Shoegaze In Need

Every had anything stolen from you?… It sucks doesn’t it?

Well that’s exaxctly what happened to A Place To Bury Strangers in Rome last Friday night. They had there tour van stolen from outside the venue by some thieving bastard(s). Most of their gear/equipment was still in the venue at the time but nonetheless a lot of merchandise takings and personal belongings etc were in the van.

They posted this update on the matter on their Facebook page a few hours ago….

Looks like we had over 15K in merch money and belongings stolen from the van. Add in the cancelled shows, the excess van rental charges and we have been pummeled financially. We’ve set up a paypal donation link if any of you feel like helping us replace the belongings of our crew. We hesitate to do this but feel horrible about what happened to everyone’s things.

Here’s the link if anyone wants to help out..

A Place To Bury Strangers – Van Stolen donations

I couldn’t really afford to donate a lot at this time of year with Christmas on the horizon. But i donated what i could and if all the fans pull together and donate 5 or ten pounds/dollars each then a little money could end up going a long way.

APTBS are one of the hardest working/touring bands around and are a group of genuine, nice guys. Same goes for their friendly merchandise crew and roadies. I’ve had the pleasure of an amazing stoned conversation with one of the crew after a show in Glasgow. It’s a shame this has happened to all of them. Why couldn’t it have been Coldplay?

Please help out if you can.

S.I.T Wolf X



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