The Disaster Party. Join Now.

Before i begin, i’ve heard a rumour recently that Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster have split. I really hope it’s just that, a rumour and nothing more.

In all honesty i probably should’ve had this post up up sooner but i’d kinda forgot about it. Earlier this year i posted about the long awaited comeback of the Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster and mentioned that i had most of the “hard to find” tracks. Since then i’ve had a few requests through this site and through emails asking if i could forward the tracks on. So here they are….

The tracks range from early pre debut album demo’s through to b-sides, live tracks and an amazing cover of T-Rex.

I was gonna upload all the tracks separately but decided against it as i didn’t have the time to convert them all tonight. They were all on a CD i made years ago so i ripped them back onto my laptop and then just created zip files and uploaded them to my mediafire account.

1. Count The Voices
2. Love Turns To Hate (original version)
3. Surrender
4. 20th Century Boy (T-Rex cover)
5. Briefcases for Girls
6. Ice Cream
7. Grrr
8. 6:30
9. Alchemy
10. Charge The Guns (demo version)
11. Chicken (demo version)
12. 6:30 *
13. Ha!
14. Return December
15. Professionalism
16. We Don’t Rock
17. Ho Ha
18. Alex
19. Torrential Abuse
20. Turkish Delights Of The Devil
21. Mr Mental (live)
22. Giant Bones (live)
23. Morning Has Broken (live)
24. Palominos Dream
DOWNLOAD: TEMBLD – Rarities Part 1
* For some reason the track “6:30” appears twice. It’s the same version twice over.

1. In The Garden (original version)
2. You Say You’re The Doctor But I Know You’re The Mister
3. Eureka!
4. I Hate The Blues
5. Presidential Wave (live @ the BBC)
6. Celebrate Your Mother (live @ the BBC)
7. Flag Party
8. Horse Of The Dog
9. Lazy Bones
DOWNLOAD: TEMBLD – Rarities Part 2

I have a few other ones lying around too. Two tracks from the “In The Garden” EP.

MP3: Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster – Terrible Night

MP3: Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster – Horses Can Swim

An,  just to keep with the b-side theme, here’s a newer one from earlier this year and the new line up…

MP3: Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster – Sushwep

Speaking of the most recent incarnation, new addition guitarist Dominic Knights solo project “Screaming Tupelo” is more than worth checking out.

The most accurate description i’ve heard of him is the following:

Raised at the altar of Elvis and The Cramps, baptised in the fire of sonic fuzz and primitive stomp, Screaming Tupelo is a one man ear-pounding, heart-thumping blues-punk evangelist, delivering his testimony of raw blood and tears, sweat-soaked rock’n’roll.

MP3: Screaming Tupelo – Up Jumped The Devil (Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds cover)

And now for one from the old brigade. Original lead guitarist and founding member Andy Huxley (that’s him sitting down top left up there) left in 2005 and went onto form Vile Imbeciles.

MP3: Vile Imbeciles – Tramp

Then Rich Fownes came and went. In his 3 year tenure in  the 80’s Matchbox he obviously contributed a few songs. The one that stuck out most is called “Kemptown Animal”. Since his departure from the Disaster he has played in/formed two bands, With Scissors and Bad For Lazarus. He’s also been known to play live with UNKLE and he had a planned role in Nine Inch Nails live band that eventually crumbled.

The track “Kemptown Animal” was also recorded by Bad For Lazarus with Rich on vocals. I don’t actually have the Eighties Matchbox version but if anyone knows where i can get it then it’d be well appreciated.

MP3: Bad For Lazarus- Kemptown Animal

There are also a few more Eighties Matchbox rare tracks that i’d like to get a hold of. They’re mostly the newer demo’s and b-sides from “In The Garden” era and onwards. Once again, any help in finding these is much obliged.

S.I.T Wolf  X


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22 responses to “The Disaster Party. Join Now.

  1. Someone's In The Wolf

    Just seen this on a forum, sounds ominous.

