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No Boundaries, No Hierarchies

The Glasgow Music and Film Festival is in full swing and tonight, when Lucky Dragons roll into town, promises to be one of the highlights of the 11 day extravaganza.

“Independent promoters Cry Parrot and Glasgow Music & Film Festival are proud to present a special one-off conceptual event. Breaking down the traditional boundaries and hierarchies between performance and audience members, the event encourages full participation by audience members: You control the music. You control the film.

Lucky Dragons are an experimental music act from Los Angeles, California. Hailed for their original brand of mediative, world-infused, glitchy electronica, they are described as having the ability to make “everyday sounds become alluringly other”. In a live setting, they encourage ‘equal power-sharing relationships’ between audience members and themselves. By passing out touch sensitive wires and instrumentation, everyone is encouraged to participate and manipulate the sounds feeding from the speakers.

This event also invites YOU to submit films. During Lucky Dragon’s performance, numerous projectors will screen all the received submissions throughout the performance space. With no thematic, stylistic, narrative or picture quality requirements: the films can be about anything. The only requirements are that they are silent and no more than 10 minutes long.”

MP3: Lucky Dragons – Givers

A 5 minute documentary on Luke Fishbeck’s “make a baby” project. The project uses a rug, audio converters, and a laptop to produce sounds/music through skin contact.

Also on the bill is Wounded Knee. Who wants you to sing along with him and be a “collaborative choir”.

MP3: Wounded Knee – Even The Dogs

Here’s his “Tones of the Universe” idea in full..

Tones of the Universe

“I thought it would be useful to say a wee bit about what I’m hoping for with this collaborative choir, so that you have an idea in advance and I’m not just springing something on you on the night.  In short I would like to invite everyone attending the Lucky Dragons show to perform with me during my set as a big choir.  In this way it won’t be a Wounded Knee set at all, it will be our set.  It will be an acoustic affair, no mics and no PA necessary.

I want to try and keep this invitation as loose and open as possible so that we can all get involved in some way.  Therefore I just want to propose a couple of basic principles:

  • For the duration of the performance the group tries to maintain a constant tone
  • We don’t worry about words or set songs and focus instead on making sounds

We can all sing, as surely as we can all speak.  We all have our own voice.  The key thing is to feel relaxed and enjoy the experience of singing.  Here’s a wee exercise each of you can practice to help you warm up and find your tone.

  • Take some deep breaths at a natural comfortable rhythm
  • After a while, when exhaling, think about the way that you yawn and try to replicate this.  This should warm up your soft palate.
  • After a while when exhaling start to make an “mmmmmm” sound naturally and comfortably
  • When you feel ready start to open your mouth so that the “mmmmmm” changes into a “mmmmmuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh” or something like that
  • After a while experiment with the different vowel sounds as you exhale, either on their own or in combinations

I think it would be great to use this exercise as the foundation of the performance on the night.  Group singing is a powerful thing.  My own experience of it is very limited but as a solo singer I can tell you it’s a whole other level.  And the more of us are doing it the more powerful I think it’ll be.  Imagine all these tones coming together in one space all the microtonal variations, the natural harmonies and dissonances all merging together.  Let’s create the tones of the universe!”

All attendees at the gig have also been invited to bring along their own vinyl records which will be played by Wavy Graves inbetween acts. This really is all set to be a night not to forget.

S.I.T Wolf X

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Satellite Rainbow Visions In Red Rose Mode

February’s Six Mix is made up of…

MP3: Rainbow Arabia – Without You

MP3: Blood Red Dancers – End Of The Street

MP3: The Kills – Satellite

MP3: How To Dress Well – These Visions

MP3: White Rose Movement – Alsatian

VIDEO: Goose – British Mode

S.I.T Wolf  X

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Your Monthly Video Dose: February 2011

Mogwai – Mexican Grand Prix

Fake Blood – I Think I Like It

James Blake – The Wilhelm Scream

White Russia – Charmless State

The Future Sound Of London – We Have Explosive

S.I.T Wolf X

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Suplex The Kid Live @ Stereo

A week to the day and i finally find the time to get round to posting the review of the gig at Stereo from Someone’s In the Wolf favourites Suplex The Kid last thursday night.

As i promised last week the key word and best descriptive word here will be STENTORIAN. For those unaware of the meaning of this adjective have a look here.

But here’s the review…

“Suplex The Kid are sandwiched between another two acts at Stereo tonight. Taking the stage between opening act “The Minor Operations” and headliners “Thula Borah“. I only caught the last two or three songs from The Minor Operations but it was a good enough start to the night. Their final track began like The Prodigy before changing into something totally different but kept the audience entertained. As for Thula Borah, i had to leave the gig early so only got the chance to hear a few of their tracks. Their throttling sound definitely appealed to me from what i briefly heard so i’ll be checking them out live again in the near future.

