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Heaven’s Here For You And Me

Yesterday marked the first anniversary of the passing of a very dear friend of mine, Ruari McCarthy. He is greatly missed by many and left a huge gap in the lives of a lot of people. Fortunately for us he also left a huge impression and many happy memories.

I had planned to do this post last night but i had to be through in Stirling for 9pm and was rushing about after work, which reminds me, i’ll do a post on Sunday about how last nights DJ set at D.U.S.K went. I’m just not exactly in the mood for talking bout things like that tonight.

Ruari passed away on the 29th of October last year, he was just 3 weeks short of his 25th birthday. He had suffered from epilepsy and asthma from an early age and took frequent aggressive attacks from both. He always had the courage and strength to overcome these attacks, unfortunately on the night he died it was a combination of both illnesses that proved overwhelming.

Ruari was one of the most genuinely nice people you could ever wish to meet. I could go into a whole description about him and how much of a brilliant, caring person he was but to be honest i’d find it too hard to locate the words to use to describe him. I first met him in December 2006, we were introduced through a mutual friend and before you know it, by January of the following year myself and Chris had convinced him to join a music project we had (Racecar Kayak). Ruari was so much more talented at music than i first thought. I remember the first jamming session we had i had thought to myself  “this guy is useless he can’t even keep in key with us”. How wrong was i?! Ruari had a unique and hidden talent that only his girlfriend Aiobfan knew about. His voice. Racecar Kayak was myself and Aiobfan on guitar, Chris on drums and Ruari on bass. We played post rock instrumental stuff, there was no singing, so little did we know what was lurking in that voice box of his. It wasn’t until summer 2007 when i went and seen him at an open mic night in Nice N Sleazys that i heard him singing for the first time. He had done two of his own songs and yes, i was impressed, really impressed, but it wasn’t until he did covers of  “Lover, You Should’ve Come Over” by Jeff Buckley, “Here Comes Your Man” by The Pixies and “Glorious” by Andreas Johnson and made them his own that i thought “WOW”. I was in the midst of something special. He could go from high to baritone to whisper to scream to heartbroken to ecstatic and back again. But his voice was something that he rarely shared and like me he preferred playing instrumental music. There was a reason i liked just playing music though and not singing so much……….i can’t sing! Ruari’s decision however baffled me. Here was a guy with a truly unique voice who chose only to use it occasionally. I had tried to convince him to add vocals to a few of the Racecar Kayak demos but to no avail. We did however record a few tracks together. Sadly only two have seen the light of day. A cover we did with shared vocals and guitar of “So Real” by Jeff Buckley made a brief appearance on YouTube and an acoustic take of  “Stay, I Missed You” was recorded as a birthday present for his fiancee Aiobfan in 2008 with Ruari singing and me on guitar duties.

I could go on forever with stories about Ruari and say how much i miss him and how much i miss trying to decipher his Southern Ireland accent but i won’t. Instead i’ll just say that it’s been a hard year since he died but myself and his friends and family have kept out hearts warm by reminiscing about good times we shared with him and telling stories about his Irish humour. Because of his health conditions Ruari didn’t drink much, he didn’t need to he was as fun loving and honest and open as they come but when he did drink he morphed into a stand up comedian! You couldn’t shut him and his filthy tongue up. But we all loved it that way and i wouldn’t have changed it for the world.

I’m going to post a few videos of some songs as a tribute…

The first one explains itself…

UNKLE – Heaven

Where’s the Seraphim?
Where’s the money that we made?
Where’s the open gate?
Where’s the fortune that we saved?

Heaven’s here for you and me
With every falling curl
Heaven’s here for you and me
We gained ourselves the world

Hit the Motorway
I can take it all at speed
I got everything
I got everything you need

Heaven’s here for me and you
Scattered out with pearls
Heaven’s here for me and you
We gained ourselves the world

Where’s the warrior of light?
The gates of solid gold?
Paranoia, in a fight
With dreams that never fold
Heaven’s here for me and you
Scattered out with pearls
Heaven’s here for me and you
We gained ourselves the world
Heaven’s here for me and you
We gave ourselves away..

The second video is of a song that Ruari and Aiobfan shared a mutual love for, there wasn’t much they agreed on musically!

Lighthouse Family – High

The third is a video of a band that Ruari and i discovered together by accident at a random gig one rainy night in October 2007…..the song’s called “For Jonathan” and The Album Leaf had recorded the song specifically for a family that had just lost their son. I can’t think of a better way to descibe this song than heartfelt and so i’m going to call it “For Ruari” this one time and dedicate it to him.

