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He Is Nimdok

When someone is described to you as “sounds like Fear Factory and Tool teaming up to have a barfight with Dub Trio and Allan Holdsworth whilst Rachels try to break it all up” you just know you’ve got to check them out.

I’m glad i did. This is definitely one to be categorized in the “attacking your speakers” section.

I AM Nimdok is the recording name of 24 year old Ryuki Akira. It’s a project he started back in September 2011 and it’s certainly a project that hasn’t taken long to come to real fruition. As of yesterday you can go download his debut EP “The Wave. The Raven. The Invisible Dream” for free from the I AM Nimdok bandcamp. It ticks all the right boxes for me. Instrumental. Different. Progressive. Loud. The musicianship on all 6 tracks is disturbingly flawless and is made all the more apealling by the fact that Akira plays every single key, chord and beat on the EP. Even haters of the experimental side of metal music will struggle to find a downside to the 6 tracks on show.

“Primagen” starts thing off with a stuttering beat before going all epic on us. Next up is “Staring Into Darkstar” (my favourite track) which reminds me of the days when My Vitriol were heavy as fuck. Then it’s the piano led “Endless” which could be seen as the EPs ballad if you like. “Freeland” comes over as the most operatic track with it’s strings constantly swelling and swirling. “Intro 7” literally is what it says on the tin, a soundtrack-esque intro to the closing track “7” which begins with an almost silent ambient noisescape before launching into a series of brain melting riffs and then changing into an almost trance like affair before returning to it’s crushing, behemoth riffs and rounding off an amazing debut EP which ends on a eerie note with what sounds like a ghost ship sailing off.

A month or so ago all the tracks were posted on the I AM Nimdok  soundcloud page but were only available for streaming. So i, for one, am grateful to finally be able to get these little futuristic sounding musical nuggets onto my iPod. If you know what’s good for your ears you would do the same. The fact that it’s a free EP makes it 2012’s bargain of the year already.

Listen to the song below and then go download the EP.

Oh and just for the record….if it came to a bar fight then my money is on Fear Factory and Tool.

S.I.T Wolf  X

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Sunday Morning Soundtrack

So my first post back in the blogosphere is gonna be a simple one….mainly due to the fact that i’m hungover and i’m awake ridiculously early for a Sunday morning. It’s too warm to sleep and too warm for me to go outside so i’m stuck in the middle, sitting here with an open window, my laptop and a bowl of cornflakes.

Here are three very different songs that are soundtracking my Sunday morning so far…

Cities Aviv – Float On

LA2019 – Arctic Stars Melt The Clouds

Jeff Buckley – I Want Someone Badly

And that’s about it for my first (new) post. I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.

S.I.T Wolf X

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February Stars (Part 3)

The third and final part of what’s happening this month…


Yet another good night for gigs! What is it with live music, Thursdays and February!?

The critically acclaimed Danish 4 piece come to Glasgow for what is guaranteed to be a night of childlike folky joy. I’m more than slighly peeved that i won’t make it.
MP3: Efterklang – Modern Drift
VERDICT: Unavailable due to other gig commitments.

One of Glasgows leading light when it comes to pulverising drums and pulsating Tool-esque riffs, Perduramo are headlining a bill which will pack a huge punch. Their unusual time signatures and talented individuals will have you gawping in awe and, like me, wondering if you’re in the company of the new Mastodon. The rest of the line up ain’t half bad either.





VERDICT: I’m 70/30 positive that i’m going to this but there’s one gig that could change my mind…

This is a SXSW fundraiser which Kid Canaveral hope will generate enough pennies to allow them to attend and perform at the annual and world famous SXSW festival in Texas next month. Their album “Shouting at Wildlife” should be more than enough to see them get recognition with its gloriously infectious pop hook laden tracks, catchy choruses and uplifting guitars but sometimes brilliant albums just aren’t enough when it comes to getting noticed across the pond so go along to this gig, dig deep and help Kid C make the most of this chance to perform live in front of some of the most influential people in the industry. Support comes from Martin John Henry and Randolph’s Leap.
MP3: Kid Canaveral – Her Hair Hangs Down
VERDICT: I desperately want to go to this but i told the Perduramo boys i’d go along to their gig. Decisions, decisions….


