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THE MONDAY LIST #16: My Own Summer

I’m sure most of you are aware that today is the summer solstice. The day when the sun stands still. The longest day of the year when the summer is at its brightest.

Todays solstice has certainly lived up to it’s billing so far, it’s been yet another fantastic day weather wise. So to celebrate the summer getting into full swing and the beginning of the long, long summer nights, barbecues and parties here is a list of summer based tracks i had lying around on the laptop. They vary from summer holidays through to summer romance and more.

1. Wavves – Summer Goth
2. Girl Talk – Summer Smoke
3. Refused – Summerholiday Vs. Punkroutine
4. Raindear – Childhood Memories Of Summer
5. Incubus – Summer Romance (Anti-Gravitiy Love Song)
6. Avi Buffalo – Summer Cum
7. Crocodiles – Summer Of Hate
8. The Manhattan Love Suicides – Indian Summer
9. Singapore Sling – Summer Garden
10. Taking Back Sunday – You’re So Last Summer

Bonus track:
MP3: The Unwinding Hours – Solstice

Summer also means festivals. Sadly though this year will be the first year since 200o that i have missed T in the Park. In previous years i’ve also managed to take in summer festivals in Germany and Austria. Both were unforgettable experiences. In fact the only musical festivities i’ll be taking in this year is that of the West End Festival  in Glasgow.

I suppose it’ll be a nice change and for once i won’t have to wake up boiling hot and hungover in a tiny polyester tent……….who am i kidding? I’m gonna miss it big time. Festivals made my summer to an extent but the new house takes priority this year and if i’m lucky i may be able to fit in a big festival of some sort at the end of the summer or maybe even September. There’s always ATP as well at the end of the year.

MP3: Deftones – My Own Summer

Summer also brings that old tingling warm sensation, literally. It’s called sunburn and a few of my friends have already been “lobsterified” this summer. So has this dude below, why is he still smiling!? Feel the burn!


MP3: Muse – Sunburn

Summer Can Do Strange Things To A Man

S.I.T Wolf  X

Ps. Today is also my big sister Lisa’s birthday. 29 today! I’ve tx and phoned her so i might as well go for the treble and wish her a good one on here as well, Happy Birthday Lis! xxxx

She’s away on holiday at the moment so i gave her the prezzies a few days back. Among them was Iggy and The Stooges “Raw Power” Special Edition. A fine choice if you ask me.


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Asleep For Days, Awake For Nights

I know it’s been a while since i last posted but it’s been an eventful few weeks. I’ve had to deal with a lot of overtime at work which has it’s good and bad points.

Good points – lots of money at the end of the month.

Bad points – over tiredness (i can’t sleep) and an almost non existent social life between Monday and Friday.

Over the past week or two i’ve also been busy sorting out my new house. Yes, i eventually got a flat. I’m eventually moving out into the big bad world on my own. Well, technically not on my own, me and Gustav are moving in together. It’s something we’d planned for years and now it’s taken shape. We move in on the 4th of May.

I’m writing this post at 3am as i get ready to leave on a 10 hour drive from Glasgow to the South of England. I’m going on a kinda mini holiday/music festival trip. Should be fun.

I obviously won’t however be able to post when i’m away but i have lots of posts planned and ready for when i come back (next Tuesday). I’ll squeeze in a Six Mix and a Video Dose before the end of the month and there’s also another interview for the “Are Friends Eclectic?” section which is just about ready to be be published. Add an upcoming Weekend Mixtape and a mini review of the year so far and preview of what’s still to come in 2010 and that makes for a busy blog for when i get back.

For the moment here’s a handful of random tracks that i’ve been listening to a lot lately.

MP3: Conifers – Legs and Arms

MP3: Band Of Horses – Factory

MP3: Grasscut – Muppet (Nathan Fake Remix)

MP3: Scissors For Lefty – Ghetto Ways

MP3: Lake Trout – Track 1 (Live on KRFC 88.9)

MP3: Avi Buffalo – Remember Last Time

Also if you’re looking for an interesting read you could do worse than have a look at the following blogs…….

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On the random side of things…



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