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SIT WOLF: The Top 10 EPs of 2010

So, i’ve finally gotten round to compiling my other “Best of 2010” lists. Here’s what twenty ten had to offer in EP form.

Counting down from 10 to 1 we have…..


Released on 1st September 2010

1. Bittersweet *free download*
2. Baltic Numb
3. Colours

I only found out about Aspen Tide towards the end of last year when i saw them support my friends band at the 13th Note in Glasgow. Immediately after the gig i went home and and downloaded the EP from their bandcamp page. The EP is a perfect combination of  alternative punk, indie and vitriol, albeit gentle vitriol in some parts. Love lorn lyrics providing the perfect centre pieces which are then backed by an almost angelic quietness and moments of monolithic heaviness. They have the whole “quiet/loud” thing down to an art. Ably switching from intricate guitar lines to balls out riffing in nano seconds. Their influences are prominent but not over bearing.  They have everything a modern/popular band need. Thoughtful verses and very, very catchy choruses. The next step for these 4 Scottish guys could very well be a big one and if they’re picked up and given the right management then who knows what awaits.

They’re definitely a band i’d recommend catching live. They come across as really being in their element in a live setting. When i saw them at the 13th Note i turned and told my friend that i genuinely thought we could be in the presence of the next Biffy Clyro. It’s in your hands guys. Make it happen.


Released on 13th October 2010

1. Out, Don’t..
2. Heave *free download*

This Colorado twosome gave us a good few pieces of  joyous wonky pop last year. The “Out, Don’t” single/EP being the stand out. It’s like someone has decided to make some lo-fi soul music. There’s a certain element R’n’B element throughout the tracks as well and the title track “Out, Don’t” gathers momentum as it builds up throughout it’s 4 and a half minutes and ends with what sounds like the Beach Boys joing forces with Animal Collective. A must have of last year.


Released on 11th October 2010

1. The Cathcart Circle *free download*
2. I Hate Glasgow
3. Oh, Literature
4. Lets Be Fine Now
5. Fake Tanned Out Yr Tits
6. Overweight Friendship Battalion
7. Cake Face
8. Sunglasses Sucka

A little concept album all about Glasgow from an Edinburgh based, soundscape loving, (dare i say) abstractionist. Yes, at times it’s abstract yet always accessible. The EP drifts along perfectly. The quiet bedroom vocals create an intimate setting and nestle the songs into your ears. This is one for the headphones.


Released on 8th February 2010

1. S Is For Salamander *free download*
2. D Is For Django the Bastard
3. B Is For B-Side
4. K Is For Killing Spree (An Ode To)

This is an EP with a twist. It was recorded in a time span of 4 days during a tour the band did. It’s the same ASIWYFA as always. Amazingly bone crunching riffs, an almost tribal beat and layers of noise that would put most “heavy” bands to shame. Hopefully “The Letters” is a little taster for what lies in store in the form of a new album from the Northern Irish four piece .


Released on 19th July 2010

1. The Well
2. Penultimate
3. Sharing Notes
4. Episodes
5. Watertight
6. 15X *free download*

Another album with a twist. No this wasn’t recorded in 4 days, well it might have been who knows… but the twist is that this EP actually turns into a full functioning synth! A playable instrument. Amazing. When i first heard/seen Breton they were described as post-punk dubstep. Eh??? What a ridiculous “genre” to lump someone into. This is good old fashioned experimental pop at it’s best, yes, there are elements of dub throughout with the classic wonky basslines and drops that the genre is known for but this is purely music evolving. Music taking on new forms. They have the influences of bands like Foals and Minnaars which shine through in their songs but they are a band who distinctly have their own sound. Just don’t call them post punk dubstep. Call them the future.


Released on 27th of July 2010

1. Four More Years
2. Gone For The Summer*free download*
3. Neon
4. Around
5. No Regrets
6. Shine On, You Crazy White Cap
7. Saviour
8. Spin Around, Go Ahead

This could arguably be an album but we’ll go with it as an EP. Either way it’s the perfect example of repetitive, relaxing electronica. Woozy, tender, percussive and very melodic. Call this whatever you want. Glo-fi, chillwave, shoegaze etc. It’s a masterpiece in synth euphoria. There’s the whole tingling feeling when you hear certain sounds washing through the speakers. The laid back vocals only serve to heighten the senses even more. An album? An EP? A work of art.


