This Is No Way For A Man To Live

Just heard this band for the first time tonight on recommendation from my mate Chris. He mainly listens to IDM, electro, techno and/or punk and metal so when he started talking about an emotive “indie” rock band from Nashville that are influenced by The Velvet Underground, blues and 60’s n 70’s America my ears pricked up.

I love the whole retro American style and feel to the video.

Listen to “Listen To Your Love” and another really good track called “Lines In The Sand”  here

I think i’ve fell in love with the guys voice. It sounds familiar to me in a strange comforting kind of way. I feel like i’ve heard him before somewhere. I love the lyrics as well.

“Come on, don’t you know i wanna see you?

When i think of old America or a retro America i think of drive in theatres. Or should that be theaters?

S.I.T Wolf  X



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3 responses to “This Is No Way For A Man To Live

  1. Little Drummer Boy

    Digging this song man. Kinda sounds like Kings of Leon when they were good.

  2. Honesty is King

    This band is terrible. They are a wanna-be ‘Kings of Leon.’ I’ve just read some other reviews, and their main pride is that they’re “friends” with KOL. Laughable.

    The bottom line is they are going nowhere. They will make a run at things, maybe even get some more exposure, but this is DEFINITELY not for the masses.

    They’ll fall flat within a year and a half.

  3. Little Drummer Boy

    To label a band terrible after they’ve only released two songs is a bit harsh. But that’s your opinion i suppose.

    Nobody said anything about this band being destined for the big time. Maybe they are “going nowhere”, maybe they’re going to the top. Who knows?

    All i’m saying is that i quite like the song. I probably won’t follow their career (if they have one, which according to you they won’t) but i just happen to like that track.

    As for wannabe Kings of Leon, well that’s a whole other matter. There are way to many bands out there trying to sound like the KoL. Maybe the Followills themselves could start trying to sound authentic again.

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