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Are Friends Eclectic? #1

This is a new section i’ve decided to start. I’ve had it planned in my head for ages now and i have a few friends willing to be “interviewed”  on their music tastes etc.

First in line to be grilled is Simon…..

SIT WOLF: Describe music in 5 or less words.
SIMON: Constantly evolving but still appealing.

SIT WOLF: What was the first album you bought?
SIMON: I remember buying Orbital’s debut album in a second hand shop in Zurich when i was 14. I bought it because there was a random sticker of Kurt Cobain stuck to it.

SIT WOLF: What was the last album you bought?
SIMON: I left most of my CDs back in Switzerland so i had to go out and buy all my favourites again at the beginning of the year. The last one i bought was Refused “The Shape of Punk To Come”. I have that in 4 formats now!

SIT WOLF: What are your views on illegal downloading/file sharing?
SIMON: Well i’ve only just be re-connected to the internet recently. I’ve been out the loop for a while but i’ve made up for lost time and done my fair share of downloading. I hold nothing against file sharing or downloading. If you really like a band you’re gonna go buy their stuff anyway aren’t you?
SIT Wolf: Couldn’t agree more.

SIT WOLF: What was your very first gig?
SIMON: Shit man, that was a long time ago. I remember my brother Marco dragging me to see The Offspring with him back in 1999. I’d have been 14 at the time.

SIT WOLF: What was your last gig?
SIMON: That would’ve been going to see Emalkay with you and Morgan at the Cabaret Voltaire. About 3 weeks ago.

SIT WOLF: What’s the next gig you’re going to?
SIMON: Modeselektor this coming Friday (9th April @ ABC, Glasgow)

SIT WOLF: If you were told that you could only listen to 3 albums over and over again for the rest of your life, what would they be?
SIMON: The Descendents – “Milo Goes To College”, Queens of the Stone Age – “Songs For The Deaf” and Underworld – “dubnobasswithmyheadman”.

SIT WOLF: What 3 songs are currently on constant rotation on your IPod/MP3 Player?
SIMON: Dead Kennedys – “California Uber Allies”, D.I.M – “Airbus” and The Cramps – “Human Fly”.

SIT WOLF: What are your 3 favourite remixes?
SIMON:  IAMX – “Kiss and Swallow (Moonbootica Remix)”, Death From Above 1979 – “Black History Month (Josh Homme Remix)” and The Prodigy – “Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix)”

SIT WOLF: What are your 3 favourite films?
SIMON: Saving Private Ryan, the Rocky series but only up until number 4. Anything thereafter is dross. And lastly Hackers. There’s also Shaving Ryan’s Privates, i highly recommend that one. Watch it alone though.
SIT WOLF: I said 3! And sorry, i’m not a fan of styling male pubic hair.

SIT WOLF: What are your 3 favourite websites?
SIMON: http://missingtoof.com/, http://survivingtheworld.net/ and http://www.thedrinkshop.com/

SIT WOLF: What are your 3 favourite music videos?
SIMON: As much as i hate U2 i always loved the video for “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me”. I’m a sucker for anything to do with Batman. I also thought the lego idea for “Fell In Love With A Girl” by the White Stripes was really original and a brilliant video. My new favourite one is “Window Seat” by Erykah Badu, only cos she gets nekkid!

SIT WOLF: Do you play an instrument? If so, which one?
SIMON: Yes, the bass. And a bit of drums, everyone knows a bit of drums though, right?

SIT WOLF: If you could make a Supergroup (5 members) that you’d love to hear who would be in it and what would their name be?
SIMON: Amazing question. Easy to answer, Cedric Bixler-Zavala on vocals, Kim Thayil and Andy Falkous on guitars, Nick Oliveri on bass and Zach Hill on drums. They’d be called Orange Head.
SIT WOLF: Why Orange Head?
SIMON: Because of THAT joke!
SIT WOLF: Oh yeah…..

