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ViciousCounterPopErosion is the first mixtape i made. It contains remixes and edits of songs that i’ve done and also some of my favourite songs that i’ve maybe just tweaked a little by adding a beat , dub, sample, loop or a break and so on.

The mix also contains some out-takes from some of my favourite films (i’ll let you see if you can spot them yourself) and part of a Barack Obama speech (i thought it fitted nicely between two certain songs/themes).

ViciousCounterPopErosion is pretty heavy/loud/fast paced the whole way through so at the end i thought i’d stop the noise dead in its tracks and bring the level down a notch or two with one of my favourite new bands The Temper Trap. Very different from the rest of the mix, some might say too different but i thought it was the ideal way to finish the last 4 minutes.

I recorded and mixed the collection all in one go, it lasts about 1 hour 18 mins (short enough to fit on to a standard CD), all the songs meld into each other. Unfortunately i don’t have the software or know how to make the file into a ZIPfile/folder. Sorry. Just means you’ll have to listen to the mix the whole way through!….or skip it to a certain song, i suppose. Up to yourself.

MP3: ViciousCounterPopErosion (Mixtape)

To download: right click and save target as
To just listen: click once and file will open on its own page, then hover over and play using the flash player, allow the file a few seconds to load. Don’t be impatient!

ViciousCounterPopErosion Tracklisting

1. Death From Above 1979 – Romantic Rights (Someoone’s In The Wolf Remix)
2. The Faint – The Geeks Were Right (Someone’s In The Wolf Edit)
3. The Gorecki/O.Vision – Wrists (Someone’s In The Wolf Extended Remix Version)
4. Shy Child – Drop The Phone
5. Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit/Alavi Version (Someone’s In The Wolf Remix)
6. Primal Scream – Miss Lucifer (Someone’s In The Wolf Short Edit)
7. The Presets (Someone’s In The Wolf Remix)
8. Justice – Waters Of Nazareth (Someone’s In The Wolf Short Edit)
9. PNAU – Wild Strawberries
10. Does It Offend You, Yeah – We Are Rockstars (Someone’s In The Wolf Edit)
11. The Illuminoids – Le Disko vs Get It On
12. We Are Wolves – Fight And Kiss
13. The Faint – Dropkick The Punks (Someone’s In The Wolf Remix)
14. Heads We Dance – The Human Touch (Someone’s In The Wolf Edit)
15. Shiny Toy Guns – Ricochet (Someone’s In The Wolf Edit)
16. Tears For Fear vs DMX – Shout Who We Be
17. Barack Obama Speech
18. Frontline Assembly – Beneath The Rubble (Someone’s In The Wolf Remix)
19. The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition

Mp3’s usually only stay on WordPress blogs for around 4 months or so. So if you find that if at any time you can’t download the mixtape directly from this page then go to and you’ll be able to download for free at anytime.

ViciousCounterPopErosion Artwork/Cover:

ViciousCounterPopErosion (Someone's In The Wolf)

S.I.T Wolf x

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Christian Bale vs RevoLucian vs The Mae Shi

Christian BaleFollowing the news being leaked of Christian Bales expletive laden rant last July on the set of the new Terminator movie there has been a series of mash up tracks and videos posted on the internet. Some not so good and some that are genuinely hilarious. The news was leaked at the begiining of February and people have not wasted anytime in mocking it.

The first one i heard was by a DJ named RevoLucian, he called the song “Bale Out”. Give it a listen below and feel free to download it too….

MP3: RevoLucian – Bale Out

My favourite “tribute” to Mr.Bales rant is a song by The Mae Shi called “R U Professional”, the song is named after a phrase used by Christian in his outburst. The group wrote and recorded the song within 24 hours of hearing the rant in the news on 2nd February. The band have stated that “its a tribute song we made to celebrate the epic-ness of Christian Bale”. Mind you, i’m pretty positive that quote was said with tongue firmly in cheek. The Mae Shi only use a few samples of the crazy rant and instead preferred to write their own lyrics, albeit Christian Bale related lyrics, for the song.

Listen and download and see for yourself

MP3: The Mae Shi – R U Professional?

Here’s the lyrics to this absolutely legendary tune

[Christian Bale]
What the fuck are you doing? Are you professional or not?
No! No!. Shut the fuck up!

R U professional?
R U pro-pro-pro-professional?
R U professional?
R U professional?
R U professional?

He’s got that look in his eyes
I see the fire behind
He is the Dark Knight
He is professional

He’s got that frail ego mind
But maybe something ain’t right
Swing Kid with a violent streak
But he’s professional

He is professional
But I think he’s lost control

He is professional
But I think he’s lost control

R U professional?

[Christian Bale]
Fuck’s sake, you’re amateur

R U pro-pro-pro-professional?