Leftwich is on many “Tips for 2011”  lists (mine included, which i’ve yet to get round to posting actually!) and with tracks like “Atlas Hands” and “More Than Letters” it’s not hard to see why. Brimming with a weary yet quietly confident ability for acoustic expression this finger picking Yorkshire man hits all the right chords when it comes to pop sensibility. Debut album “Bleeps” is due out this year.
MP3: Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Atlas Hands
VERDICT: Money will be tight come the end of the month but i’ll do my utmost to be in attendance.


The former El Hombre Trajeado guitarist continues his one man frenetic flamenco assault on the world. He’ll be doing his usual…..picking and plucking his strings at a rate that confuse the eyes but warm the heart. Blink and you’ll miss. And you don’t wanna miss, believe me.
MP3: RM Hubbert – TipsyTapsy
VERDICT: The weekend before payday so probably won’t be able to make it but if i can get a “wee tap” from my generous father i may show up. In a flamenco dress, obviously.


These 3 come together for a Rocksound sponsored tour. I’ll be honest i know practically nothing about Japanese Voyeurs or The Xcerts. I’ve heard of them and aware of them but i’ve never listened or seen them. Dinosaur Pile Up on the other hand….now, these guys are single handedly reviving the early to mid 90’s rock scene. They take the best parts of Weezer and Nirvana and add a crunchy bite. The bands progress halted as such due to line up changes but main man Matt Bigland has overseen the modifications and remains fully committed to the DPU cause. I saw these guys support The Kills back in 2008 and knew then that something was brewing. I just hope that the band realises it’s full potential sooner rather than later. The live performance of any DPU will grab you by the ears and shake you up and down. If you like that kinda thing then this is not to be missed. Grab your chequered shirt and ripped jeans, roll a joint, mess your hair up and get down to King Tuts.
MP3: Dinosaur Pile Up – My Rock N Roll
Japanese Voyeurs
The Xcerts
VERDICT: Ticket is already bought.

PS. I’m off to Dundee this weekend but i’ll get a review of last nights Suplex The Kid gig up sometime next week. I’ll give you a one word review of it just now to drop a hint of what to expect…..STENTORIAN.

S.I.T Wolf  X

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February Stars (Part 2)

Continuing on with the look ahead to live music in February….


The vast range and angular style of music that BSP showcase always makes for intriguing live performances and this one will be no different. They hit The Arches hot on the trails of the release of their 5th long player “Valhalla Dancehall” which garnered severe critical praise. That’s no surprise really though when you look at the Brighton based bands back catalogue. Their live shows always seem to create an intimate setting that leaves the listener/viewer in a comfortable and open position. And if you’re open to this band they’ll take you on a journey you won’t forget. Definitely ones to be caught live.
MP3: British Sea Power – Be Gone
VERDICT: I’ll just be getting back from my weekend in Dundee when this gig is starting so i’m afraid i’ll have to give it a miss. That doesn’t mean you should though.


3 superb gigs on this night….

Having released a steady flow of singles and EPs over the last 3 years or so this duo added singer James Buttery to their line up last year and proceeded to release the very impressive debut album “North”. After listening to it through headphones i got the impression that it was an album i wouldn’t forget quickly. From opening track to the last bleep their album is a must have for any electronic music fan. At times sounding like The Antlers before drifting back into their almost sleepy own little loop laden world. Absolutely glorious noises that should translate perfectly in the small setting that is Sleazys underground.
MP3: Darkstar – In the Wings
VERDICT: Desperate to see these guys in live action. Swaying between this and Aidan Moffat (see below).