The Album Leaf – For Ruari

And lastly, as my own tribute to Ruari i’ve recorded a version of one his favourite songs. The last gig he ever played was in June last year at Nice N Sleazys and he played this song, i have the live recording of it from that night but for personal reasons i’m choosing not to post it. There’s only a dozen people at most who have heard it and it’s likely to stay that way cos it breaks my heart to hear it. I feel likes it the last memory i have of him and would like to keep it my own.

But anyway, here’s my version of it. I’m sorry for the quality of recording and excess noise, it was done in two 10 minute takes. I happen to be really nervous when singing and hold the microphone to close to my mouth, it’s a comfort thing but unfortunately it creates a buzzing sound. I recorded it guitar and vocal first and then tracked another vocal over the top of it. I feel more comfortable having my voice twice in songs i record, it makes me feel like i’m singing along with somebody else. Probably sounds weird to some i know but it’s the only way i can feel comfortable.

MP3: Fragile X – Skinny Love

I know i’ve not exactly got the best voice but please don’t think of it as me trying to do a cover of a Bon Iver song, just listen to it for what it is, a tribute to a lost friend.

cronaím thú Ruari

S.I.T Wolf X

ps. i had planned to post a photo of Ruari but after consulting Aiobfan decided it’d be best not too.


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For Emma….Forever Ago

This is a one off special post that i decided to do for my friend Emma who left to study in Aberdeen last month,  i promised i would dedicate a special post to her….so after much delay and without further ado here goes…


Straight to the point with the first track..
MP3: Bon Iver – For Emma

also another special version
MP3: Bon Iver – For Emma (a cappella version)

and your favourite Bon Iver song
Mp3: Bon Iver – Brackett WI

And now onto a section dedicated to your home for the next few years…Aberdizzle

Kings College, Aberdeen

Kings College, Aberdeen

MP3: The Music – Welcome To The North

Mp3: Tortoise – Northern Something

MP3; The Verve – A Northern Soul

and i couldn’t leave out one of your favourite artists, even if he does look overly sleazy in certain lingerie adverts….its the one and only Bobby Bob Bob, the Dylanator..

MP3: Bob Dylan – Girl From The North Country

and two covers of that song, one which sticks reasonably close to the original by Monsters Of Folk (a supergroup of such which features Bright Eyes, M.Ward and Jim James) and another one which is very different and unique by the Secret Machines.

Mp3: Monsters Of Folk – Girl From The North Country

MP3: Secret Machines – Girl From The North Country

Slains...............your round, Emma?

Slains...............your round, Emma?

Sticking to the subject of cities, here’s a few nice places i believe you happen to have a soft spot for..


MP3: Friendly Fires – Paris

VIDEO: Ladyhawke – Paris Is Burning (Live)


MP3: Mark Mallman – You’re Never Alone In New York

VIDEO: Craig Armstrong feat. Evan Dando – Wake Up In New York

now onto a a few different subjects…films, tv shows, books…


and a song from the film adaption of The Time Travellers Wife..
MP3: Broken Social Scene – Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division cover)

curb your enthusiasm

MP3: Luciano Michelini – Frolic (Curb Your Enthusiasm theme tune)

LarryDavidinto the wild

from the Into The Wild OST…
MP3: Eddie Vedder – Society


VIDEO: If These Tree’s Could Talk – The Friscalating Duslkight

the next part is just a short section focussing on some of Emma’s favourite artists…

American Rocks Mr Nice Guy
MP3: Neil Young and the Crazy Horse- Cinnamon Girl

The college-y type sounds of a certain person that Emma has convinced me to like…
MP3: Tom Petty – Free Fallin’

A band that no matter how much Emma likes i’m afraid i never will but seeing as this post is for Emma i’m obliged to involve them..
Mp3: The Beatles – A Hard Days Night

coming out of New York…
MP3: Interpol – Stella Was A Diver And She Was Always Down

Mr Paul Banks solo pseudonym..
Mp3: Julian Plenti – Games For Days

the one and only…
MP3: Jeff Buckley – We All Fall In Love Sometimes

an offshoot of the Secret Machines..
MP3: School Of Seven Bells – Half Asleep

a lovely song by the band that i apparently play bass for..
MP3: Pearl Jam – Given To Fly



as we near the end i’ll throw in some random subjects….

ice cream chewits

MP3: New Young Pony Club – Ice Cream

VIDEO: New Young Pony Club – Ice Cream (Van She Remix)

this is apparently "communion bread"..

this is apparently "communion bread"..

(is it just me or does this “communion bread” look suspiciously like a certain Class A drug?….i knew there was something funny about them priests..)

