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Your Monthly Video Dose: July 2010

Grasscut – Muppet

The Knux – Bang! Bang!

Frightened Rabbit – Swim Until You Can’t See Land

PJ Harvey – This Is Love

Civil Civic – Run Overdrive

S.I.T Wolf X

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Into The Wild Nothing

Tonight i’m going here….

To hear…..

MP3: Wild Nothing – Gemini

MP3: Wild Nothing – Cloudbusting (Kate Bush cover)

S.I.T Wolf  X

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Are Friends Eclectic #3

The third version of Are Friends Eclectic? is the flatmate episode.

Meet my very own “personal chef” Gustav…

*WARNING: This interview contains Desperados tequila beer, red wine, two mildy drunken/stoned flatmates and references to Xylophonelove.*

SIT WOLF: Describe music in 5 or less words.
GUS: Well i’m gonna be honest and say that most music i listen to is basically something you’ve put me onto or has came from a suggestion you’ve made to me so i’ll need to go for “Here’s something you’d really like”.
SIT WOLF: But that’s technically MY words then, no?
GUS: Yeah, but it’s true.
SIT WOLF: Kinda cheating but i’ll let it slide.

SIT WOLF: What was the first album you bought?
GUS: Embarassing subject….The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers first album.
SIT WOLF: *Almost chokes on Doritos*
GUS: I know man, i have no excuses. I need more wine just thinking about it.
SIT WOLF: That’s a cross you shall wear for the rest of your life. Hang your head.

SIT WOLF: What was the last album you bought?
GUS: BT – These Hopeful Machines.

SIT WOLF: What are your views on illegal downloading/file sharing?
GUS: Music is universal so people should be free to enjoy it and share it however they like. Really, who are we to copyright it or have infringement policies on it. If you’re a smaller band you’d be glad of the exposure and if you’re in a huge band then shut the fuck up and stop moaning cos you know you make more than enough money through gigs and merchandise.
SIT WOLF: Come to think of it there are some bands out there who have their own range of bed wear, mug ranges and all sorts of other shit. They shall remain unnamed as i pretty much detest them and their music and don’t want to give them any mention on here but the point is these bands aren’t just musical artists any more they’ve became brands. That’s when it gets worrying. I’m all for the expanding merchandise scene but don’t fucking moan when someone passes a copy of your album to a friend. Fuckwits. Sorry, rant over….. One more thing actually, KISS have a fucking coffin range! You can get buried in a KISS coffin! I mean, what the fuck?
GUS: Hahahahaha! Basically when it comes to downloading/sharing or whatever i agree 100% with Trent Reznor. His views are identical to mine. Oh and i HATE Lars Ulrich.
SIT WOLF: You’re in good company. Nobody likes him.
GUS: Well, that little troll did try to sue his audience.

SIT WOLF: What was your very first gig?
GUS: Pitchshifter at The Garage in Glasgow back in 2001. I crowd surfed and danced in the mosh pit.
SIT WOLF: Very credible first gig.
GUS: I ripped my shirt as well, not intentionally of course.

SIT WOLF: What was your last gig?
GUS: When i went to Stag and Dagger with you, Luisa and Shinead. Brilliant night.
SIT WOLF: Indeed it was. We seen a few really good acts that night. Who stole the show for you?
GUS: Jaguar Love with an all round demented performance of alternative pop.

SIT WOLF: What’s the next gig you’re going to?
GUS: I might try and make it along to Pantha Du Prince with you next month actually. When is it again?
SIT WOLF: Friday the 13th….spoooooky…it’s at The Captains Rest. Ten spot to get in.
GUS: Well, i’ll try make that and if i can’t then the next one will be the Crystal Castles/HEALTH gig in October. Unless there are any more gigs that pop up before then.
SIT WOLF: I’m going to that too. Wild Nothing is playing Captains Rest this Wednesday actually (28th). You should come along.