Empire Of The Sun
He was like number one
Great sense of humour
You can’t stop him, he’s professional

Step back, stay out of his light
Better not try to put up a fight
Newsies will get you tonight
Cause they’re professional

He is professional
But I think he’s lost control

He is professional
But I think he’s lost control

He is professional
But I think he’s lost control

He is professional
But I think he’s lost control

[Christian Bale]
Seriously man, you and me, we’re fucking done professionally

Don’t look too deep in his eyes
He can’t hide what’s inside of his mind
And it might get a little bit ugly
And you might meet an American Psycho

He is professional
But I think he’s lost control

He is professional
But I think he’s lost control

He is professional
But I think he’s lost control

He is professional
But I think he’s lost control

[Christian Bale]
Oh GOOD for you!

here’s a link to the best of the rest of Christian Bale piss takes and mash ups…

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THE MONDAY LIST #1: The Top 5 Tips For 2009

I know the back end of February is a bit late to be giving my top tips for 2009 but seeing as i only started this blog a week ago i think its fair enough. No?

Anyways, charging on….


Empire of the Sun are an Australian duo made up of Luke Steele (Sleepy Jackson) and Nick Littlemore (PNAU). I suppose you could call them a supergroup if you want. They have been compared soundwise to MGMT. Personally i think that they have their own sound. Influenced by the 80’s? Yes. An ear for melody? Yeah. A gleaming voice and catchy synths? Yup. But i wouldn’t go as far to say they sound like MGMT, although there are worse bands to be compared to. And i definitely think Empire of the Sun will have the same amount of success that the Brooklyn duo enjoyed in 2008. Judge for yourself…

MP3: Empire Of The Sun – Walking On A Dream

Empire of the Sun


The Temper Trap are another Australian band on the up. The country seems to have been giving the music industry a constant stream of talent over the last 4 or 5 years (look out for a future post dedicated to past, present and future Australian music) and The Temper Trap are just one of many new bands making waves both in their homeland and across the waters in the UK and US. The band have only released a handful of songs so far, with Sweet Disposition being the most noticeable. The song has been featured on the movie trailer for upcoming film “500 Days of Summer”, bringing the group more publicity in the process. Their star should rise even more once they’ve performed at the well respected SXSW festival in Texas in mid March. The festival is known for showcasing new talent and The Temper Trap are certainly a talent worth hearing.

MP3: The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition



Well, after two Australian bands at the top its time to give a shout out to a homegrown band….kinda. The line up of Red Light Company could be the start of a joke. Ever heard the one about the Englishman, the Welsh guy, the Scottish guy, the English-Kiwi-Australian and the American? Nah, me neither. But thats exactly what RLC consist of. They were launched to a good bit of fame thanks to their third single “Scheme Eugene”, which received a lot of airplay from Radio 1 and eventually hit #69 in the charts. Not bad considering the amount of guff filling the charts these days. Their first two singles “With Lights Out” and “Meccano” aren’t half bad either. The band embark on an eight date UK tour on the 7th of March in support of their debut album “Fine Fascination” which is released on the 2nd of March. Expect big things from Red Light Company before 2009 is over.

MP3: Red Light Company – Scheme Eugene

Red Light Company


James Yuill is anything but a newcomer, he’s been bleeding electronics into his folk tinged music since 2005. But i just think that 2009 will be a big year for London based East Sussex native. He’s been likened to and even compared himself to The Postal Service, whose album “Give Up” is a clear influence on the two albums Yuill has released so far. Although James himself is sometimes credited as a pioneer of “folktronica” and few would argue with that. His 2007 album “Turning Down Water For Air” is criminally under-rated and is one of the constants on my IPod. James Yuills “Post War Years and Wave Mahines Tour” kicks off on the 25 February and i will definitely be taking in his show at King Tuts in Glasgow on the 1st March. I get the feeling he needs to be seen live to be truly apprecited. If he’s playing near you…go. If anything James Yuill DESERVES to get a big break this year.

MP3: James Yuill – Left Handed Girl



Dinosaur Pile Up first came to  my attention last  November when i seen them supporting The Kills at Oran Mor in Glasgow. The Leeds band almost brought the place down with the sheer volume of their short but sharp set. I swear the walls were vibrating, my Jack D + Coke was shaking like the glass of water in the famous Jurassic Park scene ( i swear thats not a pun or anything on their name!) and me and my friend Elaine couldn’t hear ourselves or each other talk over the noise. They were really really loud but in a good way. They reminded me a lot of QOTSA, my favourite band of all time. There was a few of their songs that caught my ear more than others but i’ve honestly yet to hear a bad song they’ve done. Long may that continue. If Dinosaur Pile Up keep gigging and recording tunes at the pace and level that they have so far then it surely won’t be long before they get tyrannosauras-ly big (apologies for the pun). Just make sure you play them at full volume

MP3: Dinosaur Pile Up – My Rock N Roll

Dinosaur Pile Up

Kali Nichta

S.I.T Wolf x

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KiCkInG aNd ScReAmInG

A remix of The Presets “Kicking and Screaming”

MP3: Kicking And Screaming (Someone’s In The Wolf Remix)

The Presets
Julian Hamilton and Kim Moyes of The Presets

S.I.T Wolf  x

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True Love Waits and The Weight of True Love

broken heart

I know its Valentines Day tomorrow  and i don’t want to dampen the mood for people but seen as today is Friday the 13th i’ve decided to put a post up for those that are unlucky in love. Songs for people that have experienced broken hearts, for people that have broke hearts themselves (everybody has) and for the lots of people who will spend Valentines Day alone this year.

