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Untitled Russian Road That Swells And Rushes Like A Sugarcube

Decembers first Six Mix contains…

MP3: Boom Bip – Roads Must Roll

MP3: The Vandelles – Swell to Heaven

MP3: Interpol – Untitled

MP3: Wojtek Godzisz – A Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours

MP3: Russian Circles – Geneva

S.I.T Wolf  X

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Though My Skeleton Won’t Tell, Some Can See

An artery is not a vein
No history can tell
My skeleton won’t tell
Why some like moths draw to a surgeons drill
And blood shot hits to marrow
The snakes eating through her clothes
And her charms that won me over
DeGamba breached this lofty reach
Balboa left his bones upon the beach, left there to bleach
Rose breaks in my fingers
Pulling nickels through the stem too much has took a toll
Smoke crawls low along the ceiling
And all is quiet but i keep listening
They’ve come to kill me

She just left, you missed her
Go on home, the sex theatre is closed
Cracked mouth too dry to drink
At least the sand is cold
I wish the sea would drown the freeway
Instead girls stare in dead eyed wonder
They can’t walk with fallen soldiers
Used by cops who fucked inside abandoned boarding houses
Go on fast before the beast catches the bastard
Dragging the chain down, down, down
Who’ll say it?
Tell me, no-one else is here, come on
Nothing to believe is to be blessed, come on

Who’s laying low? you said
Whether veins or bones to be
Good or bad, the death of me
Just make it quiet
Who knows my sister?
Can anyone admit the fact that they infected her?
She said the sun was gonna burn and blister
My blood, god speed, god love her
Farewell honey

No morning sun will move her
No help in amen or hallelujah
Prayers are for the dead left over
Preach never to reach that sandy beach
Poor baby girl’s gone under
To reach their own grave buried end
Underneath abandoned boarding houses
Sidewalks and streets, sidewalks and streets

Though my skeleton won’t tell, some can see
Why moths draw to surgeons drills
And blood shots hit the marrow

MP3: Mark Lanegan Band – Skeletal History

S.I.T Wolf  XX

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Metropolis Has Nothing On This

In the last week or so i’ve been having something of a musical reshuffle. I’ve been clearing space and putting some cds into boxes etc in preparation for next years big move. During this time i’ve came across some albums, singles, demos, remixes and vinyl that i realised i hadn’t listened to in a while. One of these albums was Depeche Modes “Black Celebration”.

I remember the day i got it like it was yesterday. It was my 17th birthday back in 2002. Me and my sister have a habit of getting each other random albums for each others birthdays and Christmas. We know each others preferred tastes very well so they always turn out to be good choices.

I’m not ashamed to say that in 2002 i never really knew much about Depeche Mode, i was Queens of the Stone Age and Deftones through and through back then. If it wasn’t “alternative” rock i pretty much wasn’t interested (with the exception of course of the majestical Boards of Canada, who accompanied me through many a stoned evening). My, how times have changed though, whilst QOTSA are still my favourite band and always will be now i’ll also listen to anything and everything else. And that particular birthday on the 16th of July all those years ago is probably one of the reasons i opened up to new music. Like i said, i never knew much about Depeche Mode back then. I knew a few songs, the obvious ones “Personal Jesus”, “Just Can’t Get Enough” and “Enjoy The Silence”. But none of them sparked a particular interest in me. I mean, i liked the songs but i never had any real desire to search further into the band. Then one night i was bored and asked Lisa if i could just sit with her in her room and chill with her for a bit. “Only if you don’t mind watching this dvd with me?” she joked. Of course, i didn’t even bother to ask what the dvd was as i just wanted to chill with my sister for a while so i just sat down and expected nothing special. How wrong was i? It was a Depeche Mode live dvd, i still can’t even remember the name of it but i remember loving pretty much every song they played and thinking “Why haven’t i checked this out before?”. One song in particular struck me from the moment the intro kicked in till Dave Gahan took his last breath. The song in question was “Stripped”. I remember telling Lisa how much i loved the dvd and then scrambling back downstairs into my joint-smoke filled room and sticking on White Pony at full volume. I think i almost felt ashamed at liking Depeche Mode! A few weeks later my birthday arrived and wrapped up as a gift from Lisa was my very own copy of  the album “Black Celebration”. The album was released in March 1986 when i was 8 months old! And here i was at 17 getting my first taste of it. The tracklist includes the likes of “Question Of Lust”, “Sometimes” and “World Full Of Nothing” but my favourite song on the album and in fact favourite Depeche Mode of all time is still “Stripped”. Have a look and listen to a live performance then download the MP3 of the album version below if you like it.

MP3: Depeche Mode – Stripped

There’s also been more than a few cover versions of the song. Some i hate, some i like and two i absolutely fucking love. “Stripped” has been covered by the likes and dislikes of Rammstein, Longview, Statemachine, In Strict Confidence, Brainclaw, Scooter (yes, Scooter) and my favourite two cover versions of the song are done by Shiny Toy Guns and She Wants Revenge.

The Rammstein one i actually found quite disturbing at first but i’ve grown to like the guitars in it. The live version is better than the actual recorded version they did right enough. Much better. Even if Till Lindemanns voice can be a bit annoying.

MP3: Rammstein – Stripped

The Scooter one i can just about stand. Let me make one thing clear, i DETEST Scooter but a certain Mr Keane has managed to convince me that this song is…..OK. It’s not as bad as some versions put it that way.

MP3: Scooter – Stripped

The Shiny Toy Guns one i love. I like the whole boy/girl vocals going on. The band included the song as a bonus track on a special edition of their debut album “Pilots”. I couldn’t find an official video for the song, only live versions but i did find a pretty cool fan made video with some guy and girl (not from the group) in it.

MP3: Shiny Toy Guns – Stripped

This is the newest cover of this song i’ve heard. She Wants Revenge covered “Stripped” more than a few times on their live tour in 2006. It is quite literally amazing. They captured the atmosphere of the song perfectly but in a totally different way that the original does. Unfortunately i don’t have an MP3 of this one so it’s video only i’m afraid.

S.I.T Wolf  XX

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