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Suplex The Kid Live @ Stereo

A week to the day and i finally find the time to get round to posting the review of the gig at Stereo from Someone’s In the Wolf favourites Suplex The Kid last thursday night.

As i promised last week the key word and best descriptive word here will be STENTORIAN. For those unaware of the meaning of this adjective have a look here.

But here’s the review…

“Suplex The Kid are sandwiched between another two acts at Stereo tonight. Taking the stage between opening act “The Minor Operations” and headliners “Thula Borah“. I only caught the last two or three songs from The Minor Operations but it was a good enough start to the night. Their final track began like The Prodigy before changing into something totally different but kept the audience entertained. As for Thula Borah, i had to leave the gig early so only got the chance to hear a few of their tracks. Their throttling sound definitely appealed to me from what i briefly heard so i’ll be checking them out live again in the near future.

Suplex The Kid take to the stage in a quiet enough manner. But don’t be deceived by the look of these guys though as they’re more than capable of punishing your brains sound system to it’s limit and that’s exactly what they set out to do tonight. This is only the second time i’ve caught them live so i still have a massive sense of excitement as i jump outside for a quick smoke before their set starts. Their setlist tonight consists of circa 2009 tracks “We Heard The Shots From Your House”, “Sol A Una Tormenta”, “A Rise and Fall of a Hero” and the epic “Rebuild The Machines” from last years epic “The Trinity Test” EP.

With the microphones pushed to one side of the stage the band prepare themselves for the pulverising show they are about to produce. They say hello and then proceed to effortlessly glide between songs with a group sense of musical tightness that belies what has been their relatively short existence so far. They charge and blast their way through the crunching riffs that steadily become louder and heavier to the point of sounding more deafening than war. Yet throughout all the shuddering atmospherics created they never ever once lose that sense of melody that seems to be steadily becoming their trademark. That’s what really appeals to me about STK, the melodies. They aren’t just your run of the mill post rock/shoegaze heavy instrumental band who churn out standard noise and riffs. They’re so much more. And they don’t need vocals, not when they have the arsenal of  mesmerizing songs from their two EPs at their disposal. At times the music reminds me of a film soundtrack, it’s almost apocalyptic sounding. If this is what the end of the world sounds like then someone hit the nuke button now. I really like the ideas of visuals playing behind STK during their music and i can see that happening at future gigs. The music is perfectly suited to that idea.

Their short performance does everything and more to justify the build up i’ve been giving of them to friends. They finish the set with what seems like a wall of feedback…..or do they? Just when it seems the gig might be over that monstrous bass kicks back in and then it’s another wall of feedback, one last big four pronged attack and then they’re gone. I just wish they could have played for longer.

I get the feeling this band are the reason the word stentorian was created. I swear i saw a pillar move as they shook the basement of Stereo to it’s very core. I’m glad i stood down the front. My ears have never been so willingly assaulted.”

Here’s a few pix of the show courtesy of their facebook page. Head on over to keep up to date with all things Suplex.

MP3: Suplex The Kid – Rebuild The Machines

If you want to download more STK stuff for FREE then check out the archives at Monograph Records.

Give this band and the label the type of support they deserve.

S.I.T Wolf  X

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We Are So Happy, Happy To…..

It’s been a slow start to the year for me gig wise. It started off well enough with Suplex The Kid bringing the noise and bursting ear drums at King Tuts on the 4th but it kinda petered out after that and i had a gig-less few weeks. To be fair i was concentrating on recording and writing new material for some music projects but i can honestly say that apart from the Penguins Kill Polar Bears on the 12th (also at King Tuts) and the  Aspen Tide gig at the Classic Grand the day after, both of which unfortunately i couldn’t make due to family commitments, nothing else had caught my eye enough to really make me wanna desperately go. Well, there was the Mogwai shows last week that i couldn’t make due to having pretty much fuck all money!