Released on 24th August 2010

1. Trans Waterfall *free download*
2. Photo Negative Living
3. Inner Sunshine
4. Kill On
5. Crystaline (Leatherette Remix)
6. Twin Stars (Lone Remix)

This was my introduction to Solar Bears and what a first impression. It’s warm and evocative. The Irish duo specialise in cosmic, spacey sounds and on this EP that’s exactly what they serve up. It’s a quite unique blend of instruments that are used to create these sounds and every fleeting synth is partnered with a glitchy drum pattern. They’re not just synth boffins though. They love a bit of guitar (acoustic and electric) which becomes more and more prominent as the EP comes to its final destination. Add in a few remixes and you’ve got yourself a Top 5 EP of the year.


Released on 8th March 2010

1. Less Unless
2. Baghdad Breal
3. C27 *free download*
4. E8-4AH
5. Stacks ON

I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again……these guys are one of my favourite finds of the last year or so. They’re everything i adore about music. They’re bursting with ideas and they strike me as the kind of guys who are not ones to hang around when it comes to putting those ideas into music form as soon as possible. And that’s the way it should be. They combine the elements of electronic music and rock music to create a mixture which, to me, should simply be described as “the Civil Civic sound”. They’ve managed to do something that a lot of bands find very hard to do by being massively original. They’re a band that i feel i can learn something from, as strange as that may sound. I was absolutely gutted that they had to cancel their Glasgow show last month but i’m sure they’ll play here soon and when they do i’ll be there to soak up all they have to offer.


Released on 6th December 2010

1. Rebuild The Machines
2. All Beneath An Iron Sky
3. Duck And Cover Charlie Brown *free download*

Enigmatic and imaginative. This EP from the Glasgow outfit hits all the right instrumental post rock buttons. Intricate and chimey at stages but never veering away from the deafeningly loud formula that serves them so well. The EP is full of little climaxes and breakdowns that surge and sear their way around the epicness. Some parts are soaked in reverb and distortion, not drenched, but soaked just to the right level. Comparisons with their peers are inevitable but STK will know that and it’s only a matter of a time until they’re mentioned in the same breath as bands like Mogwai, Explosions In The Sky and 65dos.


Released 20th November 2010

1. Modern Disbelief *free download*
2. Starlight (feat. Steffaloo)
3. Crumble Before Your Eyes
4. Fly (feat. Steffaloo)

This EP is short but sweet. It wraps you up in a musical blanket and takes you on a little journey into another world. Into the world of Mikey Sanders aka Blackbird Blackbird. Hard working and tirelessly giving us track after track through 2010, there was always the danger that we could get bored of Blackbird Blackbird. That he could’ve gotten stale. But there was never a fear of that after he continually produced little dream pop gems like the ones on display here. Yes, a lot of his material sounds similar at times but that’s because it’s HIS sound. Coincidentally Sanders has actually taken a more experimental route with some of the newer tracks he has posted on his soundcloud page recently. He’s constantly striving to bring us new music and each new track seems to offer just that little bit more into the goings on in mind of this one man music machine.

Honourable mentions go to “Shaved” by Babe Rainbow,  the Flats EP, Girls for their “Broken Dreams Club” EP, Balam Acab and the “See Birds” EP, Million Young with the “Be So True” EP and Dam Mantle’s effort “Grey” EP. I’m sorry i couldn’t fit everybody in!

S.I.T Wolf  X

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All Yesterdays Parties

The last week or so has been absolutely sensational for gigs in Glasgow. Some i did make, some i didn’t make and one got cancelled altogether. Over the course of 6 days from the Tuesday (14th December) to Sunday (the 19th) there were some pretty amazing shows performed and played throughout Glasgow and it’s various musical locations. Below i’ve compiled a list of the best gigs and included MP3’s (where available), videos and links.

The week should have began with Civil Civic but they sadly had to cancel their gig at The 13th Note last Monday. But since they’re so good we’ll include them anyway and just imagine in our heads and ears that they blew the roof off of The Note!

Venue: The 13th Note

MP3: Civil Civic – Run Overdrive


Venue: The Captains Rest

MP3: Viking Moses – Sandstorm

MP3: Withered Hand – Providence

MP3: The Japanese War Effort – Usain Bolt


TUESDAY 14th DECEMBER (yes, there was TWO good gigs on the 14th!)
Venue: The 13th Note

MP3: Sleepy Eyes Nelson – Black Rum Blues

www.myspace.com/damnablecontraptionsucks (my friend’s band, check them out! it’s noisy. you’ve been warned!)

