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The Blues Are Easy To Play But Hard To Feel

When i was away in Dundee i missed the chance to post about one of my favourite guitarists of all time. Saturday just passed (the 18th) marked the 40th anniversary of the death of the one and only Jimi Hendrix.

I’ve loved Jimi Hendrix since i was a little boy, yes, i fell in love with the sounds of Hendrix around aged 8. The first time i heard a millisecond of that wah wah pedal being squeezed out from “Voodoo Child” i was hooked. Posters of the blues legend adorned the door and walls of my room as a child and into my late teens. I still have books, DVDs, CD albums, posters, magazines, t-shirts, VHS (remember them?!) of Hendrix. Some are safely stored away for keeps and some are out for show on my shelves. Jimi Hendrix along with Josh Homme was one of the first people who made me want to pick up a guitar and then i’d spend hours on my own in my bedroom listening to albums back to back and learning tracks by ear. One of the first Hendrix riffs i learned on guitar was Purple Haze and along with “Voodoo Child” it remains one of my favourites of his.

Trying to pick some tracks to post on here was genuinely hard. I love pretty much every track he’s ever recorded. But i’ve narrowed it down to 5 and a live video.

MP3: Jimi Hendrix – Angel

MP3: Jimi Hendrix – If 6 Was 9

MP3: Jimi Hendrix – Purple Haze

MP3: Jimi Hendrix – Voodoo Child (Slight Return)

MP3: Jimi Hendrix – Manic Depression

Ok, fuck it, one more video! This is my favourite live version of “Voodoo Child”.

S.I.T Wolf  X

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