MP3: Suplex The Kid – It’s About Time You Changed

MP3: Penguins Kill Polar Bears – Lungs

MP3: Aspen Tide – Frost Forms In The Sky

MP3: Mogwai – Rano Pano

But there was a light at the end of the tunnel in the form of the bewitching Withered Hand in action at Stereo once again. This was one i couldn’t miss so the penniless me bravely whipped out my credit card, bought my tickets online and sauntered on down with my friends Luisa and Shinead. Last time we caught him live it was a solo show and it was heartbreakingly magnificent. This time it was a full band effort. The songs were let loose from their “acoustic only” home. Flesh was put onto the bones of the melodies and lyrical themes of the very self aware and self condemning Dan Wilson. The extra beef on the songs only serving to maximise THAT voice. He requires, no, DEMANDS your attention with his vocals and lyrics. You, no matter who you are, will be able to relate to something he’s written in one of his many laments. That relation factor is key when it comes to his live shows. Everyone and i mean everyone (well apart from the really talkative moron down front) wants to listen, wants to hear, to relate to Wilson ( a certain female friend *cough cough* Luisa! *cough* wants to do other things too but they shall remain unspoken on here!) and his vulnerable voice. Whilst i did really really enjoy the full band experience of Withered Hand and his more than talented backing group i couldn’t help but get just that bit more spine tingley when he took to the stage himself for a number or two before being joined again by his 3 backing members. The hairs on the back of my neck just stand that bit taller when it’s just him and his guitar and that’s no disrespect to the friends who helped him out that night. They were all amazing musicians and the songs sounded awesome with that little bit more added. It just that i love how comfortably uncomforatble Dan Wilson is when performing on his own. It gives the tracks that extra meaning. But maybe that’s just me and to be honest i’ll go see Withered Hand either way. Solo or full band, it makes no difference. In the words of a certain Malcolm Middleton…..“Thank fuck for Withered Hand”.

MP3: Withered Hand – New Dawn

So after a rather quiet January on the live music front things are about to get a whole lot more busier……

The mysterious, cultish, dare i say revolutionary Wu Lyf fly on into town on their magic carpet tonight. The Manchester quartet are sure to live up to their almost shamanic reputation.

“Mostly performing at Manchester cafe/cultural hub An Outlet and St.Peters church, mysterious Manchester foursome Wu Lyf come to Glasgow for a rare appearance outside of their hometown.

An acronym for World Unite – Lucifer Youth Foundation, the band – and their fanbase – have spent the past year baffling the media with a two frustratingly disfunctional websites and a barren Myspace, all the while brewing an air of revolutionary fervour through their rampant, scattered internet messages of poetry and art. With a Facebook page that reads like quasi-cult propaganda, the band encourage listeners to ‘join the LYF’ and, with fans uploading their own images boasting flags and even a tattoo, their mysterious presence – or marketing gimmick – has been debated in publications from The Guardian to NME.

Gimmicks aside, with thrumming organ chords and vocals somewhere between a grungey, Michael Gira-esque growl and a Julian Casablancas-esque stylised rasp, their clutch of lo-fi tracks available online range from the scuzzy to the inspired, showing glimpses of the melodic indie sensibility of Arcade Fire and Wolf Parade as well as lines of distinctively Mancunian, fluid, echoing guitars, reminiscent of the best of the city’s musical glory days.”

I know as much about this band as the next person….which is not a lot. All i know is that i’m looking forward to them kickstarting a gig laden couple of months for me. I’m going to this gig on the back of hearing a handful songs, all of which are laden with the kind of mystique and presence that guarantees tonights show should be a special one.

MP3: Wu Lyf – Concrete Gold

If you wanna join “The Lyf” then look no further for your initiation than here where you can Buy $hit and join up.

I’ll be doing a post this weekend about the upcoming gigs that i’ll be attending this spring. There are ones i already have tickets for, ones that i want to have tickets for and one’s that i’ve only just found about it and HOPE to be able to get tickets for. Be sure to check it out, you might find yourself attending a few.

S.I.T Wolf  X

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Should I Ignore The Fashion Or Go Buy The Book?

Hello laptop, i’ve missed you.

Yes it’s been a while, almost a week exactly, since i got to sit down and even consider a post. There’s been a lot going on, mainly gigs and stuff but there was also the long awaited visit from one of my best friends Keane. He’s been studying in Dundee (you may remember i posted about going to visit him in September) and has hardly had the time to see friends back down here in Glasgow so it was a massive plus that we could go to the Deftones gig together when he was back “home”. I bought him a ticket as his birthday present.

