Feel Good Hit Of The Summer

“I was in the back of my car, sleeping in the sunshine”

There’s nothing better than finding an amazing track that can be best enjoyed in the late hours of a clammy summer night when the light is still fighting to shine over dark right into the wee small hours.

Previous songs that could’ve laid claim to being contenders for “Feel Good Hits” of summers gone by are Matt and Kim’s “Daylight”,  Iglu and Hartly’s “In This City” and one of my all time favourites from Head Automatica. The song in question is of course is “Beating Heart Baby”. That song reminds me of my last year of teenagerdom and dancing like a maniac in the Cathouse under the influence of Jack Daniels and Sambuca. There are of course many more. Most people find their own anthems of choice and it reminds them of a certain summer and how amazing it was. Summer’s always amazing, right?

There is however a new summer song in waiting…..this track has the potential to become the anthem of your and everybody elses summer if you let it. Its bruising synths and the unique ecstatic, excited voice are the perfect company for sitting in the park with friends drinking and reminiscing.

MP3: Jaguar Love – Polaroids and Red Wine

“Polaroids and drinking red wine, sleeping in the sunshine.”

Jaguar Love also have a few more tracks worth checking out. I’ll be honest i’ve never been too impressed by their debut back in 2008 but the newest album, “Hologram Jams”  is pretty much a summer pop gem. Think of a likeable mashup of MGMT, Weezer and Head Automatica singing songs about things such as cherry soda and the like. Singer Johnny Whitney describes the new material as “kind of Daft Punk meets New Order meets Black Flag” so take from that what you will. They’re also really friendly and down to earth guys. When i bought a t-shirt at a gig of theirs it was frontman Whitney who sold me it. They do all their own merch personally and meet the fans which to me has always been a good idea.

I can’t wait now that summer has properly started. Late nights, drunken picnics in the Botanic Gardens, stoned strolls through the walkway, lots of pictures and of course plenty of “Feel Good Hits” to listen to.

S.I.T Wolf X

ps. on the subject of “Feel Good Hit of the Summer”……Queens of the Stone Age are releasing a special ten year anniversary edition of “Rated R” that’s loaded with extra tracks and a live performance from a Leeds/Reading show. It’s due for release sometime in July. That month just happens to be my birthday……..

Just a wee extra….

So will this summer be….nicotine, valium, vicodin, marijuana, ecstasy, red wine and polaroids?

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