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Half A Song

Right, most people in the UK will have seen this advert at some point.

When i first seen the advert last December it was the song that caught my attention (like it was supposed to i guess). It’s catchy and can i say “commercial” sounding without sounding too obvious? I honestly don’t care much for TV (i prefer DVDs) or adverts either really i suppose but this one really jumped out at me. Anyways, my first impression was “Is that the Temper Trap? Maybe a B-side of theirs or something?” but when realising that i’d never heard it before i sought to find out the song and the artist behind it.

This led me to a search and ultimately to YouTube. It was here i discovered that the song was “Halfway Home” by The Cool Hearts. But…all that was available were loops of the 30 seconds or so used in the advert. Which i really like by the way but i wanted to hear the full song. So i looked them up on MySpace…same thing…only 30 seconds of the song…but, wait, it’s officially released on the 22nd January? “I can deal with that” i thought, bearing in mind that this was just a few days after Christmas. Which meant i had just over 3 weeks to wait to hear the full track.

I waited.

Yesterday, i downloaded.

I’m disappointed.

It’s not that it’s terrible. It’s just plain. No life. Boring verses, good chorus. It’s what i should’ve expected to be honest but i got suckered in by the lure of a catchy chorus.

Here’s the song in it’s entirety….see what you think

MP3: The Cool Hearts – Half Way Home

So, Halfway Home are we Cool Hearts? Ok, well, can i just go back now?

Here’s the loop which i found on YouTube a while back and to be honest i actually prefer this version

Well, sounds like The Temper Trap, no? Even just a bit? That’s what pulled me in.

Car adverts aren’t all evil and misleading though. Over the recent years car adverts have featured some amazing tracks. Two that spring to mind are the Mazda one from a few years ago that featured the Infadels “Can’t Get Enough” and more recently there was the new Honda Civic advert that was soundtracked by Battles’ famous signature tune “Atlas”. That’s two great songs in their own right before they were even thought about for car adverts. Two great FULL songs. Not a catchy chorus on its own.

ps. speaking of Battles, they must be due an album this year and a tour. It’s been a year and a half since i last seen them live, withdrawal symptoms are kicking in. One of the best live bands around.

S.I.T Wolf X

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