So, to the Deftones gig.

It was a while since the Deftones last played here in Glasgow and i could feel the anticipation building in the crowd from the moment i entered the arena. The chants of “Chino! Chino!” ring around the hall before the band have even contemplated hitting the stage. In fact the mere site of a soundman coming on to clear some debris after the support act (Coheed and Cambria for those interested…i wasn’t) have finished is enough to provoke adoring screams for the Sacramento quintet. When they do finally take to the stage the roar is deafening. All 5 members look genuinely awed and grateful at the reaction of they’re adoring Glasgow public. The crowd itself is made up of all sorts of people. Old die hard fans and new fans alike. There’s the skaters, students, girlfriends who look like they’ve been forced along, rap fans, frustrated nu-metallers, young girls who have clearly only heard new album “Diamond Eyes” mixed in with the older generation who are desperate to hear tracks off “Adrenaline” but isn’t that what it’s all about? Deftones are at a really good point in their career now were they have the luxury of being able to gain new fans AND still be able to hold on to the old ones. Those girls who knew every word to every song off of “Diamond Eyes” but no other ones will now go and check out the bands back catalogue (if they hadn’t already) and immerse themselves in this great bands history. This can only be good for the Deftones future. Oh and there was one guy who looked about 70. I’m assuming he misread the sign outside the O2 Academy and thought Dick Dale’s backing band The Deltones were playing. He seemed to enjoy himself anyway. So did i. From the moment they opened with “Rocket Skates” the mood was set. This was going to be one LOUD and pumped up, throat shredding show from Mr Moreno and his gang. They plowed and blitzed their way through a perfect set that ranged from “quieter” number such as Digital Bath onto the aggressive tracks like Lotion and many more. If i was to be picky i’d only have one kinda complaint…that nothing off debut album “Adrenaline” was aired but when they play a classic mix of old and new tracks so well then how can i even comtemplate complaining really. My favourite moment was early on in the show when there was a back to back segment of “Around The Fur”, “My Own Summer” and “Be Quiet and Drive” and “Lotion”. With the album “Around The Fur” being my favourite Deftones album there was nothing more i could ask for really. Well except maybe Max Cavalera making a special appearance for a version of “Headup”. One can but dream!

There was one notable absentee from the show. Original bassist Chi Cheng is still making slow progress from his car accident 2 years ago. Sergio Vega, however, was a more than able replacement. I know i’ve posted this link before but i’ll do it again….oneloveforchi. Please help out.

MP3: Deftones – Around The Fur

There’s some footage of the Glasgow gig on YouTube at the moment but it’s not the best quality so here’s one from the recent tour of the USA and Canada a few months back before they embarked on Europe. I think this is fantastic quality for a fan made video.

The Deftones gig was on Friday passed. Last night there was the small matter of Edinburgh troubadour Withered Hand at Stereo. Armed with a sore throat and a guitar he resolutely took to the stage and single handedly stole my heart…along with the rest of the crowds too. He holds his small but ever swelling fan base in the palm of his hand during live shows. All attention is focussed purely on this fragile yet strong voice. It’s the first time i’ve managed to see him live. The closest i’d came before was YouTube clips. It’s safe to say i wasn’t disappointed. He blissfully sang his way through a performance of odes that reached out and touched people who know exactly where he is coming from with his thought provoking and sometimes darkly humoured lyrics. A one man show for Scotland to be proud of.

MP3: Withered Hand – Religious Songs

This week coming is a big week of gigs for me.

Last night i was supposed to be going to see The Blood Arm at Captains Rest but alas i was defeated by man flu and had to refrain. Which is a shame cos i was looking forward to catching these guys live.

MP3: The Blood Arm – Suspicious Character

Tonight it’s Gold Panda at King Tuts. I’ve seen him live before and his blend of weirdness and electronics should have the King Tuts crowd in a jitterbug dancey state. I’m excited. Just hope the flu clears up at least a bit.