    “Went to see the lads at digital on Thursday and it descended into chaos. Very good gig and Rich returned to play lead guitar after an iffy start as a four piece (Tristan was missing after apparently smashing Dominic on stage in Nottingham) but it was a very short set and Guy stated it was their last show. Sym punched a bouncer during the gig and that soured the mood and caused a mass stage invasion.

    I’ve got some footage of the gig I might upload if anyone wants to see it.

    Im gutted it seems to be over but from what I know and what I’ve been told its been brewing for a while.

    A faultless band and I will always maintain Guy is the best frontman of his generation.

    Cheers for the memories lads!”

  2. FooGazAy

    Thank you thank you thank you thank you for these! I’ve been searching all over for the early stuff! You’re a saviour!

    I really hope it’s not true about them breaking up. Hopefully they see sense and stick together.

    Thanks again man!

  3. Ziggy

    Nice collection of tracks here. It’s pretty much their whole back catalogue of b-sides etc. I’ve been all over the net looking for ‘Count The Voices’ and ‘Surrender’, glad to have found them. I have a few demo tracks that the guys recorded inbetween “In The Garden” and “Blood and Fire” that i could forward to you if you want?

  4. Lachstar

    Great collection, never heard the song Royal Society either if anyone has it? Would love to hear those too Ziggy!!
    Not liking the splitting rumours either although they recently removed Tristen McLenahan’s name from members on their Facebook profile which suggests they could soldier on yet. Certainly hope they do.

    The new b-side on So Long, “Laboramus” rocks too!

    Cheers again for sharing those tracks SITWolf!

  5. craig

    cheers dude. im pretty sure they have split as Dom Knight sent me a message on facebook saying they had

  6. craig

    hey check out the james cleaver quintet too, its the bass and guitar player from bad for lazarus. also please could you let me know if you get any more b-sides from the b-line please

    • Someone's In The Wolf

      Cool. Cheers for the recommendation. I’ll check them out.

      I’m pretty gutted about the split, they’ve been one of my favourites bands for almost a decade now. I still remember the first time i heard “Celebrate Your Mother” and “Chicken”. I fell in love instantly.

  7. craig

    sent you a few, not sure if you received them

  8. Hello, amazing songs you have uploaded here and incredibly rare. I too had them years ago but have been lost. I had one in particular, ‘Kemptown Animal,’ which was able to be downloaded for a day only on a myspace fansite a long time ago. Do you possess The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster studio version of ‘Kemptown Animal.’ Thank you.


    • Someone's In The Wolf

      Yeah, i thought i had lost them too but found them on an old CD earlier this year. I’m afraid “Kemptown Animal” is one of the tracks that i don’t have man, apologies. If i come across it i’ll be sure to post it in some form or other.

      Craig, i didn’t receive any emails or the like. Although, my email account has been playing up a bit recently.

  9. ifeellikeawomantonight

    If you send me your email address to the address I’ve provided I can send you kemptown animal, if you’ve had no luck.
    I also have a track I could send you, labelled as ‘Sacred Metal’ but when I checked it against my copy of Chicken, it isn’t. It the one that goes ‘your daughter’s dead / and now she’s gone’. I have no idea what the correct name is.

  10. ariel fructutuoso

    Thank you very much, brother, I’ve been looking for these tracks for a long time … many, many, thank you very much, I’m not worthy!

  11. Tom

    Thanks alot for these rarities. I had them on an old cd but it vanished. Great stuff!!

  12. Timbo Slice


    I have been yearning to hear these songs for years and being in Canada it’s not like I could have checked them out live. This really has made my day, especially considering the big let down that came with the news they’d split up. However, it’s probably the best thing and I hope they all have success with their new projects.

  13. Thanks so much for these, they’re an amazing band that will be missed immensely.

  14. DaviesH

    Hello, would it be possible to upload or email me the following two tracks I have missing from my collection:

    Count the Voices

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