Venue: The Captains Rest

MP3: Drum Eyes – 50/50

MP3: Ultimate Thrush – Ladyfingers

MP3: Prayer Rug – A Ritual


Prayer Rug (Live @ The Arches, November 2010)

Venue: The Flying Duck

MP3: Streets Of Rage – Paris

MP3: Eternal Fags – Street Juice

MP3: Blue Sabbath Black Fiji – Contact High

MP3: Kylie Minoise – Neck Brace Art Appreciation Club

MP3: Gropetown – German and Blue


Grimalkin555 – The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Venue: Nice N Sleazy

MP3: Runners – Starting Line

MP3: Gummy Stumps – Gumbo


Venue: The Arches

MP3: Zombie Nation – Worth It (Part 1)

MP3: Burns – Turbo

MP3: Unicorn Kid – Wild Life


Venue: Nice N Sleazy

The Electra French Christmas Party line up was Mitchell Museum, The Seventeenth Century and Behold….The Old Bear. The Electra French site is well worth checking out. It’s full of cool t-shirts and an amazing array of artists.

MP3: Mitchell Museum – Mission 1

MP3: The Seventeenth Century – Roses In The Park


Mitchell Museum – Tiger Heartbeat

That’s a lot of good live music and artists right there. Feel free to download the tracks (just right click and save as)

S.I.T Wolf X

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Ignorance Is Not So Bliss #1

This is a new section that i’m starting up. It’s sole purpose is for me to be able to post things that i’ve meant to post about in the previous month (November this time) but couldn’t fit in or forgot about etc.

I’ll do an “Ignorance Is Not So Bliss” at some point during the first week of every month from now on. They’ll contain all sorts of stuff from videos and songs to stories and pictures.

As usual just right click and save as to download the MP3s

First up are Aussie electro pop kings Cut Copy. Back in July i posted the bands first teaser track titled “Where I’m Going” from their upcoming new album “Zonoscope” which is pencilled in for a release a week before Valentines Day next year. Oh the romance!

Well the synth loving boys have gave us another little reminder of their talent for providing funky basslines that make us want to dance till our feet turn into dust. “Take Me Over” is their latest offering and is confirmed to appear on the album.

The album cover features a picture of  a waterfall flooding New York city. The artwork is courtesy of Tsunehisa Kimura.

MP3: Cut Copy – Take Me Over

As if you needed a reminder of what these guys can do to your dance floor ego….you do? Ok then.


Next up is yet another new track. This time it’s a demo from Alex Shields and his band A Grave With No Name. This new track “Streams” sticks very much in the same vein as debut album “Mountain Debris”. That angelic voice, all the vocal harmonies, the lo-fi almost underwater like sound effects. I’ve always thought that A Grave With No Name sounded like they recorded their songs in a swimming pool. This is no bad thing by the way. The new demo also reminds me of that kinda alternative americana/indie scene of Band of Horses and Grand Archives. Again, no bad thing.

I can imagine “Streams” playing whilst sitting next to a log fire in a cabin up in a snowy forest in the north of Scotland.

MP3: A Grave With No Name – Streams (Demo)


Now for a remix and some very exciting news concerning lots of remixes!  The band in question are the phenomenal O.Children….

Up until the other week i had only heard 3 remixes of O.Children. Two amazing if not slightly creepy remixes of “Ruins” courtesy of Drop The Lime and Jokers of the Scene respectively and a remix of “Dead Disco Dancer” by the go-to-if-you-wanna-be-cool electroids The Golden Filter.

But that was then and this is now! I recently discovered a remix of “Fault Line” floating about online. It’s one of my favourite tracks on the album along with “Heels”.

MP3: O.Children – Fault Line (Shuttle remix)

As if these remixes aren’t enough we’re being spoiled with a whole albums worth of remixes set to be released a week this Monday. I’ve already pre-ordered mine  here. Seeing as there’s only 1000 copies available you probably should too.

Here’s the tracklist in full.