MP3: Gold Panda – Snow & Taxis

On Friday, London’s Ex Libras roll back in to town after their successful show at The 13th Note back in May. This time it’s the turn of The Buff Club sound system to be treated to their unique blend of “post break beat” attacks as the band continue with their tour of the UK in support of the recently released “Cut(s)” EP.

MP3: Ex Libras – For Us, For Me

Saturday i’m off to Kilmarnock for the EP launch of Mechanical Smile. A few of my friends play in the band so it’s good to see the guys get another night to celebrate their music in style. They filmed their first music video a few weeks back. As soon as it hits YouTube i’ll be sure to post it. Meanwhile, here’s a live version.

And on Sunday it’s the big one. The 6 or 7 hour long relaxed eclectic minimal electro night at the O2 ABC. Headlined by Caribou who is ably backed by Four Tet, Nathan Fake, James Holden and Rocketnumbernine. I’m going to work my way through a lot of weed at this one i can guarantee that. I’ve long been looking forward to seeing Four Tet, James Holden and Nathan Fake live once again. But seeing them all together on the same night will be extra special. Caribou and Rocketnumbernine are acts as i’ve yet to experience live so that’s something to really look forward to.

MP3: Caribou – Lalibela

MP3: Four Tet – As Serious As Your Life

MP3: Nathan Fake – Fentiger

MP3: James Holden – Triangle Folds

MP3: Rocketnumbernine – You Reflect Me

S.I.T Wolf  X

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Nice Children Or Sleazy Children?

O.Children live at Nice N Sleazys was a proposition i couldn’t afford to miss out on.

I’ll be honest i wasn’t even aware the band were playing in Glasgow until i was casually dragging my cheap converse down Argylle Street and noticed a torn poster bearing the bands name and gig details. And that was it, before i know it i was there.

O.Children are a band i’ve only really gotten into over the last year or so. I first came across the band when reading an article in Artrocker magazine. The first song i heard of theres was Ruins and i was almost immediately taken in by the pulsating, constant rhythm of the track and the synths that gave the song a wash over of gothic knowingness.  Their influences were clear from the get go. Bauhaus, The Cure and Joy Division. Then when you take into account that they’re named after a Nick Cave song it all starts to make sense. I was sold.

Their debut album came out in July this year. By that time i had heard “Dead Disco Dancer” and “Radio Waves” alongside the aforementioned “Ruins”. So i stuck on my headphones and settled down onto the couch. One full album listen later and i was engrossed in their sound to the point of playing it three to four times a day. Every listen offering new avenues of love, fear and heartbreak with a strong image of the dark side of the 80’s shining through. Just like Interpol, Stellastarr and She Wants Revenge before them this band are proud to keep their dark wave influences and heroes in full view.

That was then, this is now. The band stand patiently on the edge of coolness, waiting for that big break and it’s coming their way sometime soon. They’ve already taken a step towards the hip side of things in the form of being remixed by ultra hipster electro mini gods and famed remixers The Golden Filter.

MP3: O.Children – Dead Disco Dancer (The Golden Filter Remix)

But enough bigging them and the album up. Could they cut it live?

Silly question, of course they could!

Armed with their debut album and a sense of fashion that The Horrors could only wish they had O’Children and their frontman Tobi O’Kandi bring an immediate presence to the small dingy basement area of the Nice n Sleazys venue. I’ve seen many a band in here but i somehow feel something special is brewing. I take a look around though and discover that apart from myself and Luisa there are only another 21 people in the room. That’s including the band, ticket lady, merchandise dude and bar staff! The gig could go either way here, the band could let it get to them and play a nightmare show or use it as fire and play a blinding set. They do the latter and show an admirable amount of confidence to put on an epic, intense display. For all they care they could be playing to 14 people or 14,000 people. Who cares? The lucky ones are here tonight.

