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A Year In A Minute

Today is the first anniversary/birthday of this blog. Yes, it was a year ago today that i started incoherently rambling away on here about music. It has seemed like a very quick year. 2009 felt very quick in general but even now i can’t believe it’s February 2010 already. I remember i started this blog initially as a kinda vehicle to put out some tracks from my own music projects but for various reasons (mainly my band splitting) it’s turned into me basically putting up music i like. It’s been fun though. I just hope i have the staying power to keep posting on a semi-regular basis for at least another year. Sometimes i feel that i could put up 7 posts a week, other times i can’t even be bothered with one. Depends on my moods really, they swing a lot.

But a big THANK YOU to those who do read or check this blog occasionally. I’ll do my best to keep it remotely interesting.

MP3: Deftones – Anniversary of an Uninteresting Event

Oh, one more thing, i checked out if there were any significant celebrations or events on this particular day and found out that for some people the 8th of February is Nirvana Day….


So that gives me an excuse to fit in another song…

MP3: Nirvana – All Apologies

S.I.T Wolf X


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