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You may or may not be aware of the absolutely torturous and downright hazardous amounts of snow that swept through Scotland at the end of November right though until early-mid December. We weren’t alone though. Snow engulfed practically the whole of the UK in early December.

But with me living in Scotland we’ll concentrate on that.

Now, i like the snow. I love it in fact. But the snow became too much. It brought Scotland to a well publicised halt. I got sent home from work early on the 29th of November because it got ridiculously heavy and lay on the ground at almost knee height in East Kilbride (where i work) and a day (unpaid day may i add) off from work the next day. The roads were so bad that people were abandoning their cars on the motorways and walking/slipping all the way home. There were cars parked all over the place. Pavements, grass verges, roundabouts, bus stops, random pathways. Everywhere and anywhere. So not only was the snow causing grief to the motorists who decide to soldier on but now they also had random vehicles planted all over the place to deal with. The snow had got to the point that it wasn’t fun anymore. Apocalypse Snow indeed. Then suddenly…..it disappeared. Granted, it left behind streets full of ankle threatening ice and gritted yet still not fully safe roads. It stopped in time for me to make a reasonably safe journey up to Dundee last weekend and the last remnants of snow and black ice seemed to be melting away like a Ben n Jerries left in a sunshine filled park in California.  The chaos had ended…..or had it.

The picture above was taken of Glasgow early yesterday morning. The Big Chill is back and this time he’s brought his friend Mr Mist with him.

Yep, we’ve got more heavy snow fall, gale force winds, mist and below zero temperatures coming our way over the next few days if the weather “experts” are to be believed. Going by this picture, which reminds me of the film The Day After Tomorrow, they could be right again and we’re in for another very cold patch and snow oblivion this winter. Let’s just hope we deal with it better now than we did earlier this month. It always baffles me how countries all around the world can deal with snow, probably a lot more than we get, on a yearly basis but we, the UK in general, always play the “we don’t know what to do” card.

Anyway, onto music and sticking with the winter theme…

MP3: The Decemberists – Down By The Water

MP3: Muddy Waters – Cold Weather Blues

MP3: Twin Shadow – Castles In The Snow

This is also the perfect post to stick up this classic song. A band i had forgot all about until this weather kicked in.

Here’s what the weather geeks at Scotlands “top rag” The Scottish Sun (how ironic?) predict for the weekend ahead.

Now, where’s my gloves and my piano scarf?

Oh there they are…

S.I.T Wolf X

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