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Alone With You In Kyoto

Ok, sticking with the Lost In Translation theme of the last post i just want to share a song i randomly came across online. It’s possibly one of the most beautiful songs i’ve heard in a long time. It’s a mash-up of such between two very contrasting bands. Being brought together are my favourite band,  the alternative legends Queens of the Stone Age and in a very daring and inspiring move the French electronic duo Air, who are pretty legendary in their own right too.

Right, you’re wondering where the Lost In Translation theme i’m talking about is yes? Well the Air track being used is “Alone In Kyoto” which was a centrepiece (musically) of that particular film, to me the title of the song and how it is used sums up the whole film. It’s an amazing, strangely calming piece of music in it’s own right but for some reason when it’s paired with an acappella of the blatant sex-infused lyrics of “Make It Wit Chu” by QOTSA it becomes even more amazing, even more calming. The songs perfectly match the whole way through the song and compliment each other beyond belief. As for the chorus, the moment it kicks in i get a little tingle in my spine. The way that the phrase “I Wanna Make It With You” kicks in and the piano of the Air track just sound so good together.

It’s a new and exciting twist on the genre of mash-ups which is probably (although not always) more commonly known for rap accapellas, glitchy beats and electro synths. Fortunately for us there are a few exceptions out there, DJ’s who will make alternative mash-ups,  guys who will take songs that really shouldn’t be put together and make magic happen and that’s exactly what this is…

Have a listen to both songs individually first off with the YouTube videos and imagine them together and then download the MP3 at the bottom of the post. You’ll be missing out if you don’t.

Air – Alone In Kyoto

Queens of the Stone Age – Make It Wit Chu

alone in kyoto
MP3: Alone Wit Chu (Air vs QOTSA) 

S.I.T Wolf  X

ps. i don’t know if anybody actually downloads the MP3’s i post on here or not. But if you only ever download one track off this blog make sure it’s this one! Just click on the title once and it’ll open in a new page then right click it and save target as or left click once more and you can save it. Thanks.

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