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Does It Matter How? Does It Matter When?

Noise pop has just raised it’s voice again. And you will listen.

Tonight i was planning on doing a review of monday nights HEALTH gig at The Arches. To be honest i’m still lost for words. But i’ll try…..

It was the 3rd time i’d seen them live but by far the best. They’ve certainly grown an unbelievable amount over the last year or so since releasing second album “Get Color”. They followed it up this year with “Disco 2” their second remix album which featured a new song “USA Boys” which has become a live staple these days. I still can’t describe the feeling i get when i see them live. I feels almost epic. Imagine every genre of music you’ve heard (yes, even the made up ones that seem to be churned out at least once a week) and then crush them into one single show. To me, HEALTH don’t do sets or setlists they just come on stage and do one big long mash up of music. And it’s a breath of fresh air. These guys pour everything into their shows. On record the drums are amazing, that’s one of the main attractions for me. But live? The drummer Benjamin Jared Miller is frighteningly good. Words escape me. I’ve never seen someone hit the drums with such precisely placed venom.

I’m sorry if this review was rather short/boring but i really can’t think of anything else to say other than “Wow”. Possibly gig of the year so far. Although Maybeshewill and Ex Libras (i think) are due back in Scotland later this autumn.

MP3: HEALTH – In Heat

MP3: HEALTH – Death +

HEALTH really know how to make a trippy video too. “We Are Water” is actually quietly disturbing.

HEALTH were very ably supported at The Arches by two Scottish bands, Mr Peppermint and Prayer Rug.

Have a listen:

Mr Peppermint

Prayer Rug

MP3: Mr Peppermint – Hyndland Road

I don’t think there are any available MP3’s for Prayer Rug but if you follow the link to their Facebook you can listen to a few tracks. “Heavy Psych” is my fave.

Which reminds me….if anyone is interested then take a look at my own Facebook for this blog. I made it a while ago now, beginning of the summer to be exact. It’s basically just an extension of the actual blog and whenever i feel like using my own personal Facebook (which i rarely do if i’m being truthful) then i’ll always try and update the Someone’s In The Wolf page too and let people know if there are any new posts etc. I’m gonna start posting random videos i like and other stuff on it too probably just to add some variety.

Boring, i know. I hate the whole self plugging thing.  But take a swatch if you want and feel free to click “like” or don’t bother. I’m not too fussed.

Someones In The Wolf – Facebook page

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