SIT WOLF: If you were stuck on a desert island and told that you could only listen to 3 albums over and over again for the rest of your life, what would they be?
GUS: Is a compilation out of the question? Maybe even 3 compilations?
SIT WOLF: Yes, out of the question. Has to be 3 actual albums. Enjoyed from start to finish.
GUS: Ok. Right, to chill out with at night i’d go for Aphex Twin and the “Selected Ambient Works” album. When i realise i’m lost on an island on my own i’m gonna breakdown and cry so i’ll need a pick me up. That would be the self titled Moderat album. And if i ever have to lay waste to some tribal village on the island, y’know for like supplies and stuff, then i’d like to have “The Holy Bible” by the Manic Street Preachers playing in the background. One of my all time favourite albums.

SIT WOLF: What 3 songs are currently on constant rotation on your IPod/MP3 Player?
GUS: The new Arcade Fire song “We Used To Wait”, Vitalic “Your Disco Song” and “Intro” by The XX.

SIT WOLF: What are your 3 favourite remixes?
GUS: The KC Blitz remix of The Boxer Rebellion track “Evacuate”….
SIT WOLF: Fucking love that!
GUS: Yep, me too. That’s a perfect example of a track you got me into. Eh ok, more remixes? I do love remixes, so many to pick from. I think the James Lavelle remix of Doves “Jetstream” is brilliant, it appears on the newest Lavelle GU compilation. And lastly the PhonesLovers remix of “Banquet” by Bloc Party. Very danceable.
SIT WOLF: I love Phones, he done a really good version of “Romantic Rights” by DFA 1979 as well.

SIT WOLF: What are your 3 favourite films?
GUS: Children of Men. Such a powerful film. It’s one of those ones were you have to pay attention the whole way through but it’s worth it. Also, Withnail and I because it’s just stupidly awesome. We are “Withnail and I”! Leon is also another favourite. I mean Jean Reno just makes that film. He’s so suave, so cool.
SIT WOLF: And there’s Gary Oldman. Legend. Mind when we watched Leon the morning after we moved into the flat? We were both nursing massive hangovers!
GUS: Hahaha yeah! We both had a couch each just lying there engrossed in it and thinking that we wanted a bit of whatever pills Gary Oldman was taking to make us feel better!
SIT WOLF: Come to think of it, any time i’ve watched any of those 3 films with you we’ve either been drinking or hungover. We have a problem.
GUS: Wait! I forgot about “In The Loop”!
SIT WOLF: Ahhhh, it’s only 3. Sorry.
GUS: But, but….Peter Capaldi.
SIT WOLF: I know, i know.

SIT WOLF: What are your 3 favourite websites?
SIT WOLF: Reasons?
GUS: Well, YouTube is self explanatory. You can watch so much good stuff on it. Global Underground is good because you can track all the DJs and find out where they are and what they’re upto. Wikipedia is just amazing for the amount of information it has.
SIT WOLF: Is it all true though?
GUS: That’s part the beauty of it though that it might not be true, it all comes from people like us, it’s not a database that provides it. Oh, what about The Arches as well?
SIT WOLF: That’s 4 again!
GUS: Spoil me!

SIT WOLF: What are your 3 favourite blogs?
GUS: I don’t really read a lot of blogs. This one (, Luisa’s one ( and i’ll need to put in my own one from ages ago. An ill fated blog that i started with a friend. It was intended for movie “reviews”.
SIT WOLF: I remember that site. Doomed from the start that was.

SIT WOLF: What are your 3 favourite cover versions.
GUS: Klaxons doing Grace’s “It’s Not Over Yet”. Frightened Rabbit covering the N-Trance “classic” of “Set You Free” and the Sneaker Pimps version of “Ashes To Ashes”.
BOTH AT SAME TIME: What a hoot!

SIT WOLF: What are your 3 favourite music videos?
GUS: Nine Inch Nails – “We’re In This Together”, amazing song and video to match. Moderat – “Rusty Nails”, visual genius and the song’s not too bad either! MGMT – “Kids”. It’s a bit trippy and scary. I feel sooo sorry for the little kid in the video.

