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Your Monthly Video Dose: September 2010

Via Audio – Modern Day Saint

Soulsavers feat Mark Lanegan – Revival

Apparat – Arcadia

Ratatat – Mirando

You Can’t Eat The Word Food – Soap Opera King

S.I.T Wolf X

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Live @ Eclecticity 2010 Parts 1 and 2

So tonight i can finally get round to uploading my set from Eclecticity last month. I blame Chris for taking so long! Although to be fair he has done a really good job of converting the set and keeping the audio quality at a good level (it’s around 260 kbps). Before anyone gets the wrong idea and thinks this is actually the live gig audio, it’s not. It hasn’t been a miked up recording and caught audience noise, buzzing bass and crackly beats and all the other crap that comes along with it. No, what he done was simply record my set through Traktor while i was playing . So it’s a perfect, clear and audible version. Anyone who uses Traktor will know that it only deals in wav files when it comes to the recording function so these files have been converted to MP3 and Chris has very kindly chopped what was a 4 hour set into 1 hour or so sections. This will allow me to burn them onto discs and also make downloads easier.

Tracklisting (Part 1)

1. Queens of the Stone Age – Someone’s In The Wolf
2. Japanese Popstars featuring John Spencer – Destroy
3. HTRK – Disco
4. The Question?
5. Teki Latex – Dinosaurs With Guns
6. G-Tronic – Suckerpunch
7. TKNK – Tank
8. Refused – New Noise
9. Missil – Get Busted
10. Dgtl Monkey – In The Middle
11. Designer Drugs – Drop Down
12. Cyberpunkers – OMG
13. Mix Hell – Highly Explicit
14. The Mastertrons – Gardaland Is Destroyed
15. Audionite – Blank Volume
16. Buy Now – Body Crash
17. Dirty Disco Youth – Minds…Off
18. Night Kids – Gurgle 2.o
19. Polen – Funk You
20. Felix Da Housecat – Kick Drum

DOWNLOAD: Right click and save as SIT WOLF @ Eclecticity 2010 Part 1

Tracklisting (Part 2)

1. Felix Da Housecat – Kick Drum
2. The Subs – Mitsubitchi
3. Moderat feat Busdriver – Beatswaysick
4. EdiT feat The Grouch – Artsy
5. Bloody Beetroots feat The Cool Kids – Awesome
6. Kissed With A Noise feat Young Buck – Watuppp
7. Congorock – Babylon
8. Micro Prophets – Steel Your Soul
9. Mighty Fools – Amsterdam
10. Boemklatsch – Bonafied
11. The Party Squad – Pull Up
12. Modeselektor – Dancing Box
13. Boreta – Bubblin’ In The Cut
14. Black Holes – War Drums
15. EdiT – Battling Go-Go Yubari In Downtown LA
16. Mike Posner – Cooler Than Me
17. Dublicker
18. The Qemists – Dem Na Like Me
19. Nixon – 2012

DOWNLOAD: Right click and save as SIT WOLF @ Eclecticity 2010 Part 2

Parts 3 and 4 will go up next weekend.

S.I.T Wolf  X

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THE MONDAY LIST #21: Cassette Culture

Advances in technology and new ways of musical distribution, mainly the internet/file sharing, have led to a steady decline in the use of cassettes in recording (home or studio) and more so the act of selling your music on cassette.

So imagine my joy when Civil Civic made their EP “1” available in tape format earlier this year. I didn’t order mine till August and thus i missed out on getting one of the coloured versions but i did manage to get my hands on the EP ….just. Two days after i ordered mine, i got an email saying that they had just sold out! But thankfully i got one of the last numbers of these limited edition beauties. It’s hardly been off since. I love the sound of a cassette and Civil Civic’s music sounds just that little bit scuzzier when it’s blasting out of a tape deck.

This particular track is off the Run Overdrive/Fuck Youth split they released in July.

MP3: Civil Civic – Fuck Youth

Civil Civic may be helping to keep cassette culture alive but they’re not alone in their love of the of the amazing musical rectangles.

Cassette Culture

1. The Kills – Tape Song
2. Memory Tapes – Pink Stones
3. Fujiya and Miyagi – Cassettesingle
4. Cassettes Won’t Listen – Freeze And Explode
5. Tape Deck Mountain – On My Honor
6. Andrew Thomas – Blue Cassette
7. Tapes N Tapes – The Dirty Dirty
8. Brand New – Mix Tape
9. Tape Deck Bros – Science Fiction
10. Cassette Club – 4 Me (Bestrack Remix)

BONUS Track:

This Elliott Smith b-side was released on a compilation called “Air Check Cassette”.

MP3: Elliott Smith – See You Later

Dayve Hawk aka Memory Tapes seems to be a huge cassette fan. His current alias is a mash up of his two previous recording monikers “Memory Cassette” and “Weird Tapes”.