Gloom is back and it just got a whole lot bigger. Everything about new album “Ritual” is bigger. Everything about their recent live performances have looked and sounded bigger. This is the sound of a band hitting the musical nail on the head. Difficult second album syndrome? Pah, what’s that?! White Lies have made the transition with ease and then some. Their live shows will surely be galvanised by a bigger selection of tunes to choose from. They now have a fearsome repertoire of music at their disposal. All of which will be used to full effect on this tour. Just remember one thing…..wear black.
MP3: White Lies – Farewell To The Fairground
VERDICT: Sold out. Won’t be going. Obviously.

Feeling a Valentines hangover? Let Scotlands favourite storyteller ease your pain with his unique outlook on love and what it can do to a man. Raw emotions are Moffats trademark and there will be plenty of the them on show at his Valentines Revue show as he dips into a selection of songs from his various musical projects past and present. This might be a show for the lonely and unlucky in love…
MP3: Aidan John Moffat – The Boy That You Love
VERDICT: One for the lonely and unlucky in love?? How could i miss this?!


The gods of post rock and all round noisey behemoths trundle into town to score early 70’s Sci-Fi cult film Silent Running as part of Glasgows Music and Film Festival which kicks off on the 17th of this months and lasts though till the 27th. The Sheffield noise pioneers will no doubt keep us transfixed with what is sure to be an epic hour and a half. After their double date in Glasgow it’s off to Japan and their Heavy Sky EP tour for the 65 guys.
MP3: 65daysofstatic – Lyonesse
VERDICT: I’m there. I’m there! You’ll have to beat me with a rolled up copy of The Skinny to keep me out.


The Leeds band are into their 6th year now and have more than enough songs to keep their faithful fans happy. Having seemingly gained a slightly more experimental edge with age this will be one post rock gig not to miss from Vessels. The Captains Rest is always a good little arena for bands like Vessels to fully excel in. This will be no different.
MP3: Vessels – An Idle Brain (Errors remix)
VERDICT: I’ll stroll on down Great Western Road and pay my pennies at the door.


Various artists take to the stage in honour of the stricken Deftones bass player. A good gig for a great cause.
Healthy Minds Collapse
Life In December
Hiroshima Blackout
Mechanical Smile
and the most important link of all
VERDICT: I’ll really do my best to attend but i have a feeling i may end up having to give it a miss due to various reasons. Mainly work.

And that my friends is Part 2 of the February gig previews. Expect the final edition, Part 3, either tomorrow or Friday.

S.I.T Wolf  X

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February Stars (Part 1)

Finally, finally get round to showcasing what February has in store for me/you/us in the coming weeks….


It starts off tonight with Saddle Creeks finest, the unashamedly solemn Bright Eyes performing at the Oran Mor. Unfortunately for me, regardless of the gig being 10 minutes ftom my flat, i won’t be making it as it’s fucking sold out. Gutted. I’m  not the only one of my friends to miss out though so we’ll take solace by listening to his new album (yes, it leaked) and imagining we were there.
MP3: Bright Eyes – It’s Cool, We Can Still Be Friends
VERDICT: Not attending due to gig being a sell out. Bummer.

Then there’s a disgracefully good night of gigs on all in the one night. 5 to be exact! Unfortunately i can’t be in five places at one time. Glasgow, you cheeky bitch.

Quick, someone call the noise police! Glasgow heavyweights Suplex The Kid join forces with Thula Borah for what is sure to be the loudest gig of the year so far. With a sound that can only be described as monolithic Suplex The Kid will be sure to drain every last drop of ear splitting audio candy that their tortured amps will allow them too. Expect the decibel levels to be at warning level. Thula Borah are a band i don’t really know a lot about but after having a listen to some tunes on Myspace i’m looking forward to seeing these guys in action too. Come on down if you think your ears are man enough. If not then come down anyway and bring some earplugs with you. You know it makes sense.
MP3: Suplex The Kid – Escape The City
Thula Borah Myspace
VERDICT: Loudly going where many men have gone before. I’m there 🙂

Chapel Club have been lumped in many a category from post punk to shoegaze to the ever increasingly overused “alternative”. I prefer to stick with my own term of wide eyed dark pop. Unfortunately this is one of 3 gigs i won’t be able to make due to my fondness for Suplex The Kid and their noisefests.
MP3: Chapel Club – The Shore
VERDICT: A no show form me due to other gig commitments.

