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Everybody Loves A Christmas Single, Right?


Attempts at Christmas singles in recent years have done my nut in no end. There’s the “cheeky” ones like The Darkness or Lady Gaga. Then there’s the “absolutely no point” ones like Bo Selecta or Kelly and Ozzy Osbourne. The “fuck off and die” ones from Cliff Richard or Gary Jules. And the downright offensiveness of Ricky Tomlinson and Peter Kay deciding it’d be fun to try and raise a laugh with a comedy Christmas song. Put emphasis on the word TRY there. Finally, of course there’s the reality TV cash cow corporation and the likes of Joe “Shiny White Teeth” McElderry and the rest of those fucking X-Factor ghouls. Complete dicks, the lot of them.

Anyway,  i may be coming across as a Scrooge here. But i’m really not. I’m far from it. I DO enjoy Christmas. Very much in fact. I love spoiling people with presents and seeing their faces on Christmas Day when you KNOW they’re going to love what you’ve got them. And of course i do love a good festive feed. I mean what’s not to like about a good Christmas dinner with your annually drunken family?

Seriously though, whatever happened to a good old proper Christmas novelty single. I might just be being nostalgic here but i want another Mr Blobby.

I’d even rather listen to East 17 than some of the tripe that’s been dribbled out this past decade.  Actually “Stay Another Day” is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine if truth be told. Come on…..i was only 9 when it came out! The memories from then are untainted and happy. So much so that i still enjoy hearing those piano chords tinkle out of the stereo every Christmas day. That’s right even i get my cheese on at Christmas. And to be fair it was a proper Christmas single. It even had snow and big furry jackets in the video!

I remember getting stupidly excited back in 2007 when i found out Maps was recording a shoegaze style cover of it for Christmas.

MP3: Maps – Stay Another Day

He even showed a bit of festive comedy spirit when he posted the track for fans back then. If i remember it correctly it went like this….

This Song is my special Xmas gift to you inspired by taking 12 E’s and running myself over in my own car. Only an enormous puffer jacket prevented me from certain death. Mappy Xmas, James.”

So, what’s happening this year Christmas single wise? Well, to be honest i don’t really know. There’ll probably be the usual X-Factor attempt, there’ll be the Facebook campaigns for some “wacky” one or one to fight the power or Simon Cowell as he’s better known (more on that in a minute) and there’ll be Cliff fucking Richard no doubt.

Who gets my vote? Well, i tipped them for big things at the beginning of the year and they’re set to end 2010 with their very own little Christmas single. It’s Hurts. I don’t grudge them it. It may be kinda cringe worthy but it is so in a good East 17 kinda way if you like and not like all those “artists” i verbally slaughtered at the top of the post. Technically and lyrically it’s almost an anti-Christmas song actually. But i like it nonetheless.

So here’s to Hurts for Christmas Number 1. Or should that be New Year number one?

MP3: Hurts – All I Want For Christmas Is New Year’s Day

You can watch the video on YouTube. No embedding allowed sadly.

Oh and the Facebook campaign i mentioned earlier….i don’t usually get involved with those and probably won’t again either this year but this one made me laugh. Silently. To myself.

Cage Against The Machine

Ok, Christmas songs rant over.

S.I.T Wolf  X

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Welcome To The North

This will be my last post for a few days because as of tomorrow i’m off to Newcastle for the weekend. I’m due back in Glasgow at sometime on the Sunday night and then i’m off to see Maybeshewill play at Stereo this Monday night. So i’ve got a busy few days ahead.

I was due to go see Crocodiles play this Saturday in The Captains Rest. I bought my ticket ages ago, way before the Newcastle trip had been arranged. Obviously i won’t be able to make it now but fortunately i managed to find a taker for it. Chris is going in my place, he knows a few other folk going along anyway so he won’t have to do what i usually do when i go to The Captains Rest and stand on his lonesome! Seriously, out of the last 5 gigs i’ve went to in The Captains Rest i’ve had to go to 4 on my own! The only time i’ve had company there in the last few months was when Luisa came to see Wild Nothing play there with me. Wild Nothing co-incidentally are playing @ The Arches real soon. My ticket’s already sorted.

Anyway as i said Chris has taken my Crocodiles ticket. I’ve asked him to gimme a review of it and i might stick it up here. All depends on how drunk he gets!

Here’s some Crocodiles and Wild Nothing to get your teeth into….

When i come back from Newcastle on Sunday night it’ll be straight to bed so i’m fully fit and not tired for the Monday and the Maybeshewill gig. If their gig is even as half as good as the last time they played here in June (at The Admiral Bar) then it will be an amazing night.

Looks like i’ll be going to see Maybeshewill on my own as well. I’ve asked a few folk but so far there are no certainties. Even my flat mate can’t make it along cos he’s going to see Hurts play on Monday night. I hate when good gigs clash. I’d love to see Hurts live again but when it comes down to it my loyalties lie firmly in Maybeshewill’s camp. The gig venues aren’t far apart so i suppose at the very least we can grab a few pre and post gig drinks together. Fingers crossed i find a Maybeshewill gig companion though.