1. Fault Line (Canblaster remix)
2. Heels (Chad Valley)
3. Don’t Dig (Joe & Will Ask remix)
4. Fault Line (Shuttle remix)
5. Heels (Melé remix)
6. Dead Disco Dancer (The Golden Filter remix)
7. Heels (AC Slater remix)
8. Ruins (Heartbreak remix)
9. Heels (Mugwump remix)
10. Ruins (Drop The Lime remix)
11. Don’t Dig (Jam Factory remix)
12. Ruins (Jokers Of The Scene remix)


Next up is another remix. The Bloody Beetroots are one of the most remixed acts in the blogosphere. Everyone and their dog has had a go at remixing and mashing them up. The list of remixers ranges from professional DJ’s to bedroom DJ’s to music geeks like me. The track “Warp” in all it’s different guises is one of the most popular choices for potentail remixers and it was been dissected, put back together again, spliced up and splattered all over our ears more times than i can say “Woop Woop!”……BUT one style i’ve never heard anyone tackle with The Bloody Beetroots is the issue of dubstep. Until Dirtyphonics braved it….

MP3: The Bloody Beetroots feat Steve Aoki – Warp (Dirtyphonics remix)

Don’t worry i’m not gonna use one of those “dirrtyy as…” or “filthhyyy as….” quotes that all those “dubstep wankers” on YouTube seem to love so much but my my just listen to that drop around 50 odd seconds in. As The Cool Kids would say, “Awesome“.


Well we’re on the subject of remixes/mash ups…

Last month Gregg Gillies AKA Girl Talk released his 5th album proper titled “All Day”. Just like his 4 previous albums and 2 EP’s , “All Day” is made up entirely of samples from other artists song. The guy is a one man copyright assaulting legend and i love him for it!

Also, just like all his previous releases, “All Day” is available on the website Illegal Art. But unlike the rest of his discography, which when released were described as pay-what-you-want, this album is free free free! See, now before people could choose whether or not they wanted a Girl Talk album for nothing or whether or not they wanted to donate 5op or £50 to the cause. This time he’s just said “Hey, take the fucking thing, it’s yours, go on, download it. What? Money? Nah, it’s cool. I love you guys”. Or something like that anyway.

If you haven’t already then you can download your copy here and get full info and tracklisting/samples used here.

MP3: Girl Talk – Get It Get It


Next, we move on to some new music, well for me anyway.

Yes, i’m sure there are more than a few people out there who have heard of and love “Slow Runner” (they have been around since 2004 after all) but i only just randomly and fortuitously discovered them last month. I haven’t stopped listening since.

The track i happened across was “Make You Love Me” which instantly reminded me of The Postal Service and Akron/The Family Band mangled heartbreakingly together while Dave Bazan nods in agreement in the background.

MP3: Slow Runner – Make You Love Me

They’re not just all glitchy bleeps and “love me” lyrics though. They also have a more “traditional” side of indie guitar strummingness.


Lastly we come to the noise duo revivalists Civil Civic. These two well travelled dudes have been busting their asses touring all sorts of cities recently and they arrive in Glasgow on the 13th of December to play a show at the best cult venue in town, The 13th Note.

As a nice little pre-Christmas gift and to build the anticipation of their live shows they’ve given us a nice shiny new track “Lights On A Leash”. It starts off like The Cure swooning over Johnny Marr’s fretboard before the inevitable Civil Civic fuzzy love time kicks in and takes over. Drum beats tick like a deranged squirrel trying to crack a nut and there are sounds in there that remind me of “Just Like You Imagined” by Nine Inch Nails and that is one of the best compliments i can pay these two noise rebels. They’re definitely one of my favourite, if not THE favourite, finds of 2010. I’m looking forward to the 13th in the 13th.

MP3: Civil Civic – Lights On A Leash (Live @ Cargo, London)

I’ve included a live version of “C27” (the b-side) for download but you can buy the actual single here. Go on, it’s only 50p you tight bastards! What else are you gonna buy with that? A fudge and a packet of pickled onion Space Raiders?

On second thoughts…….i am quite hungry. I wonder if the shop’s still open?

S.I.T Wolf  X


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I’ve been offline for about a week due to hangovers, work, sleep and other circumstances but i’ve finally got back to posting. It’s been a hectic week so this is just gonna be a short post. I checked my email inbox for the first time in ages and i had a nice little message from the guys at Civil Civic.

They want you/us/ me (their adoring public) to name their next single for them. How fun?! I love making shit up for songs/band names. I’m in my element here!

