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THE MONDAY LIST #14: Around The World In One List

Music loves the world. And the world loves it back. Some bands have decided to combine the two. Observe….

Around The World In One List

1. Boards of Canada – Seven Forty Seven
2. Air France – Collapsing At Your Doorstep
3. Heroes of Switzerland – Soaring
4. Portugal. The Man – Lovers In Love
5. The Strange Death Of Liberal England – A Day Another Day
6. Everything Is Made In China – Automatic
7. Zoo Brazil – Technik
8. USA Is A Monster – All Or Nothing
9. Forward Russia – Breaking Standing
10. Atmosphere Italy – Baltic Fly

Bonus Track: (I had to include these guys simply for not attempting to mix a country into some sort of band name but instead just deciding to call themselves after it. That’s dedication. Oh and they’re Swedish by the way….)

MP3: Liechtenstein – This Must Be Heaven

One thing i’m interested in is the reason behind the names. Some i know about and some i’m having a wild stab at.

My favourite Scottish knob twiddlers (there’s another “that’s what she said” moment for you, Emma) Boards of Canada were inspired by the documentaries made by the National Film Board of Canada.

With the blissful Air France being Swedish i can only assume they liked flying with the French airline company so much that they honoured the name.

Heroes of Switzerland are actually noisey guys from Nottingham, but i’m guessing they probably have a thing for Toblerones. Then again, who doesn’t?

Portugal. The Man, well that’s obvious isn’t it? No, you’re right it isn’t. But this goes some way to explaining it the reason behind the cult indie legends name.

“A country is a group of people,” guitar player and vocalist John Gourley explains. “With Portugal, it just ended up being the first country that came to mind. The band’s name is ‘Portugal’. The period is stating that, and ‘The Man’ states that it’s just one person.”  The name has more personal meaning as well: Portugal. The Man was going to be the name of a book that Gourley had planned to write about his father and his many adventures.

The Strange Death Of Liberal England is easy. The diverse band named themselves after a book of the same title.

Everything Is Made In China. A Russian post-rock band who sing in English but have China in their name. Nice. Covering all the bases then guys? The music is rather good though.

The Scandanavian electro DJ duo Zoo Brazil is one that baffles me. A love of the Amazon Rainforest maybe?

USA Is A Monster doesn’t need much explaining. These loud, bold, noise bringers obviously have a very strong opinion of their own country.

Forward Russia are/were an English indie punk band with a habit (up until 2006) of naming songs simply with numbers. The name? No idea. A battle cry perhaps? I met them once, i probably should’ve asked.

Atmosphere Italy are from Italy and they do…eh….”atmospheric” music? No. That’s only half true. They are Italian but they’re more Balearic Disco House (bordering cheesy at points) than atmospheric.

Swedish indie folk group Liechtenstein just went the whole hog and said “fuck it, we’re stealing that country”


There were too many to choose from for Japan. Japandroids, Japan, Japanther, Japanese Popstars, Japanese Motors…

I finally settled on Japanther cos i haven’t listened to them in years and forgot how good this song is.

Japanther – Divorce

Future Kings Of Spain – Face I Know

Maps Of Norway – Traffic

So that was a short musical trip around the globe. I quite liked the subject. I think for the next Monday list i’m going to do a list based on cities. Should be fun.

S.I.T Wolf  X

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