A gig i don’t know too much about to be honest. It was a friend who asked me to go and i was more than willing to until the Suplex gig came up. One of the band members of Without Aeroplanes is a friend of a friends boyfriend. Does that make sense? Anyway, i’ve heard good things about all the 4 bands on show here so check out there respective pages and judge for yourself.
Analogue Of The Sun
Without Aeroplanes
For full details of this gig check here.
VERDICT: Yet another no show from me. I would if i could Luisa! Sorry again.

This is a re-arranged gig after the guys had to postpone last years gig at the students famous haunt. They’re a band who need to be experienced in the flesh to be truly appreciated. Lyrics about their experiences in their home city ring true on so many of their criminally underrated tracks.
MP3: The Twilight Sad – Last Year’s Rain Didn’t Fall Quite So Hard
VERDICT: Once again a pass from me. I’ll be busy propping up the bar in Stereo.

The dudes at Cry Parrot as usual have put on an absolutely awesome line up. Here’s their description of the event and bands playing…

“This one’s going to be pretty wild. Crasier Frane & Cry Parrot putting on New York’s finest for yaow. Get excited.”

Japanther: Hyper-artistic change your life dance punkers. Japanther comes from Brooklyn, NYC, and makes eternally sick power-pop with drums, bass, dual vox, and cassettes. Collabs from Spank Rock to shadow puppets. Songs from suicide to surfing. Do this.
MP3: Japanther – Spread So Thin

Shellshag: 1000 mile stare pedal-on/pedal-off 19-fucking-90’s rock music. Redefining DIY with rudimentary carpentry/soldering skills and semi-bright ideas. Think Nirvana.
MP3: Shellshag – Shut Up

Streets Of Rage: Zero web-presence Glasgow skate punk for suburban mountain bikers. Bass/drums/guitar/songs. No breaks.
MP3: Streets Of Rage – Nu Jazz

VERDICT: Same again, won’t be in attendance due to being at the Suplex The Kid gig. If it was anybody apart from the Suplex guys then i’d be at this one.

And that about sums up your first February previews. Part 2 tomorrow.

S.I.T Wolf  X

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The Bedroom Is Where We’re Coming From…


Words fail me when i try to describe the feelings i got when i read this….


It’s been 5 years since Death From Above 1979 played a show, 10 years since Jesse played me the first demos & 11 years since we sat in his parents basement and played so loud we knocked the china off the shelves upstairs. 11 seems to be a YES number for me. Though I am usually a pretty rational guy, if I have something on my mind and I see an 11 somewhere, I know I’m on the right path. It’s one of my last remaining superstitions. 2011 has a nice ring to it & if you’re so inclined, it may be the last year ever! So why not say YES? Why not say YES to Coachella? Why not say YES to playing the music we designed to be an undeniable source of power? Why not say YES to stirring up a writhing pit of sweaty humans? YES to riots! YES to heavy music! YES instead of maybe, and YES to make death your adviser and remind yourself always, that this is not a dress rehearsal. This is the big show.

Jesse and I have decided that what we can do together should not be denied.
Together again, as was always the intention, as a collaboration.
The collision of two different worlds.
As this all takes shape, we will reveal it to you.
All of it happening, as it always has, in our own way.
Thank you all for sharing in our excitement!


Yes indeed Sebastien. Yes infuckingdeed. There’s a pig in shit somewhere right now that is as happy as i am.

MP3: Death From Above 1979 – My Love Is Shared

S.I.T Wolf (YES!)  X

ps. i’ll get the post about the oncoming slew of gigs up tomorrow night.