Frontman O’Kandi towers over his mic stands, lingering his giant frame in the centre of the stage and bellowing notes from the very lowest pit of his 6ft 8in structure. The voice and look that O’Kandi possesses conjure up images of Nick Cave having a baritone contest with Mark Lanegan in the body of an even taller male version of Grace Jones. A nice mixture. He’s charismatic, enigmatic and hard not to love. His size alone is intriguing but you know that at the soul of this booming voice is a poet with a lyrical talent reminiscent of Ian Curtis and Robert Smith. That gives him an aura that you have to see live to truly capture and appreciate. He’s almost shaman like. The rest of the band aren’t bad either, going around their business with a sense of tightness only capapble by band members that know what each other is thinking before a chord has been struck or a drum skin even slightly brushed. The music itself evokes the darkest of emotions yet is somehow also very danceable. And although i myself refrain, from shaking my thang, the gangly singer has arms flailing and jelly legs throughout some of the more beat based numbers. Often encouraging the small devoted audience to join in with him. I’ve seen the idea of a singer using two mics before as well but not like the way O’Kandi does. He uses them to alternate between an eerie delay effect and one that shows off his deep, almost ironically evil yet dulcet tones. The sounds being produced from the amps takes over every corner of the venue and the dark mood they create makes an already darkened room just that little bit darker.

MP3: O.Children – Malo

So O.Children at the moment, by next year O.Teenagers maybe? And in a few years time i would be surprised if they’re mentioned in the same breath as their peers. O.Adults anyone? The album is currently on sale for a measly 5 pounds in Fopp on Union Street Glasgow. Buy now! Bargain of the year.

We took a lot of pictures. Here’s the two i like the most.

S.I.T Wolf  X

ps. if by chance the guy who was at the left of the stage the entire gig and was filming is reading this then i would appreciate a copy!

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Does It Matter How? Does It Matter When?

Noise pop has just raised it’s voice again. And you will listen.

Tonight i was planning on doing a review of monday nights HEALTH gig at The Arches. To be honest i’m still lost for words. But i’ll try…..

It was the 3rd time i’d seen them live but by far the best. They’ve certainly grown an unbelievable amount over the last year or so since releasing second album “Get Color”. They followed it up this year with “Disco 2” their second remix album which featured a new song “USA Boys” which has become a live staple these days. I still can’t describe the feeling i get when i see them live. I feels almost epic. Imagine every genre of music you’ve heard (yes, even the made up ones that seem to be churned out at least once a week) and then crush them into one single show. To me, HEALTH don’t do sets or setlists they just come on stage and do one big long mash up of music. And it’s a breath of fresh air. These guys pour everything into their shows. On record the drums are amazing, that’s one of the main attractions for me. But live? The drummer Benjamin Jared Miller is frighteningly good. Words escape me. I’ve never seen someone hit the drums with such precisely placed venom.

I’m sorry if this review was rather short/boring but i really can’t think of anything else to say other than “Wow”. Possibly gig of the year so far. Although Maybeshewill and Ex Libras (i think) are due back in Scotland later this autumn.

MP3: HEALTH – In Heat

MP3: HEALTH – Death +

HEALTH really know how to make a trippy video too. “We Are Water” is actually quietly disturbing.

HEALTH were very ably supported at The Arches by two Scottish bands, Mr Peppermint and Prayer Rug.

Have a listen:

Mr Peppermint

Prayer Rug

MP3: Mr Peppermint – Hyndland Road

I don’t think there are any available MP3’s for Prayer Rug but if you follow the link to their Facebook you can listen to a few tracks. “Heavy Psych” is my fave.

Which reminds me….if anyone is interested then take a look at my own Facebook for this blog. I made it a while ago now, beginning of the summer to be exact. It’s basically just an extension of the actual blog and whenever i feel like using my own personal Facebook (which i rarely do if i’m being truthful) then i’ll always try and update the Someone’s In The Wolf page too and let people know if there are any new posts etc. I’m gonna start posting random videos i like and other stuff on it too probably just to add some variety.

Boring, i know. I hate the whole self plugging thing.  But take a swatch if you want and feel free to click “like” or don’t bother. I’m not too fussed.

Someones In The Wolf – Facebook page

S.I.T Wolf  X

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Scared And Excited: A Good Concoction

Just been to two amazing gigs in two days.

Ex Libras @ The 13th Note on Sunday = breathtaking beautiful noise

65daysofstatic @ Oran Mor last night = louder than war

MP3: Ex Libras – Sum Numbers

MP3: 65daysofstatic – Mountainhead

This will be my last post for a while (maybe like a week or so) cos today is the day i move into my new flat. As of 2pm today i’ll be the proud owner of a lovely new place in the West End of Glasgow.

