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Visualizing All Day

I stumbled across this online and i feel it’s my duty to share it.

Tyler Gray over at  Fast Company enlisted the help of Tiffany Farrant in deconstructing the latest mash up full length from Greg Gillis aka Girl Talk. But this wasn’t any old deconstructing or review. It was a “visual breakdown” infographic. I was intrigued. I’m sure you will be too.

“Greg Gillis quit his job as a biomedical engineer two years ago to become a full-time mashup artist known as Girl Talk. He still approaches his music like a scientist, though, combining the DNA of songs in divergent genres to grow unique hybrid jams. He’s the only one who knows the full genetic code. But here’s a stab by Fast Company and infographic artist Tiffany Farrant at mapping the samples on Girl Talk’s latest, “All Day.”

Here’s an example of the kinda thing i’m talking about.

Also, any excuse to post a track from the mash up master.
MP3: Girl Talk – Oh No

If you head on over to the article you’ll be able to expand on the available infographic and browse through in more detail.

For those who want an audio and visual experience of the work of art that is “All Day” then check out this fine piece of technology over at  Mashup Breakdown.

Remember “All Day” is available for free download under the Creative Commons license at  Illegal Art.

Before i finish up i’m gonna leave you with a few Girl Talk extras.

First, a brilliant track from the “Stop Cleveland Hate” EP.

MP3: Girl Talk – Bang This In The Club

Then there’s the inspiringly rotoscoped fan made video for “Bounce That”.

S.I.T Wolf  X

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