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The Fab Gore


I take great pleasure in introducing you to Jaw Nlennon, Pall Ickartney, Gorge Harryson and Dingo Scarr aka The Zombeatles…

I realise it’s a bit late to be still playing on the Halloween theme of yesterdays post but i couldn’t resist posting about the “Fab Gore”.

The Zombeatles evolved from a comedy music band called The Gomers.  They released their debut album just this year entitled “Meat The Zombeatles” which features such classic tracks as “Dead Prudence”, “Ate Brains A Week” and “Hey Food” among many others.  They’ve also released a mockumentary dvd called “All You Need Is Brains” in which it is revealed that the Zombeatles aren’t the only undead rock stars…mentioned in the dvd are Dead Zeppelin, Elvis Grisly and The Beach Boils and even a zombie Bob Dylan under the name of Bob Killin’. Even Jaw Nlennons wife, Ewwwyoko Ohno, makes an appearance.

Below are a few trailers for the dvd..

The full tracklist for ” Meat The Zombeatles” is as follows.

  • “Halp!”
  • “Ate Brains A Week”
  • “Brain”
  • “I Wanna Eat Your Hand”
  • “She Dead”
  • “I’m Eating Through You”
  • “Dead Prudence”
  • “Hey Food”
  • Here’s a taster of what to expect

    MP3: The Zombeatles – I Wanna Eat Your Hand

    MP3: The Zombeatles – Ate Brains A Week

    And here’s one that didn’t quite make the cut for the album but it’s the track that gained The Zombeatles their notoriety.

    What if The Beatles really were/are Zombies? Maybe they’ve brainwashed people into liking them so much, it’s the only feasible theory.

    S.I.T Wolf  X

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