Suplex The Kid take to the stage in a quiet enough manner. But don’t be deceived by the look of these guys though as they’re more than capable of punishing your brains sound system to it’s limit and that’s exactly what they set out to do tonight. This is only the second time i’ve caught them live so i still have a massive sense of excitement as i jump outside for a quick smoke before their set starts. Their setlist tonight consists of circa 2009 tracks “We Heard The Shots From Your House”, “Sol A Una Tormenta”, “A Rise and Fall of a Hero” and the epic “Rebuild The Machines” from last years epic “The Trinity Test” EP.

With the microphones pushed to one side of the stage the band prepare themselves for the pulverising show they are about to produce. They say hello and then proceed to effortlessly glide between songs with a group sense of musical tightness that belies what has been their relatively short existence so far. They charge and blast their way through the crunching riffs that steadily become louder and heavier to the point of sounding more deafening than war. Yet throughout all the shuddering atmospherics created they never ever once lose that sense of melody that seems to be steadily becoming their trademark. That’s what really appeals to me about STK, the melodies. They aren’t just your run of the mill post rock/shoegaze heavy instrumental band who churn out standard noise and riffs. They’re so much more. And they don’t need vocals, not when they have the arsenal of  mesmerizing songs from their two EPs at their disposal. At times the music reminds me of a film soundtrack, it’s almost apocalyptic sounding. If this is what the end of the world sounds like then someone hit the nuke button now. I really like the ideas of visuals playing behind STK during their music and i can see that happening at future gigs. The music is perfectly suited to that idea.

Their short performance does everything and more to justify the build up i’ve been giving of them to friends. They finish the set with what seems like a wall of feedback…..or do they? Just when it seems the gig might be over that monstrous bass kicks back in and then it’s another wall of feedback, one last big four pronged attack and then they’re gone. I just wish they could have played for longer.

I get the feeling this band are the reason the word stentorian was created. I swear i saw a pillar move as they shook the basement of Stereo to it’s very core. I’m glad i stood down the front. My ears have never been so willingly assaulted.”

Here’s a few pix of the show courtesy of their facebook page. Head on over to keep up to date with all things Suplex.

MP3: Suplex The Kid – Rebuild The Machines

If you want to download more STK stuff for FREE then check out the archives at Monograph Records.

Give this band and the label the type of support they deserve.

S.I.T Wolf  X

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THE MONDAY LIST #25: A Valentine For You

This blog has been up and running for just over 2 years now and i just realised that i’ve never actually done a proper Valentines Day post. So here is one in the form of a Monday List.

Valentines Day divides a lot of people. Some love it and celebrate it to the full with presents, dinner dates, “quiet” nights at hotels, cards, flowers and the general showering of love on their partner. Then there are those who hate (lets be honest it’s usually single people) Valentines Day and everything about it. Preferring to spend the day moaning about how it’s such a waste of time, money and effort.

Personally, i sit on the fence when it comes to the subject of Valentines Day. Yes, i think the fact that there is a day dedicated to love and showing it is a nice enough idea but i can also see the negative side of it. First there’s the whole commercialised side of it. That can get really tiresome. Hearts, flowers and all things red adorn just about every shop window and passing bus and every page of every paper/magazine. Then some would argue that there shouldn’t have to be a specific day to show your love. If you love someone tell them. Tell them everyday. Tell them at night. Tell them in the morning. Tell them when you hang up. Love and it’s pro’s and cons are a strange thing nowadays, it seems like people would rather tell the world (or more specifically Facebook) about their relationship rather than actually talk to their partner. But i suppose that’s life in the noughties. Maybe i’m just old fashioned.

Like i said though i’m neither here nor there when it comes to Valentines. There have been some Valentines Days i’ve enjoyed and some not so much. I just much prefer it to be a personal thing between two people rather than a day of brownie points and kudos for declaring your love on the 14th of February. But fret not, im not going to get all Ricki Lake and relationship advice-y on you so here’s the music.

A Valentines/Love List
1. Craig Armstrong – This Love
2. Beach House – Lover Of Mine
3. John Legend and The Roots – Love The Way It Should Be
4. Red Wire Black Wire – Post Apocalyptic Love Song
5. Nice Nice – A Little Love
6. Assassins 88 – True Love
7. Swimmer One – Lovesong
8. Pelle Carlberg – I Love You, You Imbecile
9. Cancel the Astronauts – Love Somebody
10. Arab Strap – Come Round And Love Me

I tried to keep them a bit different from the usual love song stuff and throw in a Scottish acts element. The main thing i aimed for was “uncheesy”, i hope i succeeded.