SIT WOLF: Give the readers and i 3 bands that you think we might not know but we should check out? Give us a description.
SIMON:  1. The Evpatoria Report. They are a Swiss instrumental rock band. 2. Comanechi. Hectic lo-fi punk duo that includes the drummer from The Big Pink singing. They have songs about “pussy”. 3. Led Zeppelin. They’re this really old band from the 70’s that no one has heard of, i’d most definitely check them out if i were you.
SIT WOLF: Led Zeppelin? Never heard of them…..

SIT WOLF: What would your ideal gig be (3 bands past or present)? And where would it be?
SIMON: It would be at the Hallenstadion (Zurich) and the headliners would be The Mars Volta, with At-The Drive In and Tool supporting.

SIT WOLF: What word best sums your musical tastes up?
SIMON: Sonic.


MP3: The Mars Volta – Televators

MP3: The Descendents – Myage

MP3: Orbital – Speed Freak (Moby Remix) FROM “HACKERS” OST

S.I.T Wolf X

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THE MONDAY LIST #10: Family Values

This weeks list is compiled of musical duos that are siblings. I realise it would have been easier to do a post about siblings in music in general but i like the ideas of duos better, the whole “it’s just the two of us” kind of logic.

When brothers/sisters get together and make the choice of recording music together, whether it’s as a duo or as part of a band, there’s no telling what noise might end up being produced. It goes either one of two ways, the absolutely dreadful (The Jonas Brothers) or unbelievably good (Boards of Canada).

There are quite a few factors that come in to play when siblings unite musically. First off, do you get along? Do you get along enough to tour without constantly fighting, to make an album without arguing when the next guitar solo should come in and who should be on the front cover. Secondly, tastes. If one of you likes RnB and the other likes Death Metal then forget it. Thats not to say that for siblings to work well musically they have to like the exact same music but like most people starting up bands it helps to at least have some similar tastes. Thirdly, age difference. With the exception of the Jackson 5, if the age difference between band members is pretty big (say 10 or 15 years maybe) then it’s probably not gonna work. So with that we move onto the list..

Family Values

1. Boards Of Canada – The Colour Of The Fire
2. Orbital – Chime
3. The Knife – Pass This On
4. Lymbyc Systym – Ghost Clock
5. The Fiery Furnaces – Even In The Rain
6. Tiny Masters Of Today – Stickin’ It To The Man
7. Sparks – Turn Your Back On Mother Earth
8. Tiefschwarz – Yeah
9. Tegan And Sara – Back In Your Head
10. The Veronicas – Untouched

And briefly moving away from the subject of sibling duos i’ll give a nod to two of my favourite bands that just happen to include siblings.

VIDEO: Jesus And Mary Chain – Sidewalking

VIDEO: Radiohead – Reckoner

Also worth a mention in the “Siblings That Work Well Musically” category are The Stooges, Kings Of Leon,  The Breeders, The Carpenters, The Kinks, Psychedelic Furs,  The Misfits, The Black Crowes and sometimes but not all of the time…..Oasis. I have a somewhat love/hate relationship with that band. There are times when i could listen to a full album or two right through and other times when i can’t bear to listen to more than 30 seconds of one of their songs.

Meanwhile there are too many that should be lumped in the “Utter Shit Musical Siblings” category. Way too many to mention but i’ll give dishonourable mentions to The Cheeky Girls, B*Witched, The Darkness, the afore mentioned Jonas Brothers, Spandau Ballet, Bros, The Osmonds, the streak of musical piss that is Hanson and last but not least the latest siblings to jump on the Shit Siblings band wagon….JedFUCKINGWard. Go away please you two annoying quiffed up little bag of bones.

I’ve actually succeeded in bemusing myself as to how i’ve managed to include the names Jedward and Boards of Canada into the same post.

Oh and The Corrs are worth a mention (and a picture) simply because of Andrea Corr. I had a major crush on her in my early teenage years.

S.I.T Wolf  X


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