The first bunch of songs are ones of loss, hurt and memories. The usual suspects like Jeff Buckley and Bon Iver are in there but there’s a few others that i thought would fit in quite nice. I’m not Coldplays biggest fan but even i can’t deny “The Scientist” is a touching ode to lost love. The Twilight Singers went for an orchestral background and a boy/girl conversation type song on “Number Nine”.  Whereas “No One’s Gonna Love You” by Band of Horses and “Maps” by the YYY’s are more stripped back but no less haunting. The Postal Service also go for the boy/girl conversation point of view on the ethereal “Nothing Better” whislt managing to keep their trademark bleepy sound. Mystery Jets, Chairlift and Bloc Party bring an indie touch to the mix with tales of bruised love (literally) and broken dreams . Frightened Rabbit’s song about “getting your hole” (as they so delicately put it) offers something a bit more awkward and an altogether different outlook on finding love or thinking you’ve found love. And then there’s the classic break up song by Fleetwood Mac. “Go Your Own Way” was written and recorded just after band members Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks broke up and the tension and emotion is clear for all to hear as they share vocal duties.

Jeff Buckley – Last Goodbye
Bon Iver – Skinny Love
Coldplay – The Scientist
The Twilight Singers (feat Mark Lanegan) – Number Nine
Band Of Horses – No One’s Gonna Love You
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Maps
Mystery Jets – Flakes
Chairlift – Bruises
Bloc Party – I Still Remember
Frightened Rabbit – Keep Yourself Warm
Fleetwood Mac – Go Your Own Way

The next trio of songs are the polar opposite of the ones above. Instead of  getting you down or making you feel sorry for yourself these songs might make you feel better about a break up. From the slightly sarcastic and provoking “I Never Wanted You” by Headphones, right though to the pretty blatant “fuck you” blasts from The Avalanches and McAlmont & Butler.

Headphones – I Never Wanted You
The Avalanches – Since I Left You
McAlmont & Butler – Yes

The last song doesn’t really need any description. One of the most simple but moving songs ever. Probably something to do with the fact that Thom Yorkes vocals still sound so fragile when he sings live.

MP3: Radiohead – True Love Waits (live)

hearts on hands

And thats it for my first real post. Don’t worry they won’t all be this doomy and gloomy. It just happens to be one of those days today.

Kali Nichta

S.I.T Wolf   x

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About A Wolf

Hello and welcome to the Someones In The Wolf blog. As you may have guessed i am the someone who is inside the wolf.  That someone plays guitar, synth and the occasional bit of drums. But more recently that someone has got involved in another side of music. Mixing, cutting, remixing, re-cutting etc. And i thought this blog would be the perfect way to get things out. By things i mean remixes i’ve done, songs i’ve done (Kohlstream), songs i’ve done with my bands (The Gorecki and Subdigital) and songs that a few other people have done. Some famous, some not so famous.

This page will be used for various different types of posts and for all different kinds of musical related stuff and maybe even the odd piece of “visual art”.

The posts will consist mainly of my own remixes and mixtapes of my favourite people, bands, DJ’s, robots and wolves. But i will also be posting random music that i’m into at the time…..depending on how bored i get i’m going to post all different kinds of fun lists and mixes including some of my favourite artists.

*WARNING* Don’t be alarmed if you see the occasional bit of promoting for any of the following ……….

Kohlstream, The Gorecki, Racecar Kayak, The Glitter Quad, Subdigital (all bands that i’m either currently assosciated with or have been previously)

Chromakey Dreamcoat, Small Town Boy, La Deadbeats (previous  remixing and recording pseudonyms of myself before the wolf got a hold of me)

You Can’t Eat The Word Food, Lazy Bones, Sherbert Head, Luisa Menoni, Filthy Little Secrets, Da Gramsci, Mechanical Smile, The Headfucks, Terraform, Guavara, Davy Vader, The Chef (all amazing musicians and friends of mine)

My favourite bands are the following (not in any order)…..

Death From Above 1979
Queens Of The Stone Age
Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster
Boards Of Canada
Cut Copy
Black Strobe
Shiny Toy Guns
The Kills
The Prodigy
The Presets
The Faint
My Vitriol
Smashing Pumpkins
Aphex Twin
Van She
Gui Boratto
65 Days of Static
Twilight Singers
Heads We Dance
The Japanese Popstars

thats is to name but a few, there are way too many for me to keep going on and on… want me to? ok…

Nine Inch Nails
A Place To Bury Strangers
Bloody Beetroots
The Tupolev Ghost
Frontline Assembly
Asobi Seksu
James Yuill
Bon Iver
The Temper Trap
Crystal Castles
Does It Offend You, Yeah?
Jeff Buckley
At The Drive In
Remember Remember
DJ Shadow

right, thats it… more…fingers are sore <——(undeliberate rhyme)

Anyways, enough about me and thats definitely enough ranting for the moment, here’s a picture of me just so you know what you’re getting yourself into….

Someones In The Wolf
….bear in mind that i haven’t shaved for a few days.

Kali Nichta

S.I.T Wolf    x

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