SIT WOLF: What are your 3 favourite TV shows?
GUS: Heroes, The Thick Of It and one that you’ll throw your bottle of beer at me for….Skins.
SIT WOLF: *makes inaudible sound, yet somehow refrains from throwing said bottle of beer*
GUS: It introduced me to so much new music as well.
SIT WOLF: Fair point, the music in Skins is usually really good.

SIT WOLF: Do you play an instrument? If so, which one?
GUS: I’ve played the piano on and off for 8 years. Sadly it’s one of the most impractical instruments if you know what i mean? It’s not like i could ever have dragged the piano down to the studio to jam with you and Simon.
SIT WOLF: Simon was actually teaching me the piano before he went away for summer.
GUS: Well, you can play your piano scarf at the moment!

SIT WOLF: If you could make a Supergroup (5 members) that you’d love to hear who would be in it and what would their name be?
GUS: Ok, the name would be Altered States for a start.
SIT WOLF: Think that’s taken man.
GUS: The Stump then.
SIT WOLF: Hahaha. Why?
GUS: Because nobody can shift them! And it’s mildly offensive, that’s always a good thing. The members would be Cedric Bixler Zavala on lead vocal duties, as a programmer i’d have Gerno Bronsert from Modeselektor/Moderat fame. Thurston Moore on guitar, he can make anything sound bizarre yet tuneful. Nicky Wire on bass because he’s a total dick and every band needs a dick. Not too bad on the bass too though! Drummer would need to be Matt Tong of Bloc Party. Keeps brilliant rhythms.

SIT WOLF: Give me and the readers 3 bands that you think we might not know but we should check out?
GUS: BT. He’s this American producer/performer/songwriter. You can listen to him no matter what mood you’re in. He makes really catchy back to basics pop songs that don’t sell themselves short and steer clear of the corny side of that genre. Secondly, is a slowcore kinda band called “Low”. I love chilling out at night time with Low. Nathan Fake would be the last one. No two songs he makes will ever sound the same.

SIT WOLF: What would your ideal gig be (3 bands)? And where would it be?
GUS: The venue would be some tiny little tent  at Benicassim festival. Like my own little VIP tent. Asobi Seksu would open the show than after a few drinks you’d need something crazy so Crystal Castles and then to finish off it would need to be something grand. A spectacle. So Arcade Fire get the nod.

SIT WOLF: Who are your 3 favourite writers?
GUS: Mark Danielewski, Irvine Welsh and Chuck Palahniuk.

SIT WOLF: What are your 3 favourite books?
GUS: The House of Leaves, i love the way it’s written. The Rum Diaries, it’s simply anarchy in a book and The Devil In The Kitchen, it’s the autobiography of  my idol Marco-Pierre White.

SIT WOLF: What songs best encapsulate your moods?
A) Happy
B) Sad
C) Angry
D) Lonely

A) BT – Always
B) Deadmau5 –  Strobe
C) Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster – Are You Living?
D) Low – Breaker

SIT WOLF: Who, in your opinion, are the 3 most attractive males in music?
GUS: eh….
SIT WOLF: If you want to skip this it’s cool?
GUS: No i will answer. Just let me think how to without coming across the wrong way. In sense of style i’ll go for Win Butler and Robbie Furze. Butlers choice of clothes really suit him, he does that look quite well. Furze just looks like a rockstar with the shaggy hair and denims. He kinda oozes that coolness that’s needed. And then Deadmau5 cos of his mask!
SIT WOLF: You’re attracted to giant mice? And hey, what about my mask!?
GUS: Yours is way scarier. It’s that infected green eye that does it. It was even scarier when you turned it inside out at the Connect Festival back in 2007.

