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I Mixed My Drinks and I Lost My Way

I won’t be getting do much posting, well none actually, this weekend.

I’m off to Dundee again for birthday celebrations. It shall be a no doubt liver damaging but  good memory enhancing weekend.

Here’s some stuff to keep the page ticking over while i’m gone.

This is still one of the most beautiful tracks i’ve ever heard. I heard it for the first time exactly a year ago today and it still gives me butterflies.

A beautiful Scottish alternative lullaby.

MP3: Meursault – Crank Resolutions

Meursaults album “All Creatures Make Merry” will be another that is a shoe in for a place in most, if not all, end of year Best Of Lists.

This live version at Glastonbury take the hairs on the neck to a new level of standing.


I remember letting my flat mate hear this a few months back when this track got leaked. A strange concoction that works so well (like a White Russian cocktail) was my description at the time i believe. You may or may not be aware that this song is a cover of a band called Platinum Blonde……yeah, i didn’t really care either. This version’s waaaaaaay better. The “Not In Love” EP was released officially on 6th December. Go buy.

MP3: Crystal Castles – Not In Love feat Robert Smith

I also remember wanting to post about it at the time but not finding the time or energy to do so and then kinda forgetting about it.  So what better time than now? It also reminded me about a subject i’ve been wanting to post about for ages. Collaborations. Good and bad!

I’ll look into that in the New Year.


Finally, Intelligencia uploaded a track to the interwebnetworldvideothingy….or YouTube.

This crazy Glasgow 4 piece (my bro in law included) couldn’t and shouldn’t have stayed quiet that long!  The jam session lovers have hit the nail on the head with the cut and paste video for “Howl”.  As amazing as the live version is, i’d still really love to hear a recorded studio version. Please Gary!


Lastly, some good news for all you big kids out there……

Yes, i know he’s a busy man, but i’ve managed to book Santa in to do an interview for the “Are Friends Eclectic?” section. He’s gonna take a break from his chaotic wrapping schedule and pop in next weekend. Be sure to check it out.

That’s all for now. I’m off to Dundee……..to get thrown out of a nightclub. My friends will know what i mean.

S.I.T Wolf  X

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