that’s being a bit of a scrooge if you ask me. Why not fork out a fiver for the 7″ vinyl and get the digital version as well? You’ll also feel all warm inside because you know you’ll be helping these guys make some more good tunes. Go on, help them. I mean, look at that picture up there, they could do with some new clothes for a start……

Civil Civic are one of my new favourite acts, if you want them to be one of yours then have a look and listen and you’ll be hooked too.

The other new addition to my music collection is the 7″ vinyl of FLATS self titled EP. I’d been anticipating the release for quite a while. I’m not one for buying a shitload of vinyl but if something catches my eye, or ear rather then i sometimes like to get it in different formats. The last vinyl i bought that i really enjoyed was 65DaysofStatic “We Were Exploding Anyway” back in May, it’s still in Simon’s old house actually, i’ll need to get that back. But anyway back to FLATS. I was initially going to buy it online myself but thankfully a friend of mine who stays in London “knows” one of the band members and she very kindly mailed me a nice fresh copy of the EP. If you haven’t heard of FLATS (yes, all capitals) you soon will. They’re a ferocious quartet of noise, a punch in the face for the “scene”, a punk monster full of fury. They seem to thrive on keeping themselves shrouded in a certain type of mystery. They’re songs are notoriously hard to get a hold of online in MP3 format. If you wanna listen to them you pretty much have two options….1. Buy the EP or 2. Listen to them on their MySpace. Even at that they only had one song on there until fairly recently. They were even hard to even track down at all at one point. The name is a google nightmare. Type in “flats” and you get all sorts of house offers popping up. Even try “flats band” and you’re led to a Tampa band called “The Flats” who have a ridiculously funky cover of Peter Gabriels “Sledgehammer” on their MySpace. What about YouTube i hear you say? Well that’s even worse, go on then, you try looking for “FLATS” on there…

MP3: FLATS – Flats Waltz

My current favourite track of theirs is “Rat Trap”. Think American hardcore punk bands like Black Flag, The Descendents and the likes gone distinctly….eh…London-ish? “Rat Trap” is under 2 minutes long, like all of their songs, and is full of lyrics like “I hope you all fucking die” and a final twenty seconds that manages to insult Paul Weller, Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey before abruptly ending with “Fuck the Mods……cunts”. I couldn’t agree more FLATS, i couldn’t agree more. If only you’d mentioned Paul fucking McCartney in there i would have bought every single one of your EPs and stood on the corner of Byres Road giving them away for free. Spread the word.

They look like such nice boys as well, don’t they? If you wanna hear the EP and maybe even buy it then head on over to

Oh and incase anyone is interested in The Flats and the Sledgehammer cover then click here at your peril……..The Flats

S.I.T Wolf  X


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