SIT WOLF: Who, in your opinion, are the 3 most attractive females in music?
GUS: This is more like it. I really like Florence Welch from Florence and The Machine. Her style and dress sense does it for me. Brody Dalle is another….
SIT WOLF: Careful now that’s my teenage crush/future wife you’re on about there!
GUS: Hahaha, you do love Brody. The third one is Zooey Deschanel.
SIT WOLF: That’s my other future wife. That’s right, i’m a future bigamist.
GUS: *Looks in other direction* Arrest this man.
SIT WOLF: *Puzzled* Who are you talking to?
GUS: The future police.

SIT WOLF: What are your 3 favourite album covers?
GUS: The new Foals one “Total Life Forever” is captivating. I like that. I’ve always loved UNKLE’s “War Stories” as well. And the last one would be the Tool one that had the whole hologram effect, i loved that. Intriguing.
SIT WOLF: Aenima?
GUS: That’s the one.

SIT WOLF: What word best sums your musical tastes up?
GUS: Spiky

WORD ASSOCIATION: SIT WOLF words in bold. If anybody doesn’t know how to play word association (which i’m sure everybody does but i’ll explain anyway) it basically involves someone saying a word and you instantly reply with the first word that comes to mind.

AMERICA – Plastic
BLOOD – Ties
DANGER – Mouse
ECSTASY – Comedown
FAILURE – Communication
GOD – Partical
HATE – Pointless
JOHN – Knowledgeable
KISS – Hopeful
LOVE – Universal
MUSIC – Everyones
NEW YORK – New York
OLD – Classic
PEOPLE – Intimidating
REGRET – Irrelevant
SING – Star
TOAST – Speeches
UP – High
VENUE – Promising
WEATHER – Permitting
SIT WOLF: I concur, i used one on the last Fragile X track, sounds so unique. Giving the Xylo some love! Some Xylove!
GUS: I liked that track.
YOU – Incomplete
ZULU – Warrior

The conclusion….

MP3:  The XX – Intro

MP3: Vitalic – Your Disco Song (Extended Version)

MP3: Arcade Fire – We Used To Wait

MP3: BT – Always

S.I.T Wolf  X

Oops…nearly forgot…

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The Music Industry Is Dead. Long Live Music.

It’s nice to know that there are still little websites like EyeSeeSound that pop up every now and again. It keeps alive that faint spark of hope for independent music. Link to the site at the bottom of the post…

I only discovered this site recently and just yesterday i purchased a DVD of a live session that Ex Libras recorded for the website back in February. For £5 you get a high quality audio and visual recording of the live session lasting over half an hour, an interview with the band and some official music videos as a bonus. You also get MP3’s of the live tracks on the DVD and as if that isn’t enough they kindly sent an e-mail link out that allows me to download the MP3’s of the session right now free of charge because in their words “at least you have something straight away”. Now that may lead you to think that the DVD isn’t going to arrive for sometime and they’re simply trying to sweeten the deal? Wrong. The e-mail also stated that the DVD has been shipped right away and will be through my letterbox by Wednesday at the latest. Could the people that run this website be any fucking cooler?

Here’s a little taster of the Ex Libras live session….90 second snippets of the 5 tracks they performed.

MP3: Ex Libras – Underachiever (Live EyeSeeSound Session)

EyeSeeSound doesn’t just specialise in Live Sessions though. It has so much more to offer than that. They have good quality streamable mixtapes, a tv music magazine show featuring articles on music, film and comedy, a funky little webcast which focuses on art, film and music, an amazing jukebox that’ll allow you to play all of the sites content on shuffle and then there’s the lovely little shop. Hopefully the site and brand of ESS will expand. The guys deserve it. They’ve just recently started putting on gigs as well. The gigs are in aid of the Take Parliament Back campaign which if you’re unaware of is a campaign to change the electoral system. The first gig was on July the 9th. So, good gigs for a good cause? Well worth supporting, no? Let’s hope there’s many more to follow. I’d like to see EyeSeeSound really take off in the future. I’ll certainly be supporting them all the way.

