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Spaceship Landing

Tonight i get to live out one of my teenage wishes and see Kyuss perform live.

Yes, tonight the good ship Kyuss flies into Glasgow, albeit minus the one and only Josh Homme, as part of their “Kyuss Lives” 2011 reunion tour and i for one couldn’t be more excited. They were easily one of the most influential bands for me when i was growing up. I loved everything about them. The legendary desert generator parties, the fuzzy feedback, the riffs, basically i (and still do) pretty much idolised Josh Homme. But whilst him not being there tonight will slightly dampen the experience i get the feeling that tonight will still be everything i imagined and better. The effortlessly powerful vocals of John Garcia, the unique Brant Bjork and the frenetic bass of Nick Oliveri will make sure of that.

This is the “Kyuss Lives” line up…including replacement guitarist Bruno Fevery.

I hope i get the chance to complete my poster too.

I’ve got Josh Hommes signature,.Brant Bjork? Check. Nick Oliveri? Check. Who’s missing? The enigmatic John Garcia. Maybe i can persuade him to join me for a post gig white russian or two in Nice n Sleazys afterwards……

Fingers crossed.

S.I.T Wolf X

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More Noise.

More noise. Some of it’s new, some of it’s old, some of it’s borrowed and some of it is definitely blue.

These are just some links to various music projects i’m involved with or have been involved with in the past.


MY CURRENT MUSIC FOCUS – sUbDiGiTaL (most new songs end up on this page)

MY SOLO SIDE PROJECT – Kohlstream (make sure your volume’s turned down)

MY FIRST MUSICAL LOVE – The Gorecki (experiments in noise)

And just for good measure/pleasure here’s a few friends that are worth checking out….

S.I.T Wolf x

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About A Wolf

Hello and welcome to the Someones In The Wolf blog. As you may have guessed i am the someone who is inside the wolf.  That someone plays guitar, synth and the occasional bit of drums. But more recently that someone has got involved in another side of music. Mixing, cutting, remixing, re-cutting etc. And i thought this blog would be the perfect way to get things out. By things i mean remixes i’ve done, songs i’ve done (Kohlstream), songs i’ve done with my bands (The Gorecki and Subdigital) and songs that a few other people have done. Some famous, some not so famous.

This page will be used for various different types of posts and for all different kinds of musical related stuff and maybe even the odd piece of “visual art”.

The posts will consist mainly of my own remixes and mixtapes of my favourite people, bands, DJ’s, robots and wolves. But i will also be posting random music that i’m into at the time…..depending on how bored i get i’m going to post all different kinds of fun lists and mixes including some of my favourite artists.

*WARNING* Don’t be alarmed if you see the occasional bit of promoting for any of the following ……….

Kohlstream, The Gorecki, Racecar Kayak, The Glitter Quad, Subdigital (all bands that i’m either currently assosciated with or have been previously)

Chromakey Dreamcoat, Small Town Boy, La Deadbeats (previous  remixing and recording pseudonyms of myself before the wolf got a hold of me)

You Can’t Eat The Word Food, Lazy Bones, Sherbert Head, Luisa Menoni, Filthy Little Secrets, Da Gramsci, Mechanical Smile, The Headfucks, Terraform, Guavara, Davy Vader, The Chef (all amazing musicians and friends of mine)

My favourite bands are the following (not in any order)…..

Death From Above 1979
Queens Of The Stone Age
Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster
Boards Of Canada
Cut Copy
Black Strobe
Shiny Toy Guns
The Kills
The Prodigy
The Presets
The Faint
My Vitriol
Smashing Pumpkins
Aphex Twin
Van She
Gui Boratto
65 Days of Static
Twilight Singers
Heads We Dance
The Japanese Popstars

thats is to name but a few, there are way too many for me to keep going on and on… want me to? ok…

Nine Inch Nails
A Place To Bury Strangers
Bloody Beetroots
The Tupolev Ghost
Frontline Assembly
Asobi Seksu
James Yuill
Bon Iver
The Temper Trap
Crystal Castles
Does It Offend You, Yeah?
Jeff Buckley
At The Drive In
Remember Remember
DJ Shadow

right, thats it… more…fingers are sore <——(undeliberate rhyme)

Anyways, enough about me and thats definitely enough ranting for the moment, here’s a picture of me just so you know what you’re getting yourself into….

Someones In The Wolf
….bear in mind that i haven’t shaved for a few days.

Kali Nichta

S.I.T Wolf    x

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