Soundtrack Special

Not much time tonight so just a small post featuring tracks from 5 random films that i enjoy.

Pulp Fiction
MP3: Dick Dale – Misirlou

The Dangerous Lives Of Altar Boys
MP3: Josh Homme – All The Same

MP3: Leftfield (feat John Lydon) – Open Up

The Lost Boys
MP3: Tim Cappello – I Still Believe

28 Days Later
MP3: Grandaddy – Am 180

S.I.T Wolf  X


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3 responses to “Soundtrack Special

  1. Lisa

    Im so glad you chose Timmy Cappello’s belter for The Lost Boys as its the best song on the soundtrack by a mile…doesn’t it make you want to grow your hair, beef up & learn saxophone while perfecting the art of applying baby oil to your naked upper half? No? Just me then….

    Pulp Fiction however is an obvious choice, what about a bit of Dusty, or even the Reverend Al Green? They kick Dick Dale’s bottom;)

    Luvs xx

  2. someonesinthewolf

    First things first….A. I wouldn’t look good with a slicked back ponytail, only Mr Capello does. B. i’m already overweight at nearly 19 stone so no beefing up needed for me thank you very much! C. its Saxo-mo-phone and D. baby oil? eh…….no! hahaha 😀

    Did you know that “I Still Believe” is actually a cover. The original was done by a band called The Call…check it out. I like Capello’s version better.

    I actually had considered Al Green for the Pulp Fiction song but the list was hastily put together and Dick Dale won in the end. Maybe next time……..


  3. littlenihilist

    AM 180…tune!

    New post up btw, linked your page in it 🙂


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