S.I.T Wolf  X


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Pixel Perfect

Have you ever thought how fucking cool it would be if all your favourite 80’s computer games came alive and invaded New York?

Nah, i didn’t think so. Me neither.

But here it is! French film-maker/musician Patrick Jean has put together a video that has Pac Man, Space Invaders, Tetris and many more all teaming up for a pixelated 8-bit assault on the Big Apple.

MP3: Rival Consoles – 1985

MP3: Phinz – Atari Disco

MP3: Boards Of Canada – Hi Scores

Seeing that video reminded me of a post that i’d had planned for ages ago but never got round to. I was planning on doing a Monday List based on 8-bit tracks and chiptunes. Like i said, i never got round to it. I may one day but until then you can enjoy these select few songs of computer generated madness courtesy of Scotlands very own Firebrand Boy and the young 8 bit genius from Edinburgh that i’ve championed for the last 18 months or so, Unicorn Kid. Also worth a listen is the fabulously named Unicorn Dream Attack. Unicorns seem popular in the chiptune world.

MP3: Firebrand Boy – In The Warm Mad Night

MP3: Firebrand Boy – Such Great Heights (Postal Service cover)

MP3: Unicorn Kid – Dream Catcher

MP3: Unicorn Dream Attack – b34ut1ful 3y3s

MP3: Unicorn Dream Attack – Monkey Gone To Heaven (Pixies cover)

I’ll try and get an 8bit themed Monday List up soon. There are a lot of artists out there worth mentioning. A few have been mentioned on this site before but there’s so much unrecognised talent out there. The first person who got me really into chip music a few years ago was a guy who went under the name of “Radio Waves Goodbye”, sadly he seems to have disappeared now and stop releasing music under that name but it was through listening to him i got into another dude called “Silent Requiem” and then it was just a juggernaut from there…..Huoratron, Breakbeat Heartbeat, SHE, Unicorn Kid, Firebrand Boy, Nordloaf, Amanaguchi and many many more. It really is a genre worth pursuing and exploring. Different, unique and ultimately enjoyable.

S.I.T Wolf  X


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Hey there boy, so good to see you again.
I heard your woman left you, i heard you quit your band.
How are you on money? You still feeding that jones?
Man, you don’t look like you used to.
My god, you look like a ghost.

There’s a riot going on inside of me.
Won’t you come inside? See what i see.
The boys was drinking.
Goddamn, i got me a gun, we’re going capping later on.
Don’t that sound like fun?
I know how to get my way, to make you love me.

Now, they love you when you’re alone.
Let’s call Jackie and see if he’s at home.

Baby, i’m alright playing tricks with the light.
They love me down in Texas.
My home while i’m away.
God knows i got my reasons for every motherfucking thing i say.
Everytime you go away, take me down.
I’ve gone astray, take me down.

MP3: St Gregory

S.I.T Wolf X

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I’m In Danger Of Going To The Sun With You And Someone Else’s Perfume

The mixed up six this time are….

MP3: Cut Copy – Where I’m Going

MP3: Ghosthustler – Someone Else’s Ride

MP3: Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse – Little Girl (Ft. Julian Casablancas)

MP3: LITE – The Sun Sank

MP3: Perfume Genius – Learning

VIDEO: Best Coast – When I’m With You

I know i don’t usually write anything on the Six Mix posts and usually just stick to the pictures and sounds but i really enjoyed making this one. It’s one of the fave 6 mixes that i’ve had the pleasure to compile. The new Cut Copy track screams summer and the Aussie synth dudes have picked us straight up from where they left us with their last effort, the amazing “In Ghost Colours”. The new track, “Where I’m Going” is the perfect taster for the new album due to drop sometime this coming winter (Australia’s summer), possibly December but maybe even as far off as January 2011. Let’s hope they give our ears a treat and release it asap.

