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I’ve been offline for about a week due to hangovers, work, sleep and other circumstances but i’ve finally got back to posting. It’s been a hectic week so this is just gonna be a short post. I checked my email inbox for the first time in ages and i had a nice little message from the guys at Civil Civic.

They want you/us/ me (their adoring public) to name their next single for them. How fun?! I love making shit up for songs/band names. I’m in my element here!

The following is taken from the bands site….

Every human being has, in their lifetime, come up with at least one AWESOME BAND NAME.  Seriously, you’ve done it, even if you didn’t realise or don’t remember.
Well now it’s time to put your dopey, killer band-name skillz to the ultimate test and NAME OUR NEXT SINGLE.

Yeah, you heard me. Get that bong fired up (or use technology) and blurt out some ridiculous/evocative/atmospheric word or phrase in the English language. Our distinguished panel (Aaron, Ben and The Box) will hand down their judgement and then it’s LOCKED!
That’s the name of our next SMASH HIT!*  Out on limited edition 7″ on Too Pure in December.
The winner, apart from concrete proof of their own RADNESS, will receive a signed copy of the 7″ and a life sized oil-on-canvas of AARON FIGHTING A VICIOUS PACK OF STRAY DOGS!**
Entries close next Monday 11th October.
You have one week, multiple entries encouraged!!!
email your names to mail@civilcivic.com with ‘title comp’ as the subject.
*subject to record sales.
**this is a bare faced lie. You will get a 7″ though, and eternal glory and bragging rights.

So there you have it, get those brain cells working on some strange amalgamations and help out Civil Civic.

I’ve already submitted a few entries myself.


Hobbledehoy (thought this would work kinda in relation to their song “Fuck Youth”)

Gongoozler Sea Party (i heard someone mention that word and instantly wanted to know what it meant)

Freudian Slip (self explanatory really)

I realise these aren’t exactly imaginative but i’m gonna spend this afternoon coming up with more.

In the meantime, enjoy…

MP3: Civil Civic – Less Unless

S.I.T Wolf  X

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