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Though My Skeleton Won’t Tell, Some Can See

An artery is not a vein
No history can tell
My skeleton won’t tell
Why some like moths draw to a surgeons drill
And blood shot hits to marrow
The snakes eating through her clothes
And her charms that won me over
DeGamba breached this lofty reach
Balboa left his bones upon the beach, left there to bleach
Rose breaks in my fingers
Pulling nickels through the stem too much has took a toll
Smoke crawls low along the ceiling
And all is quiet but i keep listening
They’ve come to kill me

She just left, you missed her
Go on home, the sex theatre is closed
Cracked mouth too dry to drink
At least the sand is cold
I wish the sea would drown the freeway
Instead girls stare in dead eyed wonder
They can’t walk with fallen soldiers
Used by cops who fucked inside abandoned boarding houses
Go on fast before the beast catches the bastard
Dragging the chain down, down, down
Who’ll say it?
Tell me, no-one else is here, come on
Nothing to believe is to be blessed, come on

Who’s laying low? you said
Whether veins or bones to be
Good or bad, the death of me
Just make it quiet
Who knows my sister?
Can anyone admit the fact that they infected her?
She said the sun was gonna burn and blister
My blood, god speed, god love her
Farewell honey

No morning sun will move her
No help in amen or hallelujah
Prayers are for the dead left over
Preach never to reach that sandy beach
Poor baby girl’s gone under
To reach their own grave buried end
Underneath abandoned boarding houses
Sidewalks and streets, sidewalks and streets

Though my skeleton won’t tell, some can see
Why moths draw to surgeons drills
And blood shots hit the marrow

MP3: Mark Lanegan Band – Skeletal History

S.I.T Wolf  XX

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