Glasgow’s West End has a pretty cool little pub called Radio. The walls are adorned with tapes, boomboxes and vinyl. It’s one of the coolest little hang out places in the area. It’s been my favourite haunt of the last month or so, even pushing The Captains Rest into second place. They have a mass collection of all sorts of music on cassette ranging from early punk singles right through to the Street Fighter soundtrack. They also make the best Southern Comfort with ginger beer in town. I also love the very cool little table football game they have but i won’t go into too much detail as i don’t want to embarrass Gustav……………….Ok, you twisted my arm, i’ll go into detail. I beat him 9-1, 8-2, 10-0 and 9-1 again all in the space of about 5 minutes. Although to be fair i am pretty fucking good at it 🙂

Remember the days when having a tape player in your car was cool?  Now it’s all sub-woofers and bluetooth connections. What next? Spotify direct to your car dashboard? (If you’re listening Spotify guys then i came up with that idea first! So if it happens, gimme a cut.)

Don’t get me wrong, i’m by no means a technophobe  but i do love my retro music stuff. I have a happy medium though because in all honesty i do love my iPod as well. I’d kinda be lost without it.

S.I.T Wolf  X

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People Are Strange When You’re A Stranger?

This weekend i somehow managed to squeeze the equivalent of 4 nights out (or nights in) into a measly 18 hours. All of it unplanned and messy.

MP3: Alkaline Trio – Take Lots With Alcohol

Night 1: 6pm – 10:30pm
I meet a few folk up in town to go watch the Scotland vs Lithuania football game. During the game a lot of Tennents are consumed. After the game we go to Capitol then onto Nice N Sleazys where a lot of White Russian cocktails are consumed. Then it’s off to the Captains Rest for some Sailor Jerrys and then i get the phone call……….

Night 2: 10:30pm – 1:30am
This Friday night i had a very nice but unexpected visit from an old friend who i hadn’t seen in just under a year. She moved to London last September. She was originally meant to be coming up to visit last month. But then re-arranged for the second or third week of September due to work commitments. But unbeknown to me (and a few others) she had sneakily arranged the first week of September as a holiday so she could come visit and give all her friends a massive surprise! Sneaky, very sneaky. But cool. So imagine the pleasant shock when i got a phone call at 10pm on Friday night saying “Hello Johnny, it’s me! Right, i’m waiting on a taxi, where are you?” and that was it. She had been back in Glasgow since the Thursday morning and after sleeping off jet lag (she had flown from London to Paris to Cork to Glasgow in the space of 5 days) decided it would be nice to make me almost piss myself with excitement by phoning me up randomly.

It’s always good to catch up with friends but when you haven’t seen them in that long it’s fucking amazing. We went back to my flat and talked about the boring stuff first, y’know the formalities? Stuff like “So good to see you, how are you?” etc then we got back to the old days and talk of days of yore and the old bands we were in and the likes. Then as the wine and beer consumption grew and grew we got to our favourite past time……….smoking weed and talking nonsense. Literally an hour and a half of non stop laughing, funny stories and so bad that they’re funny jokes. So by this time it’s half 1 in the morning or thereabouts anyway and Night 3 is just around the corner….

MP3: The Icarus Line – On The Lash

Night 3: 1:30am – 4:30 am/5am maybe? I can’t really remember.
My flat mate comes home from his work. I hear the door open and i’m expecting an exhausted and thirsty man to walk through the door so i attempt to prepare him a drink. But, wait, what’s that? I hear more voices. Voices unknown to thine ear. He’s not alone. Ah, he must have a friend or two with him. The door opens………..he has 5 or 6 friends with him. “We’re off to a house party” he states. “You coming?”. “Aye why not?” comes my return. So we go to the house party, there are more people there (really? i hear you say. people at a house party?), some of them i know and some of them, like the 5 or 6 before, i’m meeting for the first time. The good thing is that they’re all really nice and friendly. Now, as i’ve stated before, i’m not the best in social situations, i become disgustingly awkward but it’s much much easier when people are that friendly and dare i say normal? When people/strangers don’t push you for information or try and force you to talk then it makes it a whole lot easier for people like me who like to come out of the shell slowly but surely. It was a relaxed atmosphere with 10 to 15 people just sitting around chilling and having a good time. Then it was time to go home……….or was it?

Night 4: Sometime in the early hours of Saturday morning – 1pm Saturday afternoon
We didn’t go home alone. Half the people at the party came back to ours and we continued the festivities there. The drinks cupboard is pretty bare now. We did have Jagermeister, Alize, rum, gin, amaretto, Jack D, vodka and wine. We now have a bottle of Czech liquor that nobody wanted to touch!

I can’t really go into much detail of what happened at our place when everyone came back because A) i can’t really remember B) i don’t know if i want to remember C) where am i?

MP3: Gogol Bordello – Alcohol

Here’s some things i remember from the course of those 18 or so hours. In no certain order, the following occured:

Being accosted by a drunken tramp on Jamaica Street. Well, he attempted to accost before falling on his knees about 2 feet away from me shouting obscenities.

