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Some Guy Called Fawkes Did It

I understand i’m more than a bit late with the 5th of November celebration post but i’ve been genuinely busy all week, i’ve hardly had time to do anything since last Tuesday and the free time i’ve had since then has been spent trying to sleep or get things ready.

But without further delay i’ll introduce some 5th of November themed tracks i found lying amongst my collection…

MP3: Castanets – Worn From The Fight With Fireworks

MP3: Animal Collective – Fireworks

MP3: Dandelion Snow – Fireworks Display

MP3: Ryan Adams and Leona Naess – Rocket Man (Elton John cover)


MP3: Bonfire Madigan – Lady Saves

MP3: The Marshmallow Pop Orchestra – Mystery

there will be fireworks
I had to include these guys from my home city of Glasgow, the name alone is genius. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting them and seeing them live, they are definitely a bright spot in the future of Scottish music. They have the songs to do it, the main obstacle is getting them heard. Check out their MySpace and download some of the MP3’s below if you like them. Their debut album is out so if you like what you hear then please buy it.

MP3: There Will Be Fireworks – White Noise on the TV

MP3: There Will Be Fireworks – Foreign Thoughts

MP3: There Will Be Fireworks – Midfield Maestro



And here’s another gem from another Scottish artist with an apt name for the 5th of November. I nearly forgot to add this. I seen him/them support Errors @ the Oran Mor about a year ago and bought the debut album pretty much straight after, it’s maybe not to everybody’s tastes but i’d recommend it for fans of Errors, Boards of Canada and the likes.

I’m actually gonna do a post soon on Scottish artists, there’s so much out there that needs to be heard..

S.I.T Wolf  X

ps. i spent the 5th in the ABC watching Mew, i had waited 4 long years to see them live again and it was well worth it. I’ll review the gig soon. I had planned to mix the review in with this post and call it “The Comforting Sounds of Fireworks” but i’m off to lie down and get some much needed rest after a hectic weekend so i’ll leave the review till tomorrow or tuesday.

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