The following is taken from the bands site….

Every human being has, in their lifetime, come up with at least one AWESOME BAND NAME.  Seriously, you’ve done it, even if you didn’t realise or don’t remember.
Well now it’s time to put your dopey, killer band-name skillz to the ultimate test and NAME OUR NEXT SINGLE.

Yeah, you heard me. Get that bong fired up (or use technology) and blurt out some ridiculous/evocative/atmospheric word or phrase in the English language. Our distinguished panel (Aaron, Ben and The Box) will hand down their judgement and then it’s LOCKED!
That’s the name of our next SMASH HIT!*  Out on limited edition 7″ on Too Pure in December.
The winner, apart from concrete proof of their own RADNESS, will receive a signed copy of the 7″ and a life sized oil-on-canvas of AARON FIGHTING A VICIOUS PACK OF STRAY DOGS!**
Entries close next Monday 11th October.
You have one week, multiple entries encouraged!!!
email your names to mail@civilcivic.com with ‘title comp’ as the subject.
*subject to record sales.
**this is a bare faced lie. You will get a 7″ though, and eternal glory and bragging rights.

So there you have it, get those brain cells working on some strange amalgamations and help out Civil Civic.

I’ve already submitted a few entries myself.


Hobbledehoy (thought this would work kinda in relation to their song “Fuck Youth”)

Gongoozler Sea Party (i heard someone mention that word and instantly wanted to know what it meant)

Freudian Slip (self explanatory really)

I realise these aren’t exactly imaginative but i’m gonna spend this afternoon coming up with more.

In the meantime, enjoy…

MP3: Civil Civic – Less Unless

S.I.T Wolf  X

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THE MONDAY LIST #21: Cassette Culture

Advances in technology and new ways of musical distribution, mainly the internet/file sharing, have led to a steady decline in the use of cassettes in recording (home or studio) and more so the act of selling your music on cassette.

So imagine my joy when Civil Civic made their EP “1” available in tape format earlier this year. I didn’t order mine till August and thus i missed out on getting one of the coloured versions but i did manage to get my hands on the EP ….just. Two days after i ordered mine, i got an email saying that they had just sold out! But thankfully i got one of the last numbers of these limited edition beauties. It’s hardly been off since. I love the sound of a cassette and Civil Civic’s music sounds just that little bit scuzzier when it’s blasting out of a tape deck.

This particular track is off the Run Overdrive/Fuck Youth split they released in July.

MP3: Civil Civic – Fuck Youth

Civil Civic may be helping to keep cassette culture alive but they’re not alone in their love of the of the amazing musical rectangles.

Cassette Culture

1. The Kills – Tape Song
2. Memory Tapes – Pink Stones
3. Fujiya and Miyagi – Cassettesingle
4. Cassettes Won’t Listen – Freeze And Explode
5. Tape Deck Mountain – On My Honor
6. Andrew Thomas – Blue Cassette
7. Tapes N Tapes – The Dirty Dirty
8. Brand New – Mix Tape
9. Tape Deck Bros – Science Fiction
10. Cassette Club – 4 Me (Bestrack Remix)

BONUS Track:

This Elliott Smith b-side was released on a compilation called “Air Check Cassette”.

MP3: Elliott Smith – See You Later

Dayve Hawk aka Memory Tapes seems to be a huge cassette fan. His current alias is a mash up of his two previous recording monikers “Memory Cassette” and “Weird Tapes”.

Glasgow’s West End has a pretty cool little pub called Radio. The walls are adorned with tapes, boomboxes and vinyl. It’s one of the coolest little hang out places in the area. It’s been my favourite haunt of the last month or so, even pushing The Captains Rest into second place. They have a mass collection of all sorts of music on cassette ranging from early punk singles right through to the Street Fighter soundtrack. They also make the best Southern Comfort with ginger beer in town. I also love the very cool little table football game they have but i won’t go into too much detail as i don’t want to embarrass Gustav……………….Ok, you twisted my arm, i’ll go into detail. I beat him 9-1, 8-2, 10-0 and 9-1 again all in the space of about 5 minutes. Although to be fair i am pretty fucking good at it 🙂

Remember the days when having a tape player in your car was cool?  Now it’s all sub-woofers and bluetooth connections. What next? Spotify direct to your car dashboard? (If you’re listening Spotify guys then i came up with that idea first! So if it happens, gimme a cut.)