Also, the new album “Dark Night of the Soul” from the very odd trio of DangerMouse, Sparklehorse and David Lynch is unbelievable. The brooding imagery and dark feelings it convey make it a certain contender for album of the year (although Pantha Du Prince still sneaks ahead in that category at the moment). Seriously, don’t just download this album. Go and buy it. The booklet matches the album perfectly. It really is one of those albums you NEED to physically own to fully appreciate. A perfect night time soundtrack.

Now for the rest of the tracks: GhostHustler is Alan Palomo/Neon Indian’s old band. I’m fucking obsessed with Neon Indian at the moment, how i missed out on hearing the album “Psychic Chasms” when it came out last October i’ll never know. I only discovered the Neon Indian project this March. But more of that soon. Enjoy his old work with GhostHustler for the moment.

LITE are a kinda electro rock instrumental Japanese band that Simon told me about. I don’t know how to describe them other than that really.

And ontoPerfume Genius, think of the lo-fi tinkle of piano’s, heartfelt lyrics and ambient soundscapes filling every single second of recording, leaving nothing bare.

As for Best Coast….well, i think i’m in love. I may have fallen head over heels. I love the lo-fi music, i love her style. Fuck it, yeah, i love her.

S.I.T Wolf  X

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I Feel So Bad, I’ve Got A Worried Mind

This is still the single most disturbing video i have seen on YouTube…

It weirded me out the first time i saw it and it still has that “what the fuck is going on?” factor 2 years later.

What gets to me the most is that i kinda like it, the songs gel well together in a strange way. I feel almost guilty for liking it.

Don’t get me wrong i LOVE BoC….but David Hasselhoff?!

MP3:  Boards of Canada – An Eagle In Your Mind

S.I.T Wolf X

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You Know You’re Too Stoned When……

….it’s 1am and you’ve got to get up for work at 6am yet you find yourself engrossed in a programme about building fucking pyramids. An hour of my life i may never get back. But at least i know how to build a pyramid now. That should come in handy in Maryhill.

Seriously, head on over to YouTube and watch the rest of the programme. Get involved.

MP3: Radiohead – Pyramid Song

MP3: Aereogramme – Egypt

Seeing as i’ve already wasted the last hour brushing up on my Egyptian Architecture & Structural Development classes i may as well waste another hour on this game……

Pipol Smasher

VERY addictive. I’m at level 13 and i’m kinda stuck. It may have something to do with the green cloud that’s filling my head.

If Only...

You won’t find those packing out the shelves of your local Tesco….

Randomly, if you don’t listen to Gold Panda then start….NOW.

MP3: Gold Panda – I Suppose I Should Say Thanks Or Some Shit

MP3: Gold Panda – Lonely Owl

Also, how hilarious is this picture? Don’t ask me why.

I just hit the giggles. I may need oxygen soon.

S.I.T Wolf  X

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THE MONDAY LIST #18: A Very Royal Variety

This has been been on my iPod non-stop…

Yes, i’ve recently rediscovered my love for Royal Bangs. In the midst of rediscovering it i had a thought……”wouldn’t it be cool to make a list of royal related bands?”.

So i did..

A Very Royal Variety

1. Queens Of The Stone Age – Do It Again
2. Port-Royal – The Photoshopped Prince
3. Pantha Du Prince – Stick To My Side (Feat. Panda Bear)
4. Prince – I Would Die 4 U
5. Royal Trux – Junkie Nurse
6. Death To The Throne – I Only Have Eyes For You
7. Royal Bangs – Poison Control
8. Kings Of Leon – King Of The Rodeo
9. Moon Palace – Left Behind
10. Crown Heights Affair – I Don’t Want To Change You


MP3 : Ben E King – Stand By Me

MP3: The Subways – Rock And Roll Queen

Here’s some real royals………..

Ok, now this might offend some people although probably not as much as Prince Phillip does….

I remember reading about Yo Majesty a while ago, it’s not my kinda music really but they seem absolutely fucking nuts so that’s good enough for me.

I really couldn’t do a Royal list and even consider leaving this out….

S.I.T Wolf  X

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