Scared And Excited: A Good Concoction

Just been to two amazing gigs in two days.

Ex Libras @ The 13th Note on Sunday = breathtaking beautiful noise

65daysofstatic @ Oran Mor last night = louder than war

MP3: Ex Libras – Sum Numbers

MP3: 65daysofstatic – Mountainhead

This will be my last post for a while (maybe like a week or so) cos today is the day i move into my new flat. As of 2pm today i’ll be the proud owner of a lovely new place in the West End of Glasgow.

The plan is we move all our stuff in today, unpack and get everything where we want it to be. Tomorrow we sort out all the necessities like bill payments, tv licence, internet connection (hopefully be back online within the week) and probably get a big shopping spree done.

And then it’s relaxation time.

Wish me luck.

I’ll try get some pictures of the new place up once we get it looking how we want it.

S.I.T Wolf X

Ps. I’ll get the mixtape up this weekend even if i have to do it at a friends house or something.

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