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The Prodigy feat Bob Dylan

Yes, you read the headline correctly. Liam Howlett has confirmed that Bob Dylan will appear on the new Prodigy album set for release in late 2010. Howlett revealed that the as yet untitled album will feature collaborations galore with Jay Z, Mr Hudson, Josh Homme, Chris Corner and Shirley Manson and many more all rumoured to be involved. None of the names mentioned so far are quite as baffling as Dylan though. Can it work? Is it destined to end in disaster?  The song that the folk legend is lending his “voice” to is a pounding bass heavy track called “Day of the Holy Innocents”.

There’s a leak of a sample that’s being doing the rounds online.

To me it sounds like it could work out not too bad. Can’t believe i actually said that……The Prodigy and Bob Dylan work well? What’s happening to me?

MP3: The Prodigy feat Bob Dylan – Day of the Holy Innocents

Here’s a few videos of some of their finest work to date. Separately of course.

S.I.T Wolf  X


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