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The Music Industry Is Dead. Long Live Music.

It’s nice to know that there are still little websites like EyeSeeSound that pop up every now and again. It keeps alive that faint spark of hope for independent music. Link to the site at the bottom of the post…

I only discovered this site recently and just yesterday i purchased a DVD of a live session that Ex Libras recorded for the website back in February. For £5 you get a high quality audio and visual recording of the live session lasting over half an hour, an interview with the band and some official music videos as a bonus. You also get MP3’s of the live tracks on the DVD and as if that isn’t enough they kindly sent an e-mail link out that allows me to download the MP3’s of the session right now free of charge because in their words “at least you have something straight away”. Now that may lead you to think that the DVD isn’t going to arrive for sometime and they’re simply trying to sweeten the deal? Wrong. The e-mail also stated that the DVD has been shipped right away and will be through my letterbox by Wednesday at the latest. Could the people that run this website be any fucking cooler?

Here’s a little taster of the Ex Libras live session….90 second snippets of the 5 tracks they performed.

MP3: Ex Libras – Underachiever (Live EyeSeeSound Session)

EyeSeeSound doesn’t just specialise in Live Sessions though. It has so much more to offer than that. They have good quality streamable mixtapes, a tv music magazine show featuring articles on music, film and comedy, a funky little webcast which focuses on art, film and music, an amazing jukebox that’ll allow you to play all of the sites content on shuffle and then there’s the lovely little shop. Hopefully the site and brand of ESS will expand. The guys deserve it. They’ve just recently started putting on gigs as well. The gigs are in aid of the Take Parliament Back campaign which if you’re unaware of is a campaign to change the electoral system. The first gig was on July the 9th. So, good gigs for a good cause? Well worth supporting, no? Let’s hope there’s many more to follow. I’d like to see EyeSeeSound really take off in the future. I’ll certainly be supporting them all the way.


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