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Hot Water Bottle Music: Day 1 (Frozen Roads and Wires)

Some people find comfort from the cold in different ways.

Seeing as the temperatures seem to be dropping with every passing day i thought it’d be a nice idea to share a few songs that’ll make you fuzzy on the inside no matter how cold you feel. So every day this week (well, Mon-Fri) i’ll post one song that will keep you warm. It might be the music itself, it might be the lyrics, it might be both, it might be the atmosphere it creates or it might just be the thoughts and images it makes you conjur up in your head. Whichever it is i can pretty much promise the 5 songs will heat you up.

Let these songs be your equivalent of that really thick furry blanket you only bring out for winter or that extra pair of socks you stick on at bedtime, that hot chocolate before bed or the old wooden fire place you wish you had.

There’s only one stipulation. The songs must be listened to at night and through headphones for full effect.

Song 1/Mondays Song: Grand Archives – Sleepdriving

The song starts with picked chords and the very comforting voice of Mat Brooke. From there on in it slowly builds and swells to immerse the listener in strings and vocal harmonies. It’s melodies are almost hypnotic and from just after the 2 minute mark onwards it gives off an almost Christmas-sy vibe. Perfect for the very cold nights that lie ahead.

MP3: Grand Archives – Sleepdriving

Snow fell thick and small
It buried us all in a fog
You remembered it all
I’m sleepdriving away

Metal and mold, bourbon and clove
Mirrors and smoke, yesterdays clothes
I’m sleepdriving away

Eyes through your window, I stare out
And some, someday we’ll be too old

Cold air, will put an ache in your jaw
We’re only as old as you say that we are
I’m sleepdriving away

The trunk of the car filled with all that we own
This old Pontiac’s starting to feel like a boat
I’m sleepdriving away

Eyes through your window, I stare out
And some, someday we’ll be too old

It’s nearly dawn in a motel home
The shades were drawn to hide the storm
Without a sound the TV glows
The blankets tight around our throats
Swirling round, the light above
Outside the crows were waking up
It’s nearly dawn in a motel home
It was nearly gone
No sleep at all

Outside those crows in lines on those
Frozen roads and wires


S.I.T Wolf  X

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