You’re Getting High On Your Own Supply

Meet my new favourite band……Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter.


I only just came across Phantogram early last month, they’re a band that evaded me until now. I can’t even remember how or why i got the album. I get lots and lots of albums every month and this was one that i randomly got about 4 weeks ago. I was hooked from the very first squelch of noise that filtered out my speakers. Through the course of the 11 tracks on debut album “Eyelid Movies” the duo manage to cram in all sorts of influences and genre crossing, diverse sounds.

Intricate echoes and bleeps? Check
Guitars coated in reverb? Check
Buzzing bass backgrounds? Check.
Water tight beats? Check
Melody ridden keyboards? Check
Thought inducing lyrics? Check
Borderline angelic female voice? Check
Dark yet somehow comforting male voice? Check
Slightly spooky synths? Check

That’s just about the perfect band then.

MP3:  Phantogram – When I’m Small

MP3: Phantogram – Turn It Off

VIDEO: Phantogram – Mouthful Of Diamonds (Live on KEXP)

S.I.T Wolf  X

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