Don’t get me wrong, i’m by no means a technophobe  but i do love my retro music stuff. I have a happy medium though because in all honesty i do love my iPod as well. I’d kinda be lost without it.

S.I.T Wolf  X

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Tapes and Vinyl

Last weekend i acquired some more EPs. Although this time there were no CDs or DVDs. Nope, i indulged in some different formats.

I ordered the Civil Civic EP, simply titled “1”. It’s on a limited edition reel to reel tape. There aren’t many, if any at all left but if you fancy one then head on over to http://shop.civilcivic.com/album/1.

When you buy the cassette you get a download of the album as well so you can have it in MP3 form as well. I’d highly recommend giving these guys a listen. It’s instrumental music at it’s best. Buzzy, warm and experimental. My favourite song is “Less Unless”, the guitars and drums make me want to air strum and drum. At the same time. I posted a video of theirs for at the end of last month. Be sure to give it a listen if you haven’t already.

MP3: Civil Civic – Stacks On

The “1” EP was initially released in March. But the guys have been busy since then. Last month they released a Double B side of Run Overdrive/Fuck Youth. It’s here http://shop.civilcivic.com/album/run-overdrive-fuck-youth. If you wanna be really cheap you can download the digital version for literally nothing but that’s being a bit of a scrooge if you ask me. Why not fork out a fiver for the 7″ vinyl and get the digital version as well? You’ll also feel all warm inside because you know you’ll be helping these guys make some more good tunes. Go on, help them. I mean, look at that picture up there, they could do with some new clothes for a start……

Civil Civic are one of my new favourite acts, if you want them to be one of yours then have a look and listen and you’ll be hooked too.



The other new addition to my music collection is the 7″ vinyl of FLATS self titled EP. I’d been anticipating the release for quite a while. I’m not one for buying a shitload of vinyl but if something catches my eye, or ear rather then i sometimes like to get it in different formats. The last vinyl i bought that i really enjoyed was 65DaysofStatic “We Were Exploding Anyway” back in May, it’s still in Simon’s old house actually, i’ll need to get that back. But anyway back to FLATS. I was initially going to buy it online myself but thankfully a friend of mine who stays in London “knows” one of the band members and she very kindly mailed me a nice fresh copy of the EP. If you haven’t heard of FLATS (yes, all capitals) you soon will. They’re a ferocious quartet of noise, a punch in the face for the “scene”, a punk monster full of fury. They seem to thrive on keeping themselves shrouded in a certain type of mystery. They’re songs are notoriously hard to get a hold of online in MP3 format. If you wanna listen to them you pretty much have two options….1. Buy the EP or 2. Listen to them on their MySpace. Even at that they only had one song on there until fairly recently. They were even hard to even track down at all at one point. The name is a google nightmare. Type in “flats” and you get all sorts of house offers popping up. Even try “flats band” and you’re led to a Tampa band called “The Flats” who have a ridiculously funky cover of Peter Gabriels “Sledgehammer” on their MySpace. What about YouTube i hear you say? Well that’s even worse, go on then, you try looking for “FLATS” on there…

MP3: FLATS – Flats Waltz

My current favourite track of theirs is “Rat Trap”. Think American hardcore punk bands like Black Flag, The Descendents and the likes gone distinctly….eh…London-ish? “Rat Trap” is under 2 minutes long, like all of their songs, and is full of lyrics like “I hope you all fucking die” and a final twenty seconds that manages to insult Paul Weller, Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey before abruptly ending with “Fuck the Mods……cunts”. I couldn’t agree more FLATS, i couldn’t agree more. If only you’d mentioned Paul fucking McCartney in there i would have bought every single one of your EPs and stood on the corner of Byres Road giving them away for free. Spread the word.

They look like such nice boys as well, don’t they? If you wanna hear the EP and maybe even buy it then head on over to http://www.myspace.com/flatsofcourse

Oh and incase anyone is interested in The Flats and the Sledgehammer cover then click here at your peril……..The Flats

S.I.T Wolf  X


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Your Monthly Video Dose: July 2010

Grasscut – Muppet

The Knux – Bang! Bang!

Frightened Rabbit – Swim Until You Can’t See Land

PJ Harvey – This Is Love

Civil Civic – Run Overdrive

S.I.T Wolf X

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