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We Are So Happy, Happy To…..

It’s been a slow start to the year for me gig wise. It started off well enough with Suplex The Kid bringing the noise and bursting ear drums at King Tuts on the 4th but it kinda petered out after that and i had a gig-less few weeks. To be fair i was concentrating on recording and writing new material for some music projects but i can honestly say that apart from the Penguins Kill Polar Bears on the 12th (also at King Tuts) and the  Aspen Tide gig at the Classic Grand the day after, both of which unfortunately i couldn’t make due to family commitments, nothing else had caught my eye enough to really make me wanna desperately go. Well, there was the Mogwai shows last week that i couldn’t make due to having pretty much fuck all money!

MP3: Suplex The Kid – It’s About Time You Changed

MP3: Penguins Kill Polar Bears – Lungs

MP3: Aspen Tide – Frost Forms In The Sky

MP3: Mogwai – Rano Pano

But there was a light at the end of the tunnel in the form of the bewitching Withered Hand in action at Stereo once again. This was one i couldn’t miss so the penniless me bravely whipped out my credit card, bought my tickets online and sauntered on down with my friends Luisa and Shinead. Last time we caught him live it was a solo show and it was heartbreakingly magnificent. This time it was a full band effort. The songs were let loose from their “acoustic only” home. Flesh was put onto the bones of the melodies and lyrical themes of the very self aware and self condemning Dan Wilson. The extra beef on the songs only serving to maximise THAT voice. He requires, no, DEMANDS your attention with his vocals and lyrics. You, no matter who you are, will be able to relate to something he’s written in one of his many laments. That relation factor is key when it comes to his live shows. Everyone and i mean everyone (well apart from the really talkative moron down front) wants to listen, wants to hear, to relate to Wilson ( a certain female friend *cough cough* Luisa! *cough* wants to do other things too but they shall remain unspoken on here!) and his vulnerable voice. Whilst i did really really enjoy the full band experience of Withered Hand and his more than talented backing group i couldn’t help but get just that bit more spine tingley when he took to the stage himself for a number or two before being joined again by his 3 backing members. The hairs on the back of my neck just stand that bit taller when it’s just him and his guitar and that’s no disrespect to the friends who helped him out that night. They were all amazing musicians and the songs sounded awesome with that little bit more added. It just that i love how comfortably uncomforatble Dan Wilson is when performing on his own. It gives the tracks that extra meaning. But maybe that’s just me and to be honest i’ll go see Withered Hand either way. Solo or full band, it makes no difference. In the words of a certain Malcolm Middleton…..“Thank fuck for Withered Hand”.

MP3: Withered Hand – New Dawn

So after a rather quiet January on the live music front things are about to get a whole lot more busier……

The mysterious, cultish, dare i say revolutionary Wu Lyf fly on into town on their magic carpet tonight. The Manchester quartet are sure to live up to their almost shamanic reputation.

“Mostly performing at Manchester cafe/cultural hub An Outlet and St.Peters church, mysterious Manchester foursome Wu Lyf come to Glasgow for a rare appearance outside of their hometown.

An acronym for World Unite – Lucifer Youth Foundation, the band – and their fanbase – have spent the past year baffling the media with a two frustratingly disfunctional websites and a barren Myspace, all the while brewing an air of revolutionary fervour through their rampant, scattered internet messages of poetry and art. With a Facebook page that reads like quasi-cult propaganda, the band encourage listeners to ‘join the LYF’ and, with fans uploading their own images boasting flags and even a tattoo, their mysterious presence – or marketing gimmick – has been debated in publications from The Guardian to NME.

Gimmicks aside, with thrumming organ chords and vocals somewhere between a grungey, Michael Gira-esque growl and a Julian Casablancas-esque stylised rasp, their clutch of lo-fi tracks available online range from the scuzzy to the inspired, showing glimpses of the melodic indie sensibility of Arcade Fire and Wolf Parade as well as lines of distinctively Mancunian, fluid, echoing guitars, reminiscent of the best of the city’s musical glory days.”

