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I Am Stop. You Are Go.

I’m in a bit of a rush tonight, i’m unexpectedly off to see Call Me Ishmael at King Tuts. I got a text at lunch time today from Richie and Lucy telling me that “WE DON’T CARE WHAT YOU SAY, YOU’RE COMING ALONG” to this gig tonight. That’s right, i wasn’t asked, i was told. Sometimes it’s messages like those that make my day! Got a free pass into the gig and the promise of free booze (i am pretty penniless for the next few days afterall).

What more could a bored boy with nothing to do on a Friday night want?

I’ve seen Call Me Ishmael live before (as a support act) and they’re definitely ones to watch. The Glasgow sextet reminded me musically of a poppier At The Drive In (Casino and Vaya era). It has that lo-fi feel but infused with different little elements of Alkaline Trio, Thursday and Thrice and is lyrically/vocally reminiscent of a certain Glasgow cult band by the name of De Rosa. You get the picture/idea? No, ok, here’s a wee snifter…

MP3: Call Me Ishmael – The Beast That Screamed At The Heart Of The World

Check out some more of their songs at their myspace

My favourite song of theirs at the moment is “Blood and Ashes”. To me it sounds like it belongs in 2002. It has that kinda crossover punky feel. By the way that’s a good thing not bad. It takes me back to the sounds of that era. Call Me Ishmael could fit snugly on a playlist next to Taking Back Sunday, The Used etc.

Anyways, my lift is due in 10 minutes. I best finish getting ready and look out my old school ATD-I t-shirt. I’m even dressing like 2002!

Ps. I’m playing a warehouse party this weekend, i’ll be sure to leave a post here on Sunday about how it goes. It very possibly will be my last DJ set under the Someone’s In The Wolf moniker for a good while so i’m hoping to go out with a bang. No, wait, i’m going out with a howl.

S.I.T Wolf  X

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