The plan is we move all our stuff in today, unpack and get everything where we want it to be. Tomorrow we sort out all the necessities like bill payments, tv licence, internet connection (hopefully be back online within the week) and probably get a big shopping spree done.

And then it’s relaxation time.

Wish me luck.

I’ll try get some pictures of the new place up once we get it looking how we want it.

S.I.T Wolf X

Ps. I’ll get the mixtape up this weekend even if i have to do it at a friends house or something.

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Avenged Toxicity

Last Friday me and my friends Simon and Morgan were driving through to Edinburgh to see Emalkay play a set at the Cabaret Voltaire. The journey was laced with dirty jokes, humorous discussions on which member of S Club 7 was the hottest (none in my opinion) and just general random banter. Morgan seems to have some obsession with trying to find out if i currently have a “thing” for anyone. By “thing” i assume she means someone i like. “You should find a girlfriend!” she shrieks, piercing my eardrum. Even though i’m sitting right next to her in the car. I, of course, keep schtum, like a gentleman should and simply offer a “yeah, actually, there is someone i really like but i’m not telling you” cos i know that’ll irritate her just that teensy bit more! Simon on the other hand freely discusses how and who he spent the previous weekend with. As he always does. Don’t you Simon? You man whore.

Simons weekend bag

Anyway the journey wasn’t just filled with inquisitive minds and stories of indulgence. It was also soundtracked by some pretty fucking amazing music. On the way there we had a mixtape that Si and myself had put together a few days beforehand. It consisted of mainly of ambient chillout music so we quickly swapped for one that i had hastily assembled just half an hour before we left for Edinburgh. It contained some Aphex Twin, Beetroots, Blue Mars, Skream, NIN, Fake Blood and of course the man we were on our way to see, Emalkay.

The gig itself was awesome. Loud, smokey, wonky, glitchy, bassy, scratchy. You know that feeling when you can feel the bass come through your feet? Well imagine that ten fold. Just what i’d hoped for. After the gig and one too many tequila it was back to the car. I genuinely felt sorry for Morgan as she had to drive an inebriated Simon and i all the way back to Glasgow whilst listening to us have a drunken but friendly disagreement about how good/shit Team Sleep are. Just for the record i’m the one who thinks they’re good. In the midst of this verbal battle Morgan had managed to somehow slip the Bring Me The Horizon “Suicide Season” album into her sound system. I didn’t even notice at first. To be honest, they’re a band that i knew about but had never actually heard anything of. Their image and reputation had kinda put me off if truth be told. But i slowly warmed to it. Bit by bit, riff by riff i was converted. One song in particlar stuck out like a sore thumb, “Death Breath”. The opening riff (and main riff throughout) chugs along like a sledgehammer. Josh Homme would be proud. That was my initial thought actually. A few of the riffs could be QOTSA-esque. A lot of bands would kill for an opening riff like that. So after we managed to get through the full “Suicide Season” album i announced, in a drunken state, “I’m gonna *hiccup* download that album *hiccup* in the morning“.

So the morning came and download i did. To my surprise when i downloaded it i was offered the chance to download another version of the album, “Suicide Season: Cut Up”. It’s an album that consists of the same songs on the original only this time they’re all remixed by artists varying from the dude from Gym Class Heroes to The Toxic Avenger. Yes, the Toxic fucking Avenger. The man’s a legend (i’ve posted a few of his tracks before, mainly in the mixtapes section i think, if you haven’t heard him check him out) so when i found out that he had done a remix i had to get both “Suicide Season” and “Suicide Season: Cut Up”. Just by sheer coincidence the song that he remixes is, yes, my favourite track “Death Breath”. He keeps THAT riff yet somehow changes the style completely by sprinkling some of his electro magic over the track. The bite and snarl of the vocals marries well with the bleeps and loops that he chooses to mingle in among the heavy rhythms.

MP3: Bring Me The Horizon – Death Breath

MP3: Bring Me The Horizon – Death Breath (The Toxic Avenger Remix)


Clearly Mr Avenger is colourblind

S.I.T Wolf  X

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