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UNKLE recently released the album “Where Did The Night Fall”. I managed to score a pre-release copy some months ago and on first listen i was disappointed. But unsurprisingly like every other UNKLE album it grew on me. I’ve loved UNKLE, James Lavelle in particular, for years now (my early teens)  but every time there’s a new album i always feel let down until about 3 or 4 listens. That’s usually the stage where i go “wait, this is actually fucking brilliant”. Each new listen providing different sounds and conjuring up new images. It seems i’ll never learn to appreciate Mr Lavelle’s talents first time round. Some collaborators from the last album, the critically acclaimed War Stories, joined in again on the newie. The returning guests included Joel Cadbury, Gavin Clark and the frustratingly inactive yet genius Autolux. But what caught my eye more than anything was a guest appearance from Mark Lanegan. If he lends his smoke tangled, gravelly, tortured voice to anything then i’m definitely in.

The first track “officially” released was a teaser in the form of “Natural Selection”. A number featuring the Black Angels. But the song that caught my attention most on the album was “Follow Me Down”. I’d never heard of Sleepy Sun until that track. Rachel Fannan comes across like a slightly more laid back version of Bjork. Her vocals sound like a mixture of frustration and freedom mixed together, if that makes sense.

Anyway, the whole point of this post was to stick up two remixes of “Follow Me Down” that i’ve been wanting to post for a while now and seeing as i don’t have much time (i never seem to have much time at all recently) tonight i’ll get straight to the point.

MP3: UNKLE – Follow Me Down (The Golden Filter remix)

MP3: UNKLE – Follow Me Down (Dave Sitek Remix)

The first remix is courtesy of The Golden Filter. I first heard these guys a few summers ago and the track “Solid Gold” was a mainstay on my iPod for months. It reminds me of a catwalk fashion show for some reason, check it out if you haven’t already heard it and i guarantee you’ll think you’re in Milan watching models glide by but enough day dreaming back to their remix of UNKLE. Their remix certainly gives the original a bit more oomph and elevates the track to a level and style that would be passable in a nightclub. Albeit an indie nightclub.

The second remix is by the ridiculously talented Dave Sitek. If you don’t know who this man is then be ashamed.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Andrew_Sitek

His version is a slighty more abstract remix, slowing the tempo slightly before bringing it back up and highlighting and making full use of the many vocal elements that are maybe not as evident as they should be on the original.

Here’s the original…

Just as a little extra and seeing as it’s a briliant track in it’s own right here’s a classic from Greg Dulli and Twilight Singers….who just happen to be regular collaborators with a certain Mr Lanegan also. See it’s all relevant and related! It’s not really, i just wanted to post this track. I love it. I love the chords, the voice, the emptiness of it. I love playing it on guitar and sometimes i even love ATTEMPTING to sing it.

MP3: Twilight Singers – Follow You Down

More posts at the weekend. For once i have an absolutely diary free weekend. No plans, no nights out, no visitors. Just me, some weed, the drinks cabinet, the newly freshened up iPod and my laptop. Perfect.

S.I.T Wolf X

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