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The Wheels On The Bus….

During the week, having missed the last train, i had the unfortunate displeasure of having to get a number 40 bus home.

I mean, don’t get me wrong i don’t mind getting the bus, in fact i’d happily take the bus home from work over the train sometimes but i’ve never been one for enjoying late night bus journeys. They’re usually inhabited and frequented by people dressed like this..

They have different names all over the world, here in Scotland we like to call these cretins Neds.

MP3: Neds Atomic Dustbin – Kill Your Television

When you think about i suppose Bush and Blair kinda were neds. More so Bush. I’d say Blair was akin to being the new member of the gang, the one who is just happy to be following orders and hanging around street corners (in this case Iraq) with the older, “tougher” neds.

It all adds up…

Like fighting? CHECK
Speak incoherently? CHECK
A bully? CHECK
Like showing off and using big weapons? CHECK

But that’s a whole other matter and the subject of politics/war is something for another time.

Back to the bus journey. The idiotic youngsters (God, i feel old, is 25 old?) on this particular bus weren’t maybe as violent, aggressive or mouthy as the usual breed of Non Educated Delinquents but they were however just as annoying. Maybe even more annoying come to think of it. I’d actually rather be threatened by a 17 year old and a half bottle of Buckfast than have to sit through what i did this week.

The crime of these morons? Playing noises that they call “music” really fucking loudly out of their mobile phones. It got even worse when they started “singing” along. To be honest any music played through a mobile/cell phone usually sounds awful.

But when i say “music” i mean stuff like this.

*I apologise in advance for posting these videos. But it the closest thing i could find to the tripe that was filtering out of their Sony Ericssons the other night. Also, the dancing style in the second video is how a lot of these inbreds like to “move” when listening to their “pure banging hardcore”.*

I’m sure that there are people out there who like this kind of music and that’s fair enough (it’s not really) i suppose but i’ve grown up to detest it not only for the usual squeaky high pitched voices but also for it’s assosciation with ned culture in this country.

In the end i rode it out and refrained from becoming so annoyed that i would have to say something. So instead i just looked up the Graham Coxon song “Bloody Annoying” on my iPod and laughed quietly to myself.

MP3: Busdriver – Imaginary Places

MP3: Shy Child – Drop The Phone

MP3: Outkast – Back Of The Bus

If only every bus was driven by Otto then bus journeys would be an altogether funner place. Maybe not safer but definitely funner.

S.I.T Wolf  X

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