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I Have Five Clocks In My Life And Only One Has The Time Right

No matter what kind of mood i’m in if i listen to this song i become happy. I’ve listened to it at least once a day for about a year now and i’m still not tired of it. I doubt i ever will be. The whole album “Grand” is amazing but this song still sticks out as my favourite.

Seriously, you could tell me that i’d just been sacked from my job, i’ve been thrown out my house and someones hacked into my bank account then play me this song and i’d still just smile. It’s everything about it, the lyrics, the way he sings, the catchy lead piano parts and even the video. In fact the video makes me smile even more. It’s just a very happy kind of video, i can’t explain it really. The drummer Kim has has an insanely infectious smile throughout the video and Matt has that distinctive upbeat voice. Enough talking about it though, you get the point.  Below are  free MP3’s for a few different versions of the song. The first is the original version, the second is essentially a slowed down version of the song which appears at the end of their album “Grand” and the last version is pretty much a cover version to be honest.

MP3: Matt and Kim – Daylight

MP3: Matt and Kim – Daylight Outro Version

MP3: Matt and Kim – Daylight (Ninjasonik Remix)

“In the daylight i don’t pick up my phone….”

S.I.T Wolf  X


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