Spaceship Landing

Tonight i get to live out one of my teenage wishes and see Kyuss perform live.

Yes, tonight the good ship Kyuss flies into Glasgow, albeit minus the one and only Josh Homme, as part of their “Kyuss Lives” 2011 reunion tour and i for one couldn’t be more excited. They were easily one of the most influential bands for me when i was growing up. I loved everything about them. The legendary desert generator parties, the fuzzy feedback, the riffs, basically i (and still do) pretty much idolised Josh Homme. But whilst him not being there tonight will slightly dampen the experience i get the feeling that tonight will still be everything i imagined and better. The effortlessly powerful vocals of John Garcia, the unique Brant Bjork and the frenetic bass of Nick Oliveri will make sure of that.

This is the “Kyuss Lives” line up…including replacement guitarist Bruno Fevery.

I hope i get the chance to complete my poster too.

I’ve got Josh Hommes signature,.Brant Bjork? Check. Nick Oliveri? Check. Who’s missing? The enigmatic John Garcia. Maybe i can persuade him to join me for a post gig white russian or two in Nice n Sleazys afterwards……

Fingers crossed.

S.I.T Wolf X

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