I’ll be back posting on Tuesday. I’ve got a lot of new music i want you to hear and a few cool ideas for posts and new sections i plan on introducing next month. I’ve also been meaning to get a review of the excellent new acoustic EP by Ex-Libra’s up. Cut(s) was released at the beginning of the month. It’s mind blowingly haunting. Full review will follow sometime next week.

I’ve posted this video before but i could watch and listen over and over and over and over………

Take it easy

S.I.T Wolf  X

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THE MONDAY LIST #12: The Top 5 Tips For 2010

2009 promised and delivered so much in the way of good music, lets hope this year can be the same.

Ex-Lovers are a London based band who had a good 2009. Last summer saw the release of their debut singles “Just A Silhouette” and “Photobooth” and then in September they released the EP “You Forget So Easily”. The title track was the standout but other tracks such as “New Years Day” were enough to draw them favourable comparisons to Elliott Smith and The Cure. Almighty praise indeed.

They begin this year by heading off on a few gigs this month and then starting a 3 week tour of Britain on the 20 February. I’ll be taking in the Aberdeen show. If they can start off this year as they finished the last one then 2010 could be a very big year indeed for this loveable quintet.

MP3: Ex Lovers – New Years Day

I’ve previously posted “Just A Silhouette” and “You Forget So Easily” so if you like what you hear, go download them too.


VIDEO: Ex Lovers – Photobooth

Brooklyn-ites Zaza are slowly making a name for themselves with their take on the sombre side of shoegaze. Their Cameo EP was littered with haunting sounds and glistening vocals and hazy cymbals. Never veering off far from their influences the band still manage to create a sound all of their own. If you let them they’ll take you on a musical journey.

The band are playing SXSW this March, so it won’t be long before the secrets out. Get involved.

MP3: ZaZa – Always On


VIDEO: ZaZa – Sooner Or Later

These guys are darker and more evil than an alleyway on Sauchiehall Street in the early hours of a damp, winter Sunday morning. The lyrics are dark, the music even darker. Swirls of feedback and threatening chords mixed with almost tribal sounding beats. Then there’s the deep and quite frankly scary voice of Gabriel Bruce. They remind of a band i fell in love with a long time ago, the Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster. They have the same psychobilly and gothic undertones throughout everything they do, including their dress sense. There is definitely a visual element to the band, they also have that “shock” value too and although the band themselves may deny it i feel that it isn’t intentional. I don’t think they are trying to shock (well not too hard anyway), i think that its just simply their idea of “musical and visual expression”. This dark and evil image they portray is how they feel about society and so this is how they’ll perform on stage, this is what they’ll sing about etc.  I’m probably wrong but that’s just my opinion. Intended or not, the menacing look works and it certainly adds to their cult status. The music speaks for itself though and if the image they have helps them along the way then brilliant. I just hope these guys get the recognition they deserve in 2010.

Ok. so the above picture doesn’t look that menacing but that’s them being nice. If you want menacing, check the video for “Crypt Tonight” below.

MP3: Loverman – Crucifiction


VIDEO: Loverman – Crypt Tonight

These two could have stepped right out of the 80’s. I’m probably not alone in guessing that the era of New Romanticism from that decade have hugely influenced them. They have the same aching lovelorn lyrics, style and drum machines. And they’ve certainly blown the dust off of a few twenty five or so year old synthesizers. What i like most though is their ability to tell a story in a song without getting to “into” it. If that makes sense, which it probably doesn’t again. They dress slick, they sound slick and they’re destined for a big year.

Another really appealing thing about Hurts is that you can dance to them, so get yourself along to one of their shows this year and dance like it’s the 80’s. Yes, even if you missed/were too young for that era. I totally missed that scene (i was born 1985) but it won’t stop me loving and wanting to dance along to Hurts disco anthems.

MP3: Hurts – Blood, Tears And Gold


VIDEO: Hurts – Wonderful Life

This is Leeds noise punk at it’s finest. Leeds has produced a lot of good music over the last few years or so. The Tupolev Ghost and The Music to name but two. Pulled Apart By Horses are the product of cult Leeds band Mother Vulpine splitting up. The members went on to form PABH and also one of last years tips, Dinosaur Pile Up. But lets focus on Pulled Apart By Horses. They are effectively a bulldozer of noise. Aggressive in output yet the melodies remain. It’s beautiful noise. A lot of times band this heavy end up losing their sense of melody, not these guys. They sometimes garner up an almost Disco feeling. They’re also a mouth watering prospect as a live act with the ability to keep a crowds attention, which in todays “scenes” can be a pretty hard thing to do.

MP3: Pulled Apart By Horses – Get Off My Ghost Train


VIDEO: Pulled Apart By Horses – Meat Balloon

S.I.T Wolf X

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