Pixel Perfect

Have you ever thought how fucking cool it would be if all your favourite 80’s computer games came alive and invaded New York?

Nah, i didn’t think so. Me neither.

But here it is! French film-maker/musician Patrick Jean has put together a video that has Pac Man, Space Invaders, Tetris and many more all teaming up for a pixelated 8-bit assault on the Big Apple.

MP3: Rival Consoles – 1985

MP3: Phinz – Atari Disco

MP3: Boards Of Canada – Hi Scores

Seeing that video reminded me of a post that i’d had planned for ages ago but never got round to. I was planning on doing a Monday List based on 8-bit tracks and chiptunes. Like i said, i never got round to it. I may one day but until then you can enjoy these select few songs of computer generated madness courtesy of Scotlands very own Firebrand Boy and the young 8 bit genius from Edinburgh that i’ve championed for the last 18 months or so, Unicorn Kid. Also worth a listen is the fabulously named Unicorn Dream Attack. Unicorns seem popular in the chiptune world.

MP3: Firebrand Boy – In The Warm Mad Night

MP3: Firebrand Boy – Such Great Heights (Postal Service cover)

MP3: Unicorn Kid – Dream Catcher

MP3: Unicorn Dream Attack – b34ut1ful 3y3s

MP3: Unicorn Dream Attack – Monkey Gone To Heaven (Pixies cover)

I’ll try and get an 8bit themed Monday List up soon. There are a lot of artists out there worth mentioning. A few have been mentioned on this site before but there’s so much unrecognised talent out there. The first person who got me really into chip music a few years ago was a guy who went under the name of “Radio Waves Goodbye”, sadly he seems to have disappeared now and stop releasing music under that name but it was through listening to him i got into another dude called “Silent Requiem” and then it was just a juggernaut from there…..Huoratron, Breakbeat Heartbeat, SHE, Unicorn Kid, Firebrand Boy, Nordloaf, Amanaguchi and many many more. It really is a genre worth pursuing and exploring. Different, unique and ultimately enjoyable.

S.I.T Wolf  X


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4 responses to “Pixel Perfect

  1. Eros Nedrag

    I’ve been really getting into chiptune music recently. Even considering getting my old gameboy out and having a go myself!

    • Someone's In The Wolf

      I’ve had an attempt at chiptune music myself. I’m hopeless! I’ll just stick to what i know.

      It was worth trying out though, even if it was just for the fun of it. Let me know how it goes if you decide to have a go at it yourself.

  2. Widow Moon

    Loving the Unicorn Kid track. Is that a new song? x

    • Someone's In The Wolf

      Hey. Yeah it’s one of his new tracks. It’s been online for a while now though. There’s an amazing remix of “Dreamcatcher” by DJ Donna Summer. I recommend checking that out.

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