Being forced into arm wrestling a Polish girl by my flatmate. I won. Thankfully.

Explaining the rules of concept albums to an eager listener.

Laughing uncontrollably with Aiobfan at jokes about fish and fishy smelly stuff.

Being described as “emo” by two passing neds on the street. I mean come on, really?

Jonathon rolling me another amazing cone. I am humbled kind sir.

Walking into a really low door frame.

Re-arranging the laws of gravity in a taxi.

Wearing sunglasses inside. I’m not a dick. I was merely portraying a part which required me to do so.

Stealing yet another gig poster from The Captains Rest. Sorry guys, it’s an addiction.

Squeezing onto a 3 seater couch with about 6 people. Just to see how many we could fit.

Having my hat passed around the room, like a cheap whore, for people to try on.

Catching sight of my trainers in a huge full length mirror (i hate mirrors) and being horrified. I had two odd ones on at some point. I was very drunk.

Watching the ashtray fall from the table, in what seemed like slow motion, and smash on the floor.

Winning $10.

And lastly,

Waking up surrounded by sleeping bodies scattered all over the place.

Waking up with a blonde girl lying on top of me. “Who are you?????”

Waking up with what felt like Brant Bjork pounding my head with drums and having a tongue that felt like i’d just licked a badgers bum. Damn you red wine.

Going to Greggs bakers and feeling much much better. For a while.

S.I.T Wolf  X

ps. Chris is sending me the files from the Eclecticity live set tomorrow so they’ll be 100% up next weekend 🙂

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Darkness Knows I Have A Weakness

Everything is just the same.
Wrench it out from her landscapes.
For all we know it’s just a game.
If love is blind, where’s your illness?
For all we know we’re all ashamed
And inside each is a weakness.
But darkness doesn’t know the game.
Darkness knows i have a weakness.

All of my friends, they catch me when i’m dumb.
And i keep acting so stupid, just sucking on my thumb.
But you keep playing, so i count it.
I won’t know if anything changes.
If you keep saying we’re useless, well we’ll just fulfill your game.

Everything is just the same.
Kill the lights and be silent.
For all we know it’s just a stain.
If love is blind where’s your harness?
For all we know love’s just a game.
If love is seen, where’s your illness?

All of my friends, they ignore me when i’m wrong.
And i don’t know why i can’t say why i just feel that way sometimes.
And if you know that you can say that “i have no problem being shunned”.
Most of the time we are wrong and we think we are the righteous ones.

Everything is just the same.

MP3: Everything Is The Same

S.I.T Wolf  X

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Does It Matter How? Does It Matter When?

Noise pop has just raised it’s voice again. And you will listen.

Tonight i was planning on doing a review of monday nights HEALTH gig at The Arches. To be honest i’m still lost for words. But i’ll try…..

It was the 3rd time i’d seen them live but by far the best. They’ve certainly grown an unbelievable amount over the last year or so since releasing second album “Get Color”. They followed it up this year with “Disco 2” their second remix album which featured a new song “USA Boys” which has become a live staple these days. I still can’t describe the feeling i get when i see them live. I feels almost epic. Imagine every genre of music you’ve heard (yes, even the made up ones that seem to be churned out at least once a week) and then crush them into one single show. To me, HEALTH don’t do sets or setlists they just come on stage and do one big long mash up of music. And it’s a breath of fresh air. These guys pour everything into their shows. On record the drums are amazing, that’s one of the main attractions for me. But live? The drummer Benjamin Jared Miller is frighteningly good. Words escape me. I’ve never seen someone hit the drums with such precisely placed venom.

I’m sorry if this review was rather short/boring but i really can’t think of anything else to say other than “Wow”. Possibly gig of the year so far. Although Maybeshewill and Ex Libras (i think) are due back in Scotland later this autumn.

MP3: HEALTH – In Heat

MP3: HEALTH – Death +

HEALTH really know how to make a trippy video too. “We Are Water” is actually quietly disturbing.

HEALTH were very ably supported at The Arches by two Scottish bands, Mr Peppermint and Prayer Rug.

Have a listen:

Mr Peppermint

Prayer Rug

MP3: Mr Peppermint – Hyndland Road

I don’t think there are any available MP3’s for Prayer Rug but if you follow the link to their Facebook you can listen to a few tracks. “Heavy Psych” is my fave.

Which reminds me….if anyone is interested then take a look at my own Facebook for this blog. I made it a while ago now, beginning of the summer to be exact. It’s basically just an extension of the actual blog and whenever i feel like using my own personal Facebook (which i rarely do if i’m being truthful) then i’ll always try and update the Someone’s In The Wolf page too and let people know if there are any new posts etc. I’m gonna start posting random videos i like and other stuff on it too probably just to add some variety.

Boring, i know. I hate the whole self plugging thing.  But take a swatch if you want and feel free to click “like” or don’t bother. I’m not too fussed.

Someones In The Wolf – Facebook page

S.I.T Wolf  X

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