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God Is Nothing

Leading up to tonight i had a hard decision to make. You see there’s two very good shows on in Glasgow tonight. Make that three if you’re a Motorhead fan….

Wild Nothing is performing at The Arches and 10 minutes up the road at King Tuts God Is An Astronaut are playing. Decisions decisions….. I’ve seen them both before and both were amazing live so that didn’t make it any easier. What did make it easier though was the fact that i’ve been given free passes to Wild Nothing. My friend, who used to work in The Arches, has ensured that i’m on the guestlist with a +1. And i was assured of the passes a long time ago where-as i only found out God Is An Astronaut were playing like 7 or 8 weeks ago. So off to The Arches and a night with Jack Tatum and his gang it is for me. I’m sorry GIAA guys but in this current financial climate i need to take advantage of any freebies on the go! I promise i’ll come again next time! They were amazing at the Oran Mor earlier this year, visually they were inspiring and musically they were a sonic assault.

MP3: Wild Nothing – Take Me In

MP3: God Is An Astronaut – Fire Flies And Empty Skies

I actually have a slew of gigs to attend over the next two weeks. Including the likes of Ex Libras, Deftones, Gold Panda and many more. I’ll do a preview post on them during the week if i can.

S.I.T Wolf  X

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