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February Stars (Part 2)

Continuing on with the look ahead to live music in February….


The vast range and angular style of music that BSP showcase always makes for intriguing live performances and this one will be no different. They hit The Arches hot on the trails of the release of their 5th long player “Valhalla Dancehall” which garnered severe critical praise. That’s no surprise really though when you look at the Brighton based bands back catalogue. Their live shows always seem to create an intimate setting that leaves the listener/viewer in a comfortable and open position. And if you’re open to this band they’ll take you on a journey you won’t forget. Definitely ones to be caught live.
MP3: British Sea Power – Be Gone
VERDICT: I’ll just be getting back from my weekend in Dundee when this gig is starting so i’m afraid i’ll have to give it a miss. That doesn’t mean you should though.


3 superb gigs on this night….

Having released a steady flow of singles and EPs over the last 3 years or so this duo added singer James Buttery to their line up last year and proceeded to release the very impressive debut album “North”. After listening to it through headphones i got the impression that it was an album i wouldn’t forget quickly. From opening track to the last bleep their album is a must have for any electronic music fan. At times sounding like The Antlers before drifting back into their almost sleepy own little loop laden world. Absolutely glorious noises that should translate perfectly in the small setting that is Sleazys underground.
MP3: Darkstar – In the Wings
VERDICT: Desperate to see these guys in live action. Swaying between this and Aidan Moffat (see below).

Gloom is back and it just got a whole lot bigger. Everything about new album “Ritual” is bigger. Everything about their recent live performances have looked and sounded bigger. This is the sound of a band hitting the musical nail on the head. Difficult second album syndrome? Pah, what’s that?! White Lies have made the transition with ease and then some. Their live shows will surely be galvanised by a bigger selection of tunes to choose from. They now have a fearsome repertoire of music at their disposal. All of which will be used to full effect on this tour. Just remember one thing…..wear black.
MP3: White Lies – Farewell To The Fairground
VERDICT: Sold out. Won’t be going. Obviously.

Feeling a Valentines hangover? Let Scotlands favourite storyteller ease your pain with his unique outlook on love and what it can do to a man. Raw emotions are Moffats trademark and there will be plenty of the them on show at his Valentines Revue show as he dips into a selection of songs from his various musical projects past and present. This might be a show for the lonely and unlucky in love…
MP3: Aidan John Moffat – The Boy That You Love
VERDICT: One for the lonely and unlucky in love?? How could i miss this?!


The gods of post rock and all round noisey behemoths trundle into town to score early 70’s Sci-Fi cult film Silent Running as part of Glasgows Music and Film Festival which kicks off on the 17th of this months and lasts though till the 27th. The Sheffield noise pioneers will no doubt keep us transfixed with what is sure to be an epic hour and a half. After their double date in Glasgow it’s off to Japan and their Heavy Sky EP tour for the 65 guys.
MP3: 65daysofstatic – Lyonesse
VERDICT: I’m there. I’m there! You’ll have to beat me with a rolled up copy of The Skinny to keep me out.


The Leeds band are into their 6th year now and have more than enough songs to keep their faithful fans happy. Having seemingly gained a slightly more experimental edge with age this will be one post rock gig not to miss from Vessels. The Captains Rest is always a good little arena for bands like Vessels to fully excel in. This will be no different.
MP3: Vessels – An Idle Brain (Errors remix)
VERDICT: I’ll stroll on down Great Western Road and pay my pennies at the door.


Various artists take to the stage in honour of the stricken Deftones bass player. A good gig for a great cause.
Healthy Minds Collapse
Life In December
Hiroshima Blackout
Mechanical Smile
and the most important link of all http://www.oneloveforchi.com/
VERDICT: I’ll really do my best to attend but i have a feeling i may end up having to give it a miss due to various reasons. Mainly work.

And that my friends is Part 2 of the February gig previews. Expect the final edition, Part 3, either tomorrow or Friday.

S.I.T Wolf  X

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Are Friends Eclectic #2

Sorry it’s taken so long to get the second episode of this up.

There’s been a few new questions added in and there’s a word assosciation section at the end as well. I already have the next interview lined up, it’s taking place next week with my flat mate Gustav. So that should hopefully be up next weekend.