….”i can’t believe you made your first communion with that girl!…..”

MP3: Gang Gang Dance – First Communion

i’ll finish off with a short video collection…

Pearl Jam – Off He Goes

TV On The Radio – Wolf Like Me (Live on Letterman)

Ricky Gervais and Elmo

Dave Chappelle

And that’s the Emma post finished…. all that’s left now is….

here she is!.........it's Emma!

here she is!.........it's Emma!

S.I.T Wolf   XXX


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THE MONDAY LIST #2: The Top 10 Animal Related Song Titles

I was having a random conversation over the weekend with a friend about the band Miike Snow and their song “Animal” and it kinda inspired me to make a list about animals and their involvement in music. Whether it be in song titles, band names or lyrics.

And i just came up with a list of Animal Related Song Titles from bands that i like. Feel free to download the songs. (remember to have patience when downloading and check the instructions on how to do it correctly!)

Dog in headphones

There’s certainly a “wolf” tone in the list but it’s not intentional, just ironic i suppose. If you can think of anymore please feel free to leave your suggestions.

1. Miike Snow – Animal
2. IAMX – Bring Me Back A Dog
3. Bon Iver – The Wolves (Act I and II)
4. Nine Inch Nails – March Of The Pigs
5. The Kills – Cat Claw
6. TV On The Radio – Wolf Like Me
7. Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster – Chicken
8. The Cure – The Lovecats
9. Pendulum – Tarantula
10. Spinnerette – All Babes Are Wolves

Cat Power had decided to take her show a little too far

Cat Power had decided to take her show a little too far

Next Monday i’m going to put up a top ten list of animal related bands. Example:- Eagles Of Death Metal. 

To finish the post i thought i’d put up a video that puts a different spin on the now famous Cadburys advert featuring a Gorilla and the Phil Collins (*shivers*) song “In The Air Tonight”. I personally hated the advert but i like this version.

S.I.T Wolf x

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True Love Waits and The Weight of True Love

broken heart

I know its Valentines Day tomorrow  and i don’t want to dampen the mood for people but seen as today is Friday the 13th i’ve decided to put a post up for those that are unlucky in love. Songs for people that have experienced broken hearts, for people that have broke hearts themselves (everybody has) and for the lots of people who will spend Valentines Day alone this year.

The first bunch of songs are ones of loss, hurt and memories. The usual suspects like Jeff Buckley and Bon Iver are in there but there’s a few others that i thought would fit in quite nice. I’m not Coldplays biggest fan but even i can’t deny “The Scientist” is a touching ode to lost love. The Twilight Singers went for an orchestral background and a boy/girl conversation type song on “Number Nine”.  Whereas “No One’s Gonna Love You” by Band of Horses and “Maps” by the YYY’s are more stripped back but no less haunting. The Postal Service also go for the boy/girl conversation point of view on the ethereal “Nothing Better” whislt managing to keep their trademark bleepy sound. Mystery Jets, Chairlift and Bloc Party bring an indie touch to the mix with tales of bruised love (literally) and broken dreams . Frightened Rabbit’s song about “getting your hole” (as they so delicately put it) offers something a bit more awkward and an altogether different outlook on finding love or thinking you’ve found love. And then there’s the classic break up song by Fleetwood Mac. “Go Your Own Way” was written and recorded just after band members Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks broke up and the tension and emotion is clear for all to hear as they share vocal duties.

Jeff Buckley – Last Goodbye
Bon Iver – Skinny Love
Coldplay – The Scientist
The Twilight Singers (feat Mark Lanegan) – Number Nine
Band Of Horses – No One’s Gonna Love You
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Maps
Mystery Jets – Flakes
Chairlift – Bruises
Bloc Party – I Still Remember
Frightened Rabbit – Keep Yourself Warm
Fleetwood Mac – Go Your Own Way

The next trio of songs are the polar opposite of the ones above. Instead of  getting you down or making you feel sorry for yourself these songs might make you feel better about a break up. From the slightly sarcastic and provoking “I Never Wanted You” by Headphones, right though to the pretty blatant “fuck you” blasts from The Avalanches and McAlmont & Butler.

Headphones – I Never Wanted You
The Avalanches – Since I Left You
McAlmont & Butler – Yes

The last song doesn’t really need any description. One of the most simple but moving songs ever. Probably something to do with the fact that Thom Yorkes vocals still sound so fragile when he sings live.

MP3: Radiohead – True Love Waits (live)

hearts on hands

And thats it for my first real post. Don’t worry they won’t all be this doomy and gloomy. It just happens to be one of those days today.

Kali Nichta

S.I.T Wolf   x

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