Dirty Beaches – Valentine

Radiohead/Thom Yorke – True Love Waits

S.I.T Wolf  X


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I’ve returned home to Glasgow after my weekend in Dundee.

I’m way too tired to justify anything other than a half arsed post so here’s some songs from my iPod that sum up the weekend….

1. The bus journey up
MP3: Fake Blood – Fix Your Accent

2. The Friday night in Keanes flat
MP3: Coolrunnings – When I Got High With You

3. The Saturday afternoon
MP3: Carmen Rosa – Football Pie

4. The Saturday night out in Dundee
MP3: Ryan Adams – Drunk And Fucked Up (Like The Twilight)

5. Waking up on “that” chair this morning
MP3: Idlewild – Let Me Sleep (Next To The Mirror)

6. The bus journey home
MP3: For A Minor Reflection – Kyrr+¦

For A Minor Reflection are the best soundtrack for a late Sunday night bus journey. Fact.

Anyway that about puts the weekend into perspective.

S.I.T Wolf  X


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February Stars (Part 3)

The third and final part of what’s happening this month…


Yet another good night for gigs! What is it with live music, Thursdays and February!?

The critically acclaimed Danish 4 piece come to Glasgow for what is guaranteed to be a night of childlike folky joy. I’m more than slighly peeved that i won’t make it.
MP3: Efterklang – Modern Drift
VERDICT: Unavailable due to other gig commitments.

One of Glasgows leading light when it comes to pulverising drums and pulsating Tool-esque riffs, Perduramo are headlining a bill which will pack a huge punch. Their unusual time signatures and talented individuals will have you gawping in awe and, like me, wondering if you’re in the company of the new Mastodon. The rest of the line up ain’t half bad either.





VERDICT: I’m 70/30 positive that i’m going to this but there’s one gig that could change my mind…

This is a SXSW fundraiser which Kid Canaveral hope will generate enough pennies to allow them to attend and perform at the annual and world famous SXSW festival in Texas next month. Their album “Shouting at Wildlife” should be more than enough to see them get recognition with its gloriously infectious pop hook laden tracks, catchy choruses and uplifting guitars but sometimes brilliant albums just aren’t enough when it comes to getting noticed across the pond so go along to this gig, dig deep and help Kid C make the most of this chance to perform live in front of some of the most influential people in the industry. Support comes from Martin John Henry and Randolph’s Leap.
MP3: Kid Canaveral – Her Hair Hangs Down
VERDICT: I desperately want to go to this but i told the Perduramo boys i’d go along to their gig. Decisions, decisions….


Leftwich is on many “Tips for 2011”  lists (mine included, which i’ve yet to get round to posting actually!) and with tracks like “Atlas Hands” and “More Than Letters” it’s not hard to see why. Brimming with a weary yet quietly confident ability for acoustic expression this finger picking Yorkshire man hits all the right chords when it comes to pop sensibility. Debut album “Bleeps” is due out this year.
MP3: Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Atlas Hands
VERDICT: Money will be tight come the end of the month but i’ll do my utmost to be in attendance.


The former El Hombre Trajeado guitarist continues his one man frenetic flamenco assault on the world. He’ll be doing his usual…..picking and plucking his strings at a rate that confuse the eyes but warm the heart. Blink and you’ll miss. And you don’t wanna miss, believe me.
MP3: RM Hubbert – TipsyTapsy
VERDICT: The weekend before payday so probably won’t be able to make it but if i can get a “wee tap” from my generous father i may show up. In a flamenco dress, obviously.


These 3 come together for a Rocksound sponsored tour. I’ll be honest i know practically nothing about Japanese Voyeurs or The Xcerts. I’ve heard of them and aware of them but i’ve never listened or seen them. Dinosaur Pile Up on the other hand….now, these guys are single handedly reviving the early to mid 90’s rock scene. They take the best parts of Weezer and Nirvana and add a crunchy bite. The bands progress halted as such due to line up changes but main man Matt Bigland has overseen the modifications and remains fully committed to the DPU cause. I saw these guys support The Kills back in 2008 and knew then that something was brewing. I just hope that the band realises it’s full potential sooner rather than later. The live performance of any DPU will grab you by the ears and shake you up and down. If you like that kinda thing then this is not to be missed. Grab your chequered shirt and ripped jeans, roll a joint, mess your hair up and get down to King Tuts.
MP3: Dinosaur Pile Up – My Rock N Roll
Japanese Voyeurs
The Xcerts
VERDICT: Ticket is already bought.

PS. I’m off to Dundee this weekend but i’ll get a review of last nights Suplex The Kid gig up sometime next week. I’ll give you a one word review of it just now to drop a hint of what to expect…..STENTORIAN.

S.I.T Wolf  X

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