And on with the interview…readers, meet Emma…

SIT WOLF: Describe music in 5 or less words.
EMMA: For fucks sake i didn’t know it was going to be some sort of philosophical conversation.
SIT WOLF: Hahahahaha! That’s going in!
EMMA: That’s not 5 words but put it in if you like. I don’t like that question. If you slightly changed the question to “What do you like most about music in 5 words?” then i could totally do that and reference Almost Famous at the same time.
SIT WOLF: Ok, well, go with that. *sighs*
EMMA: To begin with, everything.
SIT WOLF: Thank fuck that’s out the way. This is gonna be a long interview.

SIT WOLF: What was the first album you bought?
EMMA: The S Club 7 debut album, in fairness i was very young.

SIT WOLF: What was the last album you bought?
EMMA: Heartbreaker by Ryan Adams.

SIT WOLF: What are your views on illegal downloading/file sharing?
EMMA: I personally don’t do it. But the overriding reason is not moral, it’s more for fear of computer viruses. But i do use Spotify and i have no objections to people sending me stuff they have downloaded. I have mixed views really. On one hand it’s a great way for smaller bands to get recognition, but conversely, i think selling CDs is the primary source of income for most bands. But it really pisses me off when bands like Metallica take it so seriously because A) they’re hugely rich anyway and don’t need the money and B) nobody should pay to have to hear their music. It’s terrible.

SIT WOLF: What was your very first gig?
EMMA: Blink 182 at the Braehead Arena in 2004.

SIT WOLF: What was your last gig?
EMMA: The 7th of May this year The National and Pavement in Paris. Amazing.

SIT WOLF: What’s the next gig you’re going to?
EMMA: So far the only one i have lined up is The National at the 02 Academy in November. I’m not a fan of gigs really. Most of the crowd are made up of assholes and sometimes that can ruin the songs. I prefer to listen to an album as it is, the way it should be.

SIT WOLF: If you were stuck on a desert island and told that you could only listen to 3 albums over and over again for the rest of your life, what would they be?
EMMA: “Automatic For The People” by R.E.M and for a bit of variety i’d go for the Vanilla Sky soundtrack. I couldn’t choose between either “Alligator” or “Boxer” by The National. Don’t make me choose!

SIT WOLF: What 3 songs are currently on constant rotation on your IPod/MP3 Player?
EMMA: “So Alive” by Ryan Adams, “Visions of Johanna” by Bob Dylan and The British Sea Power track “No Lucifer”.

SIT WOLF: What are your 3 favourite remixes?
EMMA: I don’t really listen to a lot of remixes to be honest. I quite liked the Dahlback remix of Death From Above 1979’s “Romantic Rights” and the remix of The Nationals “Secret Meeting”. A 3rd one at a push would be the Lady Gaga/Nirvana mash up.

SIT WOLF: What are your 3 favourite films?
EMMA: To Kill A Mockingbird. It’s a very comforting film and you see it through the eyes of the child. Also, Gregory Peck plays the most perfect character in the world. Secondly, Vanilla Sky. I love all the film and song references throughout the movie and it has an amazing soundtrack. The twist at the end is really good as well. Third one would be The Diving Bell and The Butterfly, i love the way it’s filmed and it’s really uplifting.

SIT WOLF: What are your 3 favourite websites?
EMMA: http://thisrecording.com/, http://www.amazon.co.uk/and http://www.overheardinnewyork.com/

SIT WOLF: What are your 3 favourite blogs?
EMMA: I don’t want to be biased here so i’ll leave out my friends blogs. So the others would be http://magicmolly.tumblr.com/, http://whatwearesupposedtodo.tumblr.com/ and http://bluefugate.tumblr.com/

SIT WOLF: What are your 3 favourite cover versions.
EMMA: Jeff Buckley doing “Hallelujah”, Ryan Adams version of “Wonderwall” and the version of “Song To The Siren” that features in the film Candy.
SIT WOLF: J’adore Ryan Adams take on Wonderwall.

SIT WOLF: What are your 3 favourite music videos?
EMMA:  “Losing My Religion” by R.E.M because it’s a childhood memory and did you know that it’s based on the short story “A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I also love the new video for “Bloodbuzz Ohio” by The National. They send themselves up in it, playing up on their whole serious, depressing side. My favourite scenes are the ones on the park bench and when he’s lying on the grass with his feet in the air. Lastly, i’ll go for TV on the Radio and “Dreams” for the sole reason that i couldn’t fit them into the desert island question!

SIT WOLF: What are your 3 favourite TV shows?
EMMA: Arrested Development, My So Called Life and 30 Rock.

SIT WOLF: Do you play an instrument? If so, which one?
EMMA: Yes, guitar. Although i haven’t played in ages. But i remember chords and stuff, it’s like riding a bike, you never forget how to do it.

SIT WOLF: If you could make a Supergroup (5 members) that you’d love to hear who would be in it and what would their name be?
EMMA: It would fall apart immediately because the people i would choose would be egotistical songwriters. I’d go for Jeff Buckley, Ryan Adams and either Bryce or Aaron Dessner. Bill Berry on drums because i believe he was secretly the mastermind behind R.E.M. I don’t really know much about bass but i’m gonna go for John Paul Jones because he’s clearly capable and he seems cool as fuck. For a name i’ll go with The Band #2.
SIT WOLF: Good band. Boring name.

SIT WOLF: Give me and the readers 3 bands that you think we might not know but we should check out?
EMMA: Alexi Murdoch. He’s Scottish, He did the soundtrack for “Away We Go”.  A guy called Doveman. And finally N.A.S.A. They’re an indie hip hop group. How surprised are you right now?! There’s lot’s of guest members on the album “The Spirit of Apollo” but it’s really good for putting on before a night out.

SIT WOLF: What would your ideal gig be (3 bands)? And where would it be?
EMMA: Can i pick 3 gigs i wish i was present at then put them together to make the ideal gig?
SIT WOLF: Yeah, sure.
EMMA: Bob Dylan at the Albert Hall in 1966, Jeff Buckley at Sin-E in 1992 and Interpol anywhere in New York in 2002.
SIT WOLF: And whereabouts would this congregate?
EMMA: The Oran Mor in Glasgow

SIT WOLF: Who are your 3 favourite writers?
EMMA: JD Salinger, EE Cummings, F Scott Fitzgerald.

SIT WOLF: What are your 3 favourite books?
EMMA: Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov, Skinny Legs and All by Tom Robbins and The Time Travelers Wife by Audrey Niffenegger.

SIT WOLF: What songs best encapsulate your moods?
A) Happy
B) Sad
C) Angry
D) Lonely

A) Beach Boys – “Sloop John B”
B) The full album “Love Is Hell” by Ryan Adams
C) Fugazi – Merchandise
D) Ryan Adams – Does Anyone Wanna Take Me Home?

SIT WOLF: Who, in your opinion, are the 3 most attractive males in music?
EMMA: Matt Berninger, he seems like such an adult. He writes sexy lyrics and he’s tall . Stephen Malkmus because his arrogance attracts me. Jeff Buckley, he seemed really nice and he was super talented.

SIT WOLF: Who, in your opinion, are the 3 most attractive females in music?
EMMA: Zooey Deschanel, she’s just really hot. The twins from School of Seven Bells and the singer in my friends band, i can’t remember her name though.

SIT WOLF: What are your 3 favourite album covers?
EMMA: “Boxer” by The National, “Turn On The Bright Lights” by Interpol and Neil Young “Harvest Moon”.

SIT WOLF: What word best sums your musical tastes up?
EMMA: Invariable

WORD ASSOCIATION: SIT WOLF words in bold. If anybody doesn’t know how to play word association (which i’m sure everybody does but i’ll explain anyway) it basically involves someone saying a word and you instantly reply with the first word that comes to mind.

AMERICA – Neil Young
BLOOD – Alkaline Trio
SIT WOLF: It doesn’t have to be music y’know?
EMMA: I know! Carry on.
GOD – Not real
HATE – Blue
JOHN – Funny
KISS – Nice
LOVE – Red
MUSIC – Yellow
OLD – Smell nice. Old books i mean, not people!
QUIZZES – Awesome
REGRET – Lauren
SING – Audrey Hepburn
TOAST – Butter
UP – Down
VENUE – Smoking
XYLOPHONE – Kids books
YOU – Hungry
ZULU – eh…Zoolander


MP3: Bob Dylan – Visions of Johanna (Live At RAH ’66)

MP3: British Sea Power – No Lucifer

MP3: Ryan Adams – So Alive

MP3: Peter Gabriel – Solsbury Hill (featured on Vanilla Sky OST)

Seeing as R.E.M are signed to the fuckwits at Warner the video for “Losing My Religion” isn’t embeddable so here’s a live version.

S.I.T Wolf  X

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