I know as much about this band as the next person….which is not a lot. All i know is that i’m looking forward to them kickstarting a gig laden couple of months for me. I’m going to this gig on the back of hearing a handful songs, all of which are laden with the kind of mystique and presence that guarantees tonights show should be a special one.

MP3: Wu Lyf – Concrete Gold

If you wanna join “The Lyf” then look no further for your initiation than here where you can Buy $hit and join up.

I’ll be doing a post this weekend about the upcoming gigs that i’ll be attending this spring. There are ones i already have tickets for, ones that i want to have tickets for and one’s that i’ve only just found about it and HOPE to be able to get tickets for. Be sure to check it out, you might find yourself attending a few.

S.I.T Wolf  X

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Burying Strangers In Red Lights

The remaining ” Best of 2010″ lists have finally been drawn up and will be posted over the weekend! Starting with the Top 1o Ep’s of 2010 list tomorrow and carrying through with the best albums, songs etc.

But for now here’s a little treat in the form of A Place To Bury Strangers, Holy Fuck and Thomas Smith. This reminds you that no matter what kind of lowlifes are out there….ART AND ARTISTS ALWAYS WIN.

You may remember last month i posted about A Place to Bury Strangers tour van being robbed whilst they were playing in Italy.

They opened up a donations on PayPal for any willing helpers. I gave what money i could (not a lot) as did some friends and i’m sure others did too. Money obviously helps out and the band would have been grateful for every penny but in the words of A Place To Bury Strangers themselves….

“Sometimes people donate in artistic ways. Thomas Smith made this video of our Holy Fuck remix when he heard we were robbed. Thanks, Thomas!

MP3: Holy Fuck – Red Lights

Here’s the original video.

S.I.T Wolf  X

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From One Year To The Next

Here’s where i’m going tonight to bring in 2011 with friends….

MP3: Holy Mountain – Jesus

MP3: Ben Butler and Mousepad – Future Tent

I wish a Happy New Year and all the best to everyone when 2011 gets here.

The Best of 2010 lists will be up on the site within the next fortnight, when my Christmas and New Year hangover finally evaporates.


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Every “Cool” Band (Wishes They Were This Cool)

MF/MB/ is guitars, drums, bass, synthesizers, vocals and computers, but most of all it’s Victor, Jocke, Sebastian, Christine and Erik, making the best music they know. Not cool or not-cool, that’s up to you. And even if you get it, you still just don’t get it.

MP3: MF/MB/ – Every Cool Band

MP3: MF/MB/ – The Big Machine

MF/MB/ is countryside and city streets, it’s woods and concrete, cigarettes and alcohol, hope and despair, clubs and saunas, autobahn and bad English. MF/MB/ is gay sex and straight sex and endless studio sessions. It’s the anger and disillusion of performing in Berlin, on tour with The Sounds and The Faint, as 18 year olds and then going back to Sweden to play in small pubs in the middle of nowhere for people who’d rather listen to Basshunter.

MF/MB/ is a terrible band name. MF/MB/ is self confidence and bad conscience. Lack of money. Good looks. Clothes. Never looking back, always doing the same mistakes. It’s about frequent stupid questions in interviews – “Christine, how does it feel being the only girl in the band?” – and the inability to give the answers those questions deserve. MF/MB/ is a thousand compromises from a million ideas. It’s about filling up empty holes. It’s about staying alive by playing live. The oxygen on stage. Eyes of the audience. The handclaps and the shouts.

You should treat your ears to their album “Folded” on Spotify and if you like it then treat yourself to an early Christmas present and go buy it!

They even do cooler than cool remixes.

MP3: HEALTH – USA Boys (MF/MB/ remix)

I discovered these guys through a very like minded (musically anyway!)  friend called Simon. He doesn’t use his blog very often but when he does it’s always good stuff. Have a wee look and see.

S.I.T Wolf X

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