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Every “Cool” Band (Wishes They Were This Cool)

MF/MB/ is guitars, drums, bass, synthesizers, vocals and computers, but most of all it’s Victor, Jocke, Sebastian, Christine and Erik, making the best music they know. Not cool or not-cool, that’s up to you. And even if you get it, you still just don’t get it.

MP3: MF/MB/ – Every Cool Band

MP3: MF/MB/ – The Big Machine

MF/MB/ is countryside and city streets, it’s woods and concrete, cigarettes and alcohol, hope and despair, clubs and saunas, autobahn and bad English. MF/MB/ is gay sex and straight sex and endless studio sessions. It’s the anger and disillusion of performing in Berlin, on tour with The Sounds and The Faint, as 18 year olds and then going back to Sweden to play in small pubs in the middle of nowhere for people who’d rather listen to Basshunter.

MF/MB/ is a terrible band name. MF/MB/ is self confidence and bad conscience. Lack of money. Good looks. Clothes. Never looking back, always doing the same mistakes. It’s about frequent stupid questions in interviews – “Christine, how does it feel being the only girl in the band?” – and the inability to give the answers those questions deserve. MF/MB/ is a thousand compromises from a million ideas. It’s about filling up empty holes. It’s about staying alive by playing live. The oxygen on stage. Eyes of the audience. The handclaps and the shouts.

You should treat your ears to their album “Folded” on Spotify and if you like it then treat yourself to an early Christmas present and go buy it!

They even do cooler than cool remixes.

MP3: HEALTH – USA Boys (MF/MB/ remix)

I discovered these guys through a very like minded (musically anyway!)  friend called Simon. He doesn’t use his blog very often but when he does it’s always good stuff. Have a wee look and see.

S.I.T Wolf X

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