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Don’t Call It A Comeback……

So i’ve once again decided to restart the Someone’s In The Wolf blog. This time for reals! Any regular readers will know that at the end of last spring i stopped posting altogether and then made a rather lackluster attempt at starting to post again in the summer. 2011 was a massively up, down, back up then down again year for me due to various personal reasons.  But with those 12 months behind me i’m in the mood to get back to blogging.

While i’ve been away i’ve discovered a lot of new music and i’m massively looking forward to sharing it with you. I’ll be regularly posting monday lists, video doses, the six mix, gig reviews and cover posts just like before but i’ll also be throwing in a few new categories each month. One such new category will be a Soundcloud special each month. I only really started regularly using Soundcloud last summer and in terms of finding and sharing music it’s definitely one of the best sites out there.

So, what better way to kick start a new beginning for Someone’s In The Wolf by posting you a few new tracks that i’ve discovered through Soundcloud recently….

Ethereal and haunting pop in a similar vein to M83 and Gotye.
MP3: Eight and a Half – Scissors

No words. Just dark beats and mysterious bass from New York.
MP3: Clubs For Boardgames – Swampwalker

Danish band with a penchant for big riffs and catchy choruses.
MP3: Little Yells Alot – Zoo City


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