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Idle Days In Summertime

Today i gave my heart away.

I fell back in love with being lazy. I supposed it was only a matter of time before we reconciled and what better time than the summer.

I spent the whole of this afternoon lying in the park with a farmers daughter (*) and some friends listening to some brilliant albums (on what was the best plug in and play speakers i’ve heard so far) and talking about general nonsense. It was an idyllic afternoon by anyone’s standards but one that was especially nice for me. I’ve been needing a day like today for ages.

I had two options when i woke this morning. Go through to Luss for a day out with Morgan and her family/friends or go to the La Fete De La Musique in the west ends Ashton Lane. The annual Glasgow West End festival kicked off on the 7 June and i’ve been lucky enough to take in a few bits of it so far and to be honest the music festival did sound appealing but i declined both in favour of lying on the grass and cloud watching. Luckily i convinced Simon and his on/off partner to join me in lazing around all afternoon, well at least until 7pm. That’s when they went along to Ashton Lane to join in the festivities. To be fair Simon does know a few of the DJs playing it so it’s understandable that he should go along. Me? I lay in the park for another half hour before the munchies kicked in and i made my way through the gardens and back to the flat. The sun was still splitting the trees. I love summer.

When i got back i made some pancakes and smothered them in nutella then polished off the bitesize jammy dodgers i bought on the way home.

As for now? Well i’m doing this post, gonna roll a few more smokes then i need to decide whether or not i should go to a party tonight. I’ve been invited to a house party that is literally 5 minutes round the corner from me. But i only know 3 people out of the apparent 77 who are going so i’ll either need to get really drunk and chatty or just do the usual and sit silently and get stoned and secretly plug my iPod into the sound system in without anyone knowing. Also according to Simon i’ll need to make an effort and dress nice as there will be plenty of “talent” there. Eh, no thanks man, i’ll stick to the tramp look. The world’s an ugly place so let’s keep it that way.

Here’s some tunes that we listened to in the park this afternoon….

MP3: Japandroids – Younger Us

MP3: Incubus – Are You In

MP3: DJ Shadow – Giving Up The Ghost

MP3: Jamie Lidell – Completely Exposed

MP3: Maelstrom – I Long To Be Free

MP3: Foals – Spanish Sahara (BangaTang Remix)

MP3: The National – Bitters & Absolut

Of all the things we had a stoned talk about in the park today there was one strange subject that kept everybody amused….Google. Google and the hours of endless fun it can give you. I don’t mean the fun that you can have by browsing endlessly all day. No, i mean the amount of  “Google Games” that everyone can play.


A) Google your name and the word “needs” [i.e. JOHN needs]
B) Click search
C) Record the first 10 results

According to Google i need….

1. John needs 13 bottles of water from the store.

2. John needs father.

3. John needs charisma.

4. John needs a better wig.

5. John needs a better online ingredient.

6. John needs to tone down that profile.

7.  John needs our help!

8. John needs to get his patootie back here.

9. John needs a job.

10. John needs an acoustic guitar.

Another game, which is one of my favourites is “Question Google”. Type in “why”, “what”, “when” or “who” then follow that with a “are” or “is” and any letter  and be bewildered/amused by the amount of unbelievably strange suggestions that get fired at you.


are Michael Jacksons kid white
are British people so ugly
are Americans so stupid
are adverts louder than programmes (i SO agree!)
are Jamaicans so fast
are Qwerty keyboards in that order
are men attracted to breasts
are Jews so successful
are x’s kisses
is there a dead pakistani on my couch
is belly button fluff blue (Whaaaaa? Who asked this? Someone from fucking Avatar?)
is Google racist

and last but not least, my personal favourite.

Why is water wet?

Well enough of this hazey tomfoolery. I’m off to listen to some Kyuss and make a decision on this party. On one hand it’ll be good to get out and meet new people but on the other hand i’m loving lounging in these combats and over sized tshirts with some weed and cans of Tennents. I’m scared that if i do go to this party it might be shite and ruin an erstwhile pretty glorious day. Yet again it might be the perfect ending to it. I’ll report in the morning.

S.I.T Wolf   X

(*) Farmers daughter = a quarter of weed. Si enjoys making up slang. That’s one of his better ones.



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I Will Follow

UNKLE recently released the album “Where Did The Night Fall”. I managed to score a pre-release copy some months ago and on first listen i was disappointed. But unsurprisingly like every other UNKLE album it grew on me. I’ve loved UNKLE, James Lavelle in particular, for years now (my early teens)  but every time there’s a new album i always feel let down until about 3 or 4 listens. That’s usually the stage where i go “wait, this is actually fucking brilliant”. Each new listen providing different sounds and conjuring up new images. It seems i’ll never learn to appreciate Mr Lavelle’s talents first time round. Some collaborators from the last album, the critically acclaimed War Stories, joined in again on the newie. The returning guests included Joel Cadbury, Gavin Clark and the frustratingly inactive yet genius Autolux. But what caught my eye more than anything was a guest appearance from Mark Lanegan. If he lends his smoke tangled, gravelly, tortured voice to anything then i’m definitely in.

The first track “officially” released was a teaser in the form of “Natural Selection”. A number featuring the Black Angels. But the song that caught my attention most on the album was “Follow Me Down”. I’d never heard of Sleepy Sun until that track. Rachel Fannan comes across like a slightly more laid back version of Bjork. Her vocals sound like a mixture of frustration and freedom mixed together, if that makes sense.

Anyway, the whole point of this post was to stick up two remixes of “Follow Me Down” that i’ve been wanting to post for a while now and seeing as i don’t have much time (i never seem to have much time at all recently) tonight i’ll get straight to the point.

MP3: UNKLE – Follow Me Down (The Golden Filter remix)

MP3: UNKLE – Follow Me Down (Dave Sitek Remix)

The first remix is courtesy of The Golden Filter. I first heard these guys a few summers ago and the track “Solid Gold” was a mainstay on my iPod for months. It reminds me of a catwalk fashion show for some reason, check it out if you haven’t already heard it and i guarantee you’ll think you’re in Milan watching models glide by but enough day dreaming back to their remix of UNKLE. Their remix certainly gives the original a bit more oomph and elevates the track to a level and style that would be passable in a nightclub. Albeit an indie nightclub.

The second remix is by the ridiculously talented Dave Sitek. If you don’t know who this man is then be ashamed.

His version is a slighty more abstract remix, slowing the tempo slightly before bringing it back up and highlighting and making full use of the many vocal elements that are maybe not as evident as they should be on the original.

Here’s the original…

Just as a little extra and seeing as it’s a briliant track in it’s own right here’s a classic from Greg Dulli and Twilight Singers….who just happen to be regular collaborators with a certain Mr Lanegan also. See it’s all relevant and related! It’s not really, i just wanted to post this track. I love it. I love the chords, the voice, the emptiness of it. I love playing it on guitar and sometimes i even love ATTEMPTING to sing it.

MP3: Twilight Singers – Follow You Down

More posts at the weekend. For once i have an absolutely diary free weekend. No plans, no nights out, no visitors. Just me, some weed, the drinks cabinet, the newly freshened up iPod and my laptop. Perfect.

S.I.T Wolf X

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We See Each Other From The Corners Of The Room

MP3: Evacuate

S.I.T Wolf X

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Feel Good Hit Of The Summer

“I was in the back of my car, sleeping in the sunshine”

There’s nothing better than finding an amazing track that can be best enjoyed in the late hours of a clammy summer night when the light is still fighting to shine over dark right into the wee small hours.

Previous songs that could’ve laid claim to being contenders for “Feel Good Hits” of summers gone by are Matt and Kim’s “Daylight”,  Iglu and Hartly’s “In This City” and one of my all time favourites from Head Automatica. The song in question is of course is “Beating Heart Baby”. That song reminds me of my last year of teenagerdom and dancing like a maniac in the Cathouse under the influence of Jack Daniels and Sambuca. There are of course many more. Most people find their own anthems of choice and it reminds them of a certain summer and how amazing it was. Summer’s always amazing, right?

There is however a new summer song in waiting…..this track has the potential to become the anthem of your and everybody elses summer if you let it. Its bruising synths and the unique ecstatic, excited voice are the perfect company for sitting in the park with friends drinking and reminiscing.

MP3: Jaguar Love – Polaroids and Red Wine

“Polaroids and drinking red wine, sleeping in the sunshine.”

Jaguar Love also have a few more tracks worth checking out. I’ll be honest i’ve never been too impressed by their debut back in 2008 but the newest album, “Hologram Jams”  is pretty much a summer pop gem. Think of a likeable mashup of MGMT, Weezer and Head Automatica singing songs about things such as cherry soda and the like. Singer Johnny Whitney describes the new material as “kind of Daft Punk meets New Order meets Black Flag” so take from that what you will. They’re also really friendly and down to earth guys. When i bought a t-shirt at a gig of theirs it was frontman Whitney who sold me it. They do all their own merch personally and meet the fans which to me has always been a good idea.

I can’t wait now that summer has properly started. Late nights, drunken picnics in the Botanic Gardens, stoned strolls through the walkway, lots of pictures and of course plenty of “Feel Good Hits” to listen to.

S.I.T Wolf X

ps. on the subject of “Feel Good Hit of the Summer”……Queens of the Stone Age are releasing a special ten year anniversary edition of “Rated R” that’s loaded with extra tracks and a live performance from a Leeds/Reading show. It’s due for release sometime in July. That month just happens to be my birthday……..

Just a wee extra….

So will this summer be….nicotine, valium, vicodin, marijuana, ecstasy, red wine and polaroids?

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