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A Fashion Statement

A month or so ago while bored and browsing Facebook i came across a status update from Johnny Neon mentioning a new project being launched. The name of the project is Prada. It features Johnny Kotze (Johnny Neon) and his friend Yannick Ilunga (of Popskarr fame). In truth it doesn’t stray far from the type of synth gold that both alter egos are famous for but this is no bad thing. The trademark Johnny Neon voice remains only this time he’s ably assisted by Illunga’s smooth vocals. It’s electro pop heaven.

My favourite Johnny Neon track has and always will be “Laserkill”. I usually try and slip it onto any playlist i make. I love everything about it. The snaking synths, the upbeat lyrics, the bleeps and THAT lead melody line that almost takes the role of a second voice as it sweetly gloops all over the track. I went to the bother of sitting down with my guitar one drunken night and learning every little note of it and converting it into a playable guitar line. It sounds amazing with the delay pedal. But seeing as i’ve already posted “Laserkill” before then i’ll stick something else in here. As for Illunga and Popskarr, well i’d never really heard much of them until i caught notice of a few tracks that popped up on electrotrash a while back. It’s a site i started following when i first started getting into Johnny Neon about 2 and a bit years ago.

MP3: Johnny Neon – Hearts

MP3: Popskarr – S.P.I.L.L.S.

As i mentioned before the first song from Prada doesn’t veer far off the musical path that Johnny Kotze and Yannick Illunga so majestically tread but why fix something if it’s not broken and who cares when it’s this good/catchy/uplifting. If it was released a few months earlier we’d have easily been looking at it being the anthem of the summer.

It started off life being titled “Lagoss” before being mastered, tweaked a bit, lengthened by about an extra 90 seconds and completing it’s transformation into “Regerde Moi”. Both are available for free download below.

MP3: Prada – Lagoss

MP3: Prada – Regerde Moi

You can keep up to date and “like” all stuff Prada on their facebook.

Well we’re on the subject of Prada, the fashion label not the Neon and Ilunga concoction, i remember a few years ago hearing that Cassettes Won’t Listen had scored the soundtrack for a Prada commercial. Here’s the vid.

S.I.T Wolf  X

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THE MONDAY LIST #21: Cassette Culture

Advances in technology and new ways of musical distribution, mainly the internet/file sharing, have led to a steady decline in the use of cassettes in recording (home or studio) and more so the act of selling your music on cassette.

So imagine my joy when Civil Civic made their EP “1” available in tape format earlier this year. I didn’t order mine till August and thus i missed out on getting one of the coloured versions but i did manage to get my hands on the EP ….just. Two days after i ordered mine, i got an email saying that they had just sold out! But thankfully i got one of the last numbers of these limited edition beauties. It’s hardly been off since. I love the sound of a cassette and Civil Civic’s music sounds just that little bit scuzzier when it’s blasting out of a tape deck.

This particular track is off the Run Overdrive/Fuck Youth split they released in July.

MP3: Civil Civic – Fuck Youth

Civil Civic may be helping to keep cassette culture alive but they’re not alone in their love of the of the amazing musical rectangles.

Cassette Culture

1. The Kills – Tape Song
2. Memory Tapes – Pink Stones
3. Fujiya and Miyagi – Cassettesingle
4. Cassettes Won’t Listen – Freeze And Explode
5. Tape Deck Mountain – On My Honor
6. Andrew Thomas – Blue Cassette
7. Tapes N Tapes – The Dirty Dirty
8. Brand New – Mix Tape
9. Tape Deck Bros – Science Fiction
10. Cassette Club – 4 Me (Bestrack Remix)

BONUS Track:

This Elliott Smith b-side was released on a compilation called “Air Check Cassette”.

MP3: Elliott Smith – See You Later

Dayve Hawk aka Memory Tapes seems to be a huge cassette fan. His current alias is a mash up of his two previous recording monikers “Memory Cassette” and “Weird Tapes”.

Glasgow’s West End has a pretty cool little pub called Radio. The walls are adorned with tapes, boomboxes and vinyl. It’s one of the coolest little hang out places in the area. It’s been my favourite haunt of the last month or so, even pushing The Captains Rest into second place. They have a mass collection of all sorts of music on cassette ranging from early punk singles right through to the Street Fighter soundtrack. They also make the best Southern Comfort with ginger beer in town. I also love the very cool little table football game they have but i won’t go into too much detail as i don’t want to embarrass Gustav……………….Ok, you twisted my arm, i’ll go into detail. I beat him 9-1, 8-2, 10-0 and 9-1 again all in the space of about 5 minutes. Although to be fair i am pretty fucking good at it 🙂

Remember the days when having a tape player in your car was cool?  Now it’s all sub-woofers and bluetooth connections. What next? Spotify direct to your car dashboard? (If you’re listening Spotify guys then i came up with that idea first! So if it happens, gimme a cut.)

Don’t get me wrong, i’m by no means a technophobe  but i do love my retro music stuff. I have a happy medium though because in all honesty i do love my iPod as well. I’d kinda be lost without it.

S.I.T Wolf  X

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