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February Stars (Part 2)

Continuing on with the look ahead to live music in February….


The vast range and angular style of music that BSP showcase always makes for intriguing live performances and this one will be no different. They hit The Arches hot on the trails of the release of their 5th long player “Valhalla Dancehall” which garnered severe critical praise. That’s no surprise really though when you look at the Brighton based bands back catalogue. Their live shows always seem to create an intimate setting that leaves the listener/viewer in a comfortable and open position. And if you’re open to this band they’ll take you on a journey you won’t forget. Definitely ones to be caught live.
MP3: British Sea Power – Be Gone
VERDICT: I’ll just be getting back from my weekend in Dundee when this gig is starting so i’m afraid i’ll have to give it a miss. That doesn’t mean you should though.


3 superb gigs on this night….

Having released a steady flow of singles and EPs over the last 3 years or so this duo added singer James Buttery to their line up last year and proceeded to release the very impressive debut album “North”. After listening to it through headphones i got the impression that it was an album i wouldn’t forget quickly. From opening track to the last bleep their album is a must have for any electronic music fan. At times sounding like The Antlers before drifting back into their almost sleepy own little loop laden world. Absolutely glorious noises that should translate perfectly in the small setting that is Sleazys underground.
MP3: Darkstar – In the Wings
VERDICT: Desperate to see these guys in live action. Swaying between this and Aidan Moffat (see below).

Gloom is back and it just got a whole lot bigger. Everything about new album “Ritual” is bigger. Everything about their recent live performances have looked and sounded bigger. This is the sound of a band hitting the musical nail on the head. Difficult second album syndrome? Pah, what’s that?! White Lies have made the transition with ease and then some. Their live shows will surely be galvanised by a bigger selection of tunes to choose from. They now have a fearsome repertoire of music at their disposal. All of which will be used to full effect on this tour. Just remember one thing…..wear black.
MP3: White Lies – Farewell To The Fairground
VERDICT: Sold out. Won’t be going. Obviously.

Feeling a Valentines hangover? Let Scotlands favourite storyteller ease your pain with his unique outlook on love and what it can do to a man. Raw emotions are Moffats trademark and there will be plenty of the them on show at his Valentines Revue show as he dips into a selection of songs from his various musical projects past and present. This might be a show for the lonely and unlucky in love…
MP3: Aidan John Moffat – The Boy That You Love
VERDICT: One for the lonely and unlucky in love?? How could i miss this?!


The gods of post rock and all round noisey behemoths trundle into town to score early 70’s Sci-Fi cult film Silent Running as part of Glasgows Music and Film Festival which kicks off on the 17th of this months and lasts though till the 27th. The Sheffield noise pioneers will no doubt keep us transfixed with what is sure to be an epic hour and a half. After their double date in Glasgow it’s off to Japan and their Heavy Sky EP tour for the 65 guys.
MP3: 65daysofstatic – Lyonesse
VERDICT: I’m there. I’m there! You’ll have to beat me with a rolled up copy of The Skinny to keep me out.


The Leeds band are into their 6th year now and have more than enough songs to keep their faithful fans happy. Having seemingly gained a slightly more experimental edge with age this will be one post rock gig not to miss from Vessels. The Captains Rest is always a good little arena for bands like Vessels to fully excel in. This will be no different.
MP3: Vessels – An Idle Brain (Errors remix)
VERDICT: I’ll stroll on down Great Western Road and pay my pennies at the door.


Various artists take to the stage in honour of the stricken Deftones bass player. A good gig for a great cause.
Healthy Minds Collapse
Life In December
Hiroshima Blackout
Mechanical Smile
and the most important link of all http://www.oneloveforchi.com/
VERDICT: I’ll really do my best to attend but i have a feeling i may end up having to give it a miss due to various reasons. Mainly work.

And that my friends is Part 2 of the February gig previews. Expect the final edition, Part 3, either tomorrow or Friday.

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Should I Ignore The Fashion Or Go Buy The Book?

Hello laptop, i’ve missed you.

Yes it’s been a while, almost a week exactly, since i got to sit down and even consider a post. There’s been a lot going on, mainly gigs and stuff but there was also the long awaited visit from one of my best friends Keane. He’s been studying in Dundee (you may remember i posted about going to visit him in September) and has hardly had the time to see friends back down here in Glasgow so it was a massive plus that we could go to the Deftones gig together when he was back “home”. I bought him a ticket as his birthday present.

So, to the Deftones gig.

It was a while since the Deftones last played here in Glasgow and i could feel the anticipation building in the crowd from the moment i entered the arena. The chants of “Chino! Chino!” ring around the hall before the band have even contemplated hitting the stage. In fact the mere site of a soundman coming on to clear some debris after the support act (Coheed and Cambria for those interested…i wasn’t) have finished is enough to provoke adoring screams for the Sacramento quintet. When they do finally take to the stage the roar is deafening. All 5 members look genuinely awed and grateful at the reaction of they’re adoring Glasgow public. The crowd itself is made up of all sorts of people. Old die hard fans and new fans alike. There’s the skaters, students, girlfriends who look like they’ve been forced along, rap fans, frustrated nu-metallers, young girls who have clearly only heard new album “Diamond Eyes” mixed in with the older generation who are desperate to hear tracks off “Adrenaline” but isn’t that what it’s all about? Deftones are at a really good point in their career now were they have the luxury of being able to gain new fans AND still be able to hold on to the old ones. Those girls who knew every word to every song off of “Diamond Eyes” but no other ones will now go and check out the bands back catalogue (if they hadn’t already) and immerse themselves in this great bands history. This can only be good for the Deftones future. Oh and there was one guy who looked about 70. I’m assuming he misread the sign outside the O2 Academy and thought Dick Dale’s backing band The Deltones were playing. He seemed to enjoy himself anyway. So did i. From the moment they opened with “Rocket Skates” the mood was set. This was going to be one LOUD and pumped up, throat shredding show from Mr Moreno and his gang. They plowed and blitzed their way through a perfect set that ranged from “quieter” number such as Digital Bath onto the aggressive tracks like Lotion and many more. If i was to be picky i’d only have one kinda complaint…that nothing off debut album “Adrenaline” was aired but when they play a classic mix of old and new tracks so well then how can i even comtemplate complaining really. My favourite moment was early on in the show when there was a back to back segment of “Around The Fur”, “My Own Summer” and “Be Quiet and Drive” and “Lotion”. With the album “Around The Fur” being my favourite Deftones album there was nothing more i could ask for really. Well except maybe Max Cavalera making a special appearance for a version of “Headup”. One can but dream!

There was one notable absentee from the show. Original bassist Chi Cheng is still making slow progress from his car accident 2 years ago. Sergio Vega, however, was a more than able replacement. I know i’ve posted this link before but i’ll do it again….oneloveforchi. Please help out.

MP3: Deftones – Around The Fur

There’s some footage of the Glasgow gig on YouTube at the moment but it’s not the best quality so here’s one from the recent tour of the USA and Canada a few months back before they embarked on Europe. I think this is fantastic quality for a fan made video.

The Deftones gig was on Friday passed. Last night there was the small matter of Edinburgh troubadour Withered Hand at Stereo. Armed with a sore throat and a guitar he resolutely took to the stage and single handedly stole my heart…along with the rest of the crowds too. He holds his small but ever swelling fan base in the palm of his hand during live shows. All attention is focussed purely on this fragile yet strong voice. It’s the first time i’ve managed to see him live. The closest i’d came before was YouTube clips. It’s safe to say i wasn’t disappointed. He blissfully sang his way through a performance of odes that reached out and touched people who know exactly where he is coming from with his thought provoking and sometimes darkly humoured lyrics. A one man show for Scotland to be proud of.

MP3: Withered Hand – Religious Songs

This week coming is a big week of gigs for me.

Last night i was supposed to be going to see The Blood Arm at Captains Rest but alas i was defeated by man flu and had to refrain. Which is a shame cos i was looking forward to catching these guys live.

MP3: The Blood Arm – Suspicious Character

Tonight it’s Gold Panda at King Tuts. I’ve seen him live before and his blend of weirdness and electronics should have the King Tuts crowd in a jitterbug dancey state. I’m excited. Just hope the flu clears up at least a bit.

MP3: Gold Panda – Snow & Taxis

On Friday, London’s Ex Libras roll back in to town after their successful show at The 13th Note back in May. This time it’s the turn of The Buff Club sound system to be treated to their unique blend of “post break beat” attacks as the band continue with their tour of the UK in support of the recently released “Cut(s)” EP.

MP3: Ex Libras – For Us, For Me

Saturday i’m off to Kilmarnock for the EP launch of Mechanical Smile. A few of my friends play in the band so it’s good to see the guys get another night to celebrate their music in style. They filmed their first music video a few weeks back. As soon as it hits YouTube i’ll be sure to post it. Meanwhile, here’s a live version.

And on Sunday it’s the big one. The 6 or 7 hour long relaxed eclectic minimal electro night at the O2 ABC. Headlined by Caribou who is ably backed by Four Tet, Nathan Fake, James Holden and Rocketnumbernine. I’m going to work my way through a lot of weed at this one i can guarantee that. I’ve long been looking forward to seeing Four Tet, James Holden and Nathan Fake live once again. But seeing them all together on the same night will be extra special. Caribou and Rocketnumbernine are acts as i’ve yet to experience live so that’s something to really look forward to.

MP3: Caribou – Lalibela

MP3: Four Tet – As Serious As Your Life

MP3: Nathan Fake – Fentiger

MP3: James Holden – Triangle Folds

MP3: Rocketnumbernine – You Reflect Me

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More Noise.

More noise. Some of it’s new, some of it’s old, some of it’s borrowed and some of it is definitely blue.

These are just some links to various music projects i’m involved with or have been involved with in the past.


MY CURRENT MUSIC FOCUS – sUbDiGiTaL (most new songs end up on this page)

MY SOLO SIDE PROJECT – Kohlstream (make sure your volume’s turned down)

MY FIRST MUSICAL LOVE – The Gorecki (experiments in noise)

And just for good measure/pleasure here’s a few friends that